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This Alpha’s Pheromones 108

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Chapter 108 – Stunning the Audience

Qiu Jin ignored Guan Yuquan’s provocation and explained, “Ji He is a very complicated person, but at the same time he is also very simple. The audience can interpret his behavior in many ways. But from his own perspective, there is a logic that runs through his life: gratitude and grudges must be clearly divided and repaid in turn.”

“His father wants to kill him, so he murders his father. Zombies kill humans, so he destroys the zombies. He’s only doing what he thinks is right. There is no other motive.”

As soon as Qiu Jin said these words, the smile on Guan Yuquan’s face disappeared.

Director Yi Congqing tapped the table with his index finger, showing a thoughtful expression.

Qiu Jin continued: “The second point is that these lines are too preachy. I know that these lines of dialogue are very philosophical and meaningful, but why would you make the character go against his character setting to say these lines? Why not have the audience experience it for themselves?”

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At this moment, Yi Congqing stopped drumming his finger on the table.

Guan Yuquan was stunned. He stared at Qiu Jin’s expression, but found that he couldn’t say anything to refute the other person.

The other screenwriter – the older one – Dou Gao, nodded: “It is indeed so. Instead of preaching ideas, just express them and then let the audience discover them for themselves.”

Guan Yuquan opened and closed his mouth. He said, “How can you be sure that the audience will get it?”

Qiu Jin responded: “There will always be some people who won’t understand it.”

“Then what if they misinterpret it?”

“So what if they misinterpret it?” Dou Gao suddenly laughed. “As the saying goes, if there are a thousand readers, then there are a thousand Hamlets. Works of art will always be misunderstood, but it is precisely the people’s different interpretations of the works of art that give them new life.”

Yi Congqing was persuaded. “Then delete those lines [in the script].”

Guan Yuquan nodded. Now, when he looked at Qiu Jin, there was no more contempt in his eyes.

He even took the initiative to ask: “What is the third point?”

Qiu Jin said, “I think the handling of this scene is too sensational. I recommend taking out the reminiscence scene and flashbacks, as well as the scene where the protagonists cry because of Ji He’s death.”

However, Yi Congqing disagreed: “When the curtain drops on Ji He’s character, there must be a highlight moment [for him].”

Qiu Jin replied, “A highlighting moment is indeed essential, but when he takes this action, the meaning behind it is already reflected in his actions. At this time, inserting flashback memories would just be superfluous.”

Yi Congqing frowned and tapped the table lightly with his index finger. He was finally persuaded and nodded, “Then delete the flashback memories.”

Immediately afterwards, he asked with a smile: “Are there any more?”

Qiu Jin hesitated for a moment. He felt that he was talking too much, which would probably make some people unhappy, but it wouldn’t sit right with him if he didn’t express his opinions.

The script was the most fundamental thing in a drama. Asking him not to talk about the problem when he saw it was like making him feel an itch that could not be scratched.

As if seeing his hesitation, Yi Congqing smiled: “If you don’t talk about it now, when the drama flops, we will all be suffering with you.”

Qiu Jin said, “I just think it’s a little out of place to arrange for the protagonist to cry here.”

Yi Congqing asked, “Why do you say so?”

Qiu Jin replied, “At this point, they are in a critical situation. There is no time to cry. What they should do is to cherish every minute and every second that Ji He fought for them with his life to win.”

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“There is some truth to what you say, but…” Yi Congqing frowned, “After going through the scene just now, the protagonist’s feelings must have a point of release, and the action of their crying is the fulfillment of their feelings. It is indispensable.”

Qiu Jin: “If it’s like this, then wouldn’t it be better to have the protagonist reminiscence later on in the script?”

Yi Congqing was stunned for a moment, and then he slapped his thigh and sighed, “This change is incredible!!”

Holding back tears was more moving than wailing out loud.

Grieving and still taking responsibility was more heartbreaking than hysteria.

However, humans could not always be strong. After saving the world, the warriors would not only hold a banquet to celebrate, but also think about and lament their fallen comrades.

To shed silent tears.

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