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This Alpha’s Pheromones 109

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Chapter 109 – Get More Pay! Add More Screen Time! (36.1)

At first, some people had yet to process what was going on. It was simply moving one of the plot points to a later point in the script, so why did Yi Congqing have such a big reaction?

It was only after they heard someone else explain the significance did they finally see the light. In a split second, their gazes towards Qiu Jin gained a bit of inquiry and curiosity.

“Your suggestions were quite good.” Zhang Qiongzi, who was sitting next to Qiu Jin, leaned over and asked him, “Have you really never been to an acting school before?”

Of course Qiu Jin has attended acting school before and he even graduated as the valedictorian.

However, the Qiu Jin in the story – the body that he took over – did not. So he just responded vaguely: “I’ve studied on my own before.”

After the discussion ended, it was time for the actors to go over the script and read out their lines.

This was also a kind of rehearsal. It was mainly to let the actors familiarize themselves with their lines and break in the script.

Qiu Jin’s popularity has soared these days, and his analysis of the script just now seemed very meaningful. Some people began to have expectations for him, but some people secretly hoped that he would make a fool of himself.

So what if he was good at analyzing the script? Actors should speak with their acting skills.

What’s more, the gap between being able to analyze a script and knowing how to act was as big as the Mariana Trench. There were some directors who were great at analyzing scripts, but the films they direct were either bad or terrible.

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Moreover, Qiu Jin has never received professional training in acting. These analyses might be just the theoretical knowledge he has learned from books. Although it sounded reasonable, he was still an actor without a solid foundation.

In particular, he was going to act as such an important character, which caused many people to have a bit of veiled criticism about him, especially those who had a good relationship with Wen Mojia.

Although no one said it out loud, their eyes were full of curiosity and scrutiny for his performance.

Everyone carried different thoughts as they observed Qiu Jin with close attention. Many of them were hoping that he would make a fool of himself. Instead, what they witnessed was that Qiu Jin’s performance was too realistic.

“The Rise and Fall of the World” was a super big television production. It could be said that anyone who could get a role in this drama, whether it was a leading role or a supporting role, were all people with very good acting skills.

Amongst all the actors present, some of them were thoroughly trained in the art of acting. They had precise pronunciation, and beautiful enunciation. Some of them were full of emotions. They could pretend to cry and laugh very naturally, with the capability to move the audience. Some of them had very explosive acting skills and their performance was very powerful.

It went without saying that Film Emperor Jiang Ming and Film Empress Zhang Qiongzi were very accomplished in all areas of acting.

But even so, no one could reach the level of Qiu Jin’s acting abilities.

Being able to act as if the character’s reality was the actor’s reality could be considered the highest state of acting.

His performance was not one hundred perfect, but it seemed even more natural because of the small flaws.

He didn’t just read his lines from the script and only spoke when it was his turn to speak. Rather, he listened attentively, reacted quickly and vividly, and he never stopped making eye contact.

There was a back and forth as if they were really in the midst of acting and not just reading the script to familiarize themselves with the lines.

Several of the actors who acted opposite him were pulled into the context of the script by him. It was originally just supposed to be a script reading, but it ended up feeling like they were performing a stage play. It was like an imitation of some high-level theater play abroad. They could totally collect a fee for their performance.

Qiu Jin shocked the audience with his excellent performance.

Those who looked down on him were flushed with anger and embarrassment, and those who had a good impression of him looked upon him even more favorably.

They finally understood why Yi Congqing did not want Wen Mojia for the role, but chose this little-known Qiu Jin instead.

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After the script reading was over, Yi Congqing took the initiative to stand up and greet Qiu Jin. He said, “This youngster knows a lot. You’re not thinking of writing a script yourself and then directing and acting in it, are you?”

“No, no.” Qiu Jin smiled modestly. “It’s just that I’ve been watching a lot of movies recently. It’s just a coincidence. I still have much to learn from everyone.”

These remarks not only complimented the director, but also made many actors present feel better.

In actuality, his remarks about the script were well founded. He had a thorough understanding of the plot, characters, and rhythm of the script. Saying it was just a coincidence was merely a humble statement.

However, being humble was also a good thing. It’s nice that he has such great abilities without being arrogant about them. He knew when to advance and when to retreat. Moreover, he was still so young.

Yi Congqing patted him on the shoulder and let out a gusty breath. “This young person, keep working hard. Your future is promising!”

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