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Chapter 105 – The Dog Man Does Good Deeds 

In the spacious and bright kitchen, Qiu Jin was cooking with a pink apron on. It was the housekeeping auntie who bought the apron. The apron was of good quality, and it also had two kittens printed on it. Most people would look old and feminine when wearing it. But on Qiu Jin there was a bit of cuteness.

Qiu Jin looked out through the glass wall of the kitchen and saw Ji Shenxiao making calls on his phone. They were most likely work calls. Qiu Jin could vaguely hear him talking about things like replacing personnel, strengthening the audit process, and using positive wording.

Huayi Media was famous for being bold and trendy in the industry, but now they were going down the road of self-restriction? Could they be getting ready to instill some new policy? It wouldn’t affect the filming of “The Rise and Fall of the World” would it?

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

“The Rise and Fall of the World” imitated American dramas in rhythm and production, and even the scale of it was not far behind.

Qiu Jin clearly remembered that there were several nude scenes in the script, as well as scenes such as xiaoma* literature, depravity, and a disorderly harem. From reading the text description, it looked like the director even has the intention of revealing the nipples and the lower private area.

[*T/N: 小妈文学 xiaoma literature – referring to novels in which the male protagonist’s father marries a young and beautiful stepmother, and then the male protagonist develops feelings for the stepmother.]

Qiu Jin was a little curious. When they ate dinner, he tried to ask, “Is there going to be a new policy or something?”

Ji Shenxiao: “No.”

“Then the scale of “The Rise and Fall of the World” will not be blocked?”

Ji Shenxiao paused before saying, “I don’t know much about the film and television industry, but they have shown me the evaluation report, and I believe in their professional ability.”

As long as there weren’t any problems then that was good. Qiu Jin breathed a sigh of relief and finished laying out all the dishes: “Then you eat slowly, I’m leaving now.”

Ji Shenxiao raised his head and said doubtfully, “You’re not eating?”

“No, I’m not,” Qiu Jin untied his apron and smiled, “I’m still trying to lose weight.”

Ji Shenxiao was a little surprised. His eyes swept over him, and after a while, he said, “You are already in good shape.”

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

The man’s tone was flat, as if he was just stating a fact, and not complimenting anyone at all. Contrarily, this made it even more pleasing to hear.

Even Qiu Jin, who was very thick-skinned, was a bit shy due to his words.

After Qiu Jin went back to his place, he ate a salad and did a set of exercises. He took a shower and then went on Weibo as usual. On Weibo, he saw an entertainment blogger posting the news: “What happened to Xiaoding from All-Star Challenge?”

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

– She’s gone? What great news! Rejoice everyone! I’ve long found her to be objectionable and unpleasant to the eye. She’s always putting the guests in awkward situations and she thinks she’s so funny. –

– Reportedly she got transferred and now she’s working at some emotional program. –

– Ha, everyone knows what that means. It means that she’s been exiled to the fringes to cool her heels and hold an inconsequential job. –

– It was also revealed on the Internet that the host of that emotional program wore sexy clothes to host it in order to increase the ratings. –

– But it is undeniable that Xiaoding is indeed very amusing. You people denounce her for being vulgar, but at the same time you’re just waiting to see what kind of dirty jokes she would make. –

– I was part of the on-site audience. Xiaoding got transferred because she made fun of one of the guests’ sexual organ. –

– Who? Why can’t you joke about that? –

– There’s nothing wrong with ghs*, but you still have to take into account the program’s target audience and the situation, okay? “All-Star Challenge” is targeted towards general audiences, suitable for both the young and the old. Just think about it, your whole family is sitting in front of the TV watching this show when all of a sudden your child asks “Is Qiu Jin’s jiji** really that big? What is a jiji? Dad, is yours as big as his?” Are you guys okay with that? –

[*T/N: “ghs” in actual English letters is the abbreviation for the pinyin phrase “gao huang se 搞黃色” which is Internet slang meaning “to create or distribute pornographic content”]

[**T/N: 唧唧 jiji – euphemism for penis]

– I agree. Who doesn’t like to watch ghs? If it’s the 15R variety show “Jiji Talk Show” making this kind of joke then I approve it with two thumbs up! But I can’t approve it for the “All-Star Challenge.” –

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– Don’t argue any more people. An insider staff said that everything you just talked about is superficial. I heard that it is because Xiaoding ridiculed the corporation’s boss, and that’s why she’s been exiled. –

– For real? I also heard that the boss’s canary* went to participate in the show, and then the host made fun of that canary, so the boss sent her away for the sake of his canary. –

[*T/N: 金丝雀 jin si que – canary; also a euphemism for a beautiful man or woman kept as a pet by rich people]

– Why would I lie to you? I have proof, I have the truth! –

Then the netizen straight up posted a video.

– Goddamn, it’s actually true?! –

– Man, Xiaoding’s tongue really is too poisonous. I am embarrassed for Qiu Jin. –

– To speak plainly, isn’t Qiu Jin too daring to say what he did? He actually dared to drag Ji Shenxiao into the water with him. Is he not afraid of being done in? –

– Haiya, maybe he’s doing it on purpose, using this kind of method to capture President Ji’s attention. –

– I’m envious. I also want to see President Ji’s big dong. –


Although the topic went off on a tangent and then completely switched lanes at the end, Qiu Jin was still able to grasp the key point. The Xiaoding who ridiculed him on the variety show got punished?

After a while, the “All-Star Challenge” Weibo released an announcement, confirming Qiu Jin’s conjecture.

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All-Star Challenge: Previously, some guests on the show commented that the host went too far [with her jokes]. Those so-called good-natured teasing affected them negatively. Some viewers also commented that the show has gone too far, and that there are some behaviors that are technically legal but perhaps not respectable. After careful assessment and serious discussion, the program team decided to return the program to high-quality content, strengthen the audit process, discard all forms of edge balls*, and strive to spread positive energy.

[*T/N: edge balls – figurative meaning is “technically legal but perhaps not respectable”]

This could be considered an official decree, fixing the tone with a single hammer blow.

Qiu Jin read the announcement and then he remembered keenly. Wasn’t this what Ji Shenxiao had said on the phone?

Could it be that Ji Shenxiao helped him?

Qiu Jin struggled for a while, but he decided to thank Ji Shenxiao in person. No matter what the other party’s initial intention was, in the end it still helped him.

When Qiu Jin knocked on his neighbor’s door, Ji Shenxiao had just finished taking a shower. His hair was wet, and he only had a bath towel around his lower body, revealing a large expanse of his smooth and firm chest.

Qiu Jin didn’t know where to look. It took him a long time to focus on Ji Shenxiao’s hand on the door frame. He wanted to say thank you, but he blurted out, “Do you like to eat Buddha Jumps Over the Wall*?”

[*T/N: 佛跳墙 fo tiao qiang – literally means “Buddha jumps over the wall,” but it is actually the name for a Chinese dish that uses many non-vegetarian ingredients. It is also known as “Buddha’s Temptation.” You can check out wiki for more info:]

“Buddha Jumps Over the Wall?” Ji Shenxiao turned his body to the side to let Qiu Jin inside, “You came here at night to ask me if I eat Buddha Jumps Over the Wall?”

“Eh… not just that, I also want to thank you.” Qiu Jin walked in, the door closed automatically behind him. He raised his head with a serious expression, “Did you help me with that matter? Thank you.”

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

Ji Shenxiao wiped the water droplets off his head and said lightly, “En, they [the hosts] did wrong. There were also other celebrities who felt that they went too overboard.”

“Anyway, thank you.”

Qiu Jin breathed a sigh of relief, and was a little embarrassed in addition to being grateful. He used Ji Shenxiao’s name as a shield on that variety show. Not only did Ji Shenxiao not get angry with him, but he also helped him vent his anger. In spite of everything, Ji Shenxiao was a good person.

Looking at Ji Shenxiao’s back, Qiu Jin waved his hand: “Then I’m going now.”


“Is there something else?”

When Qiu Jin turned around, he saw Ji Shenxiao casually throwing his towel on a chair. Then he strode towards Qiu Jin with long strides. He stopped a meter away. His line of sight went south and slowly swept across his crotch area.

Qiu Jin: “?”


“What are you doing?!”

Ji Shenxiao smirked and chuckled like he was taunting him.

Qiu Jin: “???”

Qiu Jin was so angry that he slammed the door with a bang.

He really was too naïve! Dog man, even if he did a good deed, he was still a dog man!!

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