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This Alpha’s Pheromones 110

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Chapter 110 – Get More Pay! Add More Screen Time!

Before Qiu Jin could leave the meeting area, Jiang Ming also came over to him.

Jiang Ming told Qiu Jin that he had been prepping for a movie recently, and after hearing his thoughts today, he wanted to ask Qiu Jin for his opinion.

Subconsciously, Qiu Jin glanced over at Xiang Xi. Naturally, he did not forget that Jiang Ming was a loyal follower of Xiang Xi. He was an exceptionally big jealousy monster. The methods he employed were sinister and shady. It was not a stretch to say that he was a bit sick in the head.

But his character popularity was on par with Ji Shenxiao.

After all, in these days, people’s views on morals tend to rank below their aesthetic attraction to someone. As long as the villain was good looking then they could fling their morals out the window to support the villain.

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When he was reading this book series, he noticed many people quoting this crazy second male lead’s lines. Stuff like:

“Only I can touch your body, do you understand?”

“I really want to break your wings. That way, you can only rely on me.”

“Darling, I already told you that it’s useless to run away. Just look at you now. You can only stay here trembling in my arms.”

The original book used a lot of words to describe him. He was a completely different type of character from Ji Shenxiao – the domineering CEO type.

Jiang Ming wasn’t the type of gong that went around emitting his alpha pheromones everywhere. He had a tall and slender body. He wore his collared shirt buttoned up all the way to his slender and graceful neck. He looked neat and refreshing.

He was also humble and did not put on any airs. If Qiu Jin did not know how scary this man really was, he would be duped into thinking that Jiang Ming was a really good person.

But didn’t he like Xiang Xi? So why wasn’t he pestering Xiang Xi instead? What did he come to Qiu Jin for? He wasn’t planning to dig a pit for Qiu Jin to step in, was he?

But Qiu Jin’s had very little contact with Xiang Xi lately. He only greeted Xiang Xi at the entrance, and they said a few lines to each other when they were doing the script reading. Jiang Ming wasn’t going to be jealous over such little things was he?

Of course, it was also possible that this current Jiang Ming was not blackened and that the other man was only extending a benevolent invitation to Qiu Jin.

However, in any event, Qiu Jin did not dare to take this risk.

He couldn’t figure out what the other party was thinking, so he could only refuse with a smile: “I also really want to participate in Jiang-laoshi’s film, but I’m not competent enough. I don’t want to go in like a blind man. It would be bad if I inconvenience you.”

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Jiang Ming’s eyes swept across his face slowly and carefully, as if to determine whether he was lying or not.

Jiang Ming’s gaze made the hair on the back of Qiu Jin’s neck stand up on end. Or perhaps it was his body’s reaction to potential danger. Although Jiang Ming smiled warmly, Qiu Jin never got a good feeling around him.

At this moment, a staff member came over to remind him: “Qiu-laoshi, you still have to do a photo shoot in costume. Come to the dressing room to prepare.”

Qiu Jin jumped on the opportunity to make an escape. He waved to Jiang Ming: “My apologies. I’ll take my leave now.”

Jiang Ming did not continue to insist. He just asked, “Then how about we add each other on WeChat first?”

Qiu Jin scanned Jiang Ming’s QR code, sent the other man a friend request, and then left quickly.

The dressing room and photo studio were just next door. There were many other supporting actors making preparations for the photo shoot.

Qiu Jin had to take two sets of photos in costume that day. One was as Ji He in his original appearance, and the other was as Ji He disguised as a woman about to be married off in place of his older sister.

The female costume was more intricate and the makeup was more complicated, so the makeup artist decided to do it first [and get it out over with].

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The makeup process was long and complicated. Qiu Jin took out his mobile phone to fiddle with and found dozens of WeChat friend applications sent from the filming crew’s WeChat group chat.

The director, screenwriters, and multiple actors all sent him friend requests.

Qiu Jin: ???

What was up with these people?

Qiu Jin was confused, but the actual circumstances were not hard to guess.

During this year, various awesome and terrific dramas have emerged one after another, but the actors’ capabilities were uneven. Those that could act well were few, not to mention actors that could both act and dissect a script.

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