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This Alpha’s Pheromones 107

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Chapter 107 – Stunning the Audience

As if he didn’t expect that Qiu Jin would take the initiative to express goodwill, Xiang Xi was stumped for a second. Xiang Xi withdrew his gaze somewhat stiffly and hurried into the elevator.

The place for the script reading was on the second floor of Huayi Media, inside a conference room with a round table. Both Qiu Jin and Xiang Xi arrived a bit early. Qiu Jin played on his phone and after a while most of the people have arrived.

There were no name cards on the table, so people just sat wherever they wanted. Xiang Xi sat diagonally opposite of Qiu Jin, while Jiang Ming sat next to Xiang Xi, which was directly opposite of Qiu Jin.

At this moment, a whiff of fragrant floral fragrance wafted over to Qiu Jin. He raised his head and saw an actress with wavy hair walking over. She wore ultra-black sunglasses on her face.

“Is this spot open?” The woman asked him. Her voice was very distinctive. It was low but not hoarse. It has a unique flavor to it and was highly recognizable.

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“Zhang-laoshi?” Qiu Jin immediately recognized the other person and shifted over to make room. “No one is sitting here. Help yourself.”

The woman sat down without hesitation, took off her sunglasses, and put them on the table, revealing a bright and stylish face.

The woman’s name was Zhang Qiongzi and she played another main supporting role in the drama. Her character was Empress Miluo. Her husband was a vulgar man with a messy harem. In the end, she killed him and became the first female emperor in the history of “The Rise and Fall of the World.”

People arrived one after another, and the reading session officially began.

One by one, the actors talked about their understanding of their characters. Also, those that had questions about the script or wanted to suggest changes could speak up.

When it was Qiu Jin’s turn, he did not beat around the bush and said directly: “The two scriptwriters are very professional. I just have some questions about one of the scenes and I hope to remove some lines.”

The young screenwriter Guan Yuquan frowned subconsciously, because he wrote that scene and he had spent a lot of time and effort on it.

“The Rise and Fall of the World” has two screenwriters, an old screenwriter who was good at telling stories and creating deep, meaningful content, and a young screenwriter who was good at coming up with melodrama and creating an interesting viewing experience.

Similar to shooting movies, young and good looking actors brought in viewers, while experience veterans maintained the quality of the work.

Guan Yuquan was the rookie screenwriter meant to bring in traffic with his writing. In the past few years he wrote two successful youthful movie scripts, and then he threw himself into the screenwriting industry.

Of course, this wasn’t to say that he was incompetent just because he was young. To be able to churn out two successful scripts meant that he had some real capability.

But he has three shortcomings.

One, he loved to sprinkle contrived melodrama everywhere, and including too many plot twists that sometimes ignored logic.

Two, he liked to use adjectives and adverbs rather than verbs.

Three, he liked to preach by using the characters as his mouthpiece.

The portion of dialogue that Qiu Jin pointed out was a preachy passage.

It was in the later stage of the plot, when humans fought against zombies. Ji He took the initiative to sacrifice his life in order to create opportunities for the protagonist group.

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This was his highlight moment and also the final curtain on his character.

Of course it should be taken seriously.

So the screenwriter arranged for him to have a lot of lines that talked about the family and the country. The script also had him recall the past in solid detail and only then did he finally die off.

Guan Yuquan also thought the same, so when he heard Qiu Jin’s question, his expression changed. “Which part does Qiu-laoshi have a problem with?”

As soon as Guan Yuquan said this, everyone’s eyes turned to Qiu Jin.

In their eyes, Qiu Jin was nothing more than a harlequin star without any acting experience. Saying that his acting was bad based on his previous idol drama was already merciful. His acting was a spectacle too horrible to endure, completely appalling to the eyes.

Such a person, actually wanted to change the script? Maybe he was doing it on just a whim or perhaps it was just a bid to make himself seem important.

Alas, the entertainment industry was like this. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry thought that they could just barge into the scene and shine.

Many actors cast sympathetic eyes towards Guan Yuquan.

“There are three specific issues,” Qiu Jin looked at the gathered people and said without hurry, “First, this dialogue is inconsistent with Ji He’s character setting. He is a man who killed his father, killed his brother, and even forfeited the country with his own two hands. But right before his death, you’re saying that he’s concerned for the welfare of the common people. This will cause a fission in the character setting. It also forcefully whitewashes the character. It’s not believable.”

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Guan Yuquan thought that Qiu Jin was just a layman who didn’t understand anything. Based on his low level, he actually wanted to point fingers and criticize others? This was such a joke. Did these people think script writing was so easy?

Guan Yuquan suddenly laughed: “Does Qiu-laoshi really understand the character of Ji He?”

Although he was laughing, everyone could hear the contempt and aggression in his laughter.

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  1. Qiu Jin’s reputation is really so bad lol. I’m happy the author made him self aware so we don’t feel too angsty since we know the inside story. It really is hard for people to give the benefit of the doubt when the reputation has been poor for so long.

  2. Why does he need to prove any credentials when this is such an obvious break in character settings lol just take the L man

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