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This Alpha’s Pheromones 11

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Chapter 11 – Don’t Like Him

Gu Shuyi was a big fan of the “Four Seasons Food” variety show. Her favorite part was watching the participants pick fresh vegetables from the ground and make their own food.

After listening to Lu Pingyin’s report, she suddenly thought of a possibility: “Since it is a program that you’re sponsoring, how about you go there once?”

“I go there?” Ji Shenxiao frowned. “I am a businessman. What would I do on those shows?”

“The scenery there is good and there is so much to eat. Just take it as an annual leave.” The more Gu Shuyi talked, the more she felt like this was the reason. “You haven’t taken a vacation in four years, right?”

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Ji Shenxiao was the type that would invite a business partner if he were to go on a vacation. There was no need to mention vacationing alone for leisure. He immediately rejected the proposal.

“Mom, I still have a lot of work.”

“Isn’t there still me and Lu Pingying?”

Ms. Gu Shuyi was born from a prestigious household, and in those years she was also an iron lady in the business world. After the death of her husband, she and Ji Shenxiao pulled strongly against the crazy tide* together, and increased the benefits of Huayi Corporation by several times. She only started to delegate power last year and retreat behind the scenes.

[*T/N: pulled strongly against the crazy tide = to try hard to save a desperate crisis]

Ji Shenxiao was silent.

Ms. Gu couldn’t persuade him, so she started to use a different tactic: “Are you already looking down on me? You think I’m old now and can’t do it anymore?”

Ji Shenxiao held his forehead in his hand and said helplessly: “You know that wasn’t what I meant.”

“What’s going to happen if you leave for a month? Go take care of your body, take care of your stomach. It’s only a month. So effortless.”

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“I still have work. Stop joking.” Ji Shenxiao tried to persuade in a light tone. “Have Qisheng go.”

“I don’t know where that brat is fooling around. I manage him?” Ms. Gu rolled her eyes gracefully and issued an ultimatum, “If you don’t go to the show, then you go on a blind date!”

Ji Shenxiao: “…”

The overbearing president was also helpless.


Before leaving for the “Four Seasons Food” show, Qiu Jin caught up on movies for half a month at home. He was already naturally fair, and he stayed in the movie room for the past dozen or so days catching up on films. After a long absence of sunlight, his skin became whiter and more translucent, like a white glaze.

He exercised everyday, making his spirit improve by several times, and almost recovering to the optimum state of this body.

On this day, he only wore a black short-sleeved T-shirt with jeans. He stepped into a pair of old shoes and headed towards his stop. The refreshing feeling immediately exuded out. There was no greasy and frivolous aura. He was like a lush green pine.

“Qiu-ge, you…” Assistant Liu Wei drove him to the airport. He was a bit afraid to recognize him.

Qiu Jin looked at him through the sunglasses and said lightly: “What’s wrong?”

“No, nothing, get in the car.” Liu Wei, despite being a beta, his knees went weak at Qiu Jin’s attractiveness.

Where did this celestial alpha come from! He was too alpha!! Laozi’s legs were getting soft.

-Beijing International Airport-

Knowing that Xiang Xi was going to fly to Lanhou Island today, fans have been waiting outside the airport with a banner. Seeing a nanny car* parked at the gate of the domestic departure hall, they immediately crowded around.

[*T/N: nanny car – a large van, generally has more than seven seats.]

They originally thought that it was Xiang Xi, but unexpectedly, when the door opened a pair of long legs stepped out, followed by a silver-haired young man wearing sunglasses.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

The Xi fans blanked out for a bit. Who was this person? Isn’t he too handsome! The shoulders were wide, the legs were long, the silhouette was hidden in depth, and that silver hair shone under the sun.

And then someone exclaimed: “WTF? Is this Dog Qiu? He’s coming back from Korea right?”

[T/N: The person is implying that QJ went and got plastic surgery in Korea and has just come back.]

Dog Qiu was what the haters called Qiu Jin. It originated from Qiu Jin chasing like a dog behind Xiang Xi. At first, it was just a joke. Later, as Qiu Jin became more shameless, the nickname stuck and became imprinted in people’s heads.

Qiu Jin looked up at the girl, who immediately blushed and stammered out: “S… Sorry.”

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