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This Alpha’s Pheromones 111

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Chapter 111 – Get More Pay! Add More Screen Time!

Qiu Jin’s performance during the script reading could be said to be outstanding. There were so many directors nowadays, but few have such a good understanding of the script they were directing.

In reality, many directors didn’t know what they wanted. They just tell you over and over again that it’s wrong, to do it again, but they don’t tell you how to actually do it or what to change.

The actors were also very aggrieved. If you don’t tell me what to change, then how am I supposed to act it out?!

In a filming crew, the director was supreme, however, they were not omnipotent. A lot of the time, it’s not that they don’t want to tell you how to perform, but that they don’t even know what kind of performance they want.

The actors were thinking, if they could understand their role and the events of the script as thoroughly as Qiu Jin, then they wouldn’t have to be afraid of the director yelling NG again and again.

They could even speak out about their understanding of the script and one up the director!

They all possessed a keen intuition, like animals, but there would always be times when their inspiration fails them. During those times, a solid performance theory played an important role.

This was especially so for actors like Qiu Jin who were extremely knowledgeable in theory.

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While he was getting his makeup done, Qiu Jin chatted with all of these people one by one. He also recommended some books and movies that were worth studying.

“All done.” After a long time spent on the makeup chair, the makeup artist finally set him free.

Qiu Jin raised his head and saw his reflection in the mirror.

The person in the mirror looked like a stranger.

The makeup artist contoured the outline of his face to make his face a lot softer, and the teardrop mole at the corner of his eye added a feminine aura.

At that moment, Qiu Jin suddenly felt that the person in the mirror was not himself, but rather Ji He lifting his head to look up at him.

The makeup artist and cameraman were both quite surprised by this effect, and even the director thought that the result was very good. They urged him to hurry up and get his picture taken.

Qiu Jin stood in front of the backdrop in full red wedding attire. Thick hair was piled on top of his head in an intricate hairstyle. He carried himself tall, giving his character a valiant look.

The styling crew was also very diligent and attentive. The materials of the costumes and the designs of the ornaments were all very realistic. The color tones were also carefully selected. They did not go for bright and bold colors. Even the red of his attire meshed very well with the atmosphere and color palette of the entire drama.

To a certain extent, clothing was not just clothing, rather, it represented a period in history and a certain culture.

The weight of the clothes and ornaments on his body transported him into the story of the drama.

Owing to a prophecy that said he would become the destroyer of a nation, he was sent to another country as a bargaining chip ever since he was a child. Upon reaching adulthood, he was recalled back to his own country only to be used as a tool and married off far away.

Qiu Jin slowly raised his head and looked into the lens of the camera. It was as if he was looking at the An Dynasty that trampled upon him through the lens of the camera. His gaze sharpened.

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The look in his eyes was simply too lethal. There was a mixture of feminine tenderness and disappointment and masculine obstinacy and inflexibility. The cameraman paused for two seconds and then started to frantically press the shutter on the camera.

After he finished taking the photos, the cameraman was extremely satisfied. He took so many good pictures that he didn’t even know which one he should ultimately use.

Yi Congqing heard someone let out an exclamation. Curious, he turned around to look and he also received a shock.

The young man stood on set. He was dressed in a gorgeous wedding costume and there was deep desolation in his eyes. He looked just like the character Ji He.

Yi Congqing had found a treasure.

Moreover, it was a treasure that was like Russian nesting dolls. Each layer hid new depths and you’d never know what kind of surprise the other person would give you.

Yi Congqing was extremely surprised: “You can even act as a woman?”

This sounded a bit frivolous at first, but it was an absolute compliment coming from Yi Congqing’s mouth.

Qiu Jin had already come out from his character. He smiled gently and said, “I just tried to enter the plot for a bit.”

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“That gaze just now was really something. I thought that Ji He had transmigrated over and was glaring at me!” Yi Congqing became more and more excited as he spoke, and blurted out, “Then I’ll just have you play Ji Yao’s part as well. There’s a conflict in schedule with the previous actor and we couldn’t find a suitable replacement.”

Wasn’t this giving him more screen time?

Qiu Jin asked jokingly, “Director, are you going to pay me more money?”

“Yes, why would I not pay you more? I even want to give you extra money!”

Qiu Jin: “?”

Wow, could there really be such a good thing?

Then, he must act as Ji Yao as well!

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