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Chapter 112 – The Token of a Long-Awaited Reunion (37.1)

However, Qiu Jin was not going to simply cross-dress to play the part of Ji Yao. During the editing stage, the crew was going to use technology to adjust his facial features and body figure.

After all, Qiu Jin was still a man. No matter how suited he was to wearing women’s clothes, his appearance was still different from that of a woman. Ji Yao was supposed to be the number one beauty in the world of the drama. Having him directly cross-dress to play the role was simply looking down on the audience’s IQ too much.

After Qiu Jin finished shooting photos as Ji He in female wedding garments, he had to do two more photo shoots to get promotional pictures as Ji Yao and as Ji He in regular male garments.

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One person doing three photo shoots, by the time he finished it was already dark, so he got dinner together with Director Yi Congqing.

Recently, he didn’t have to go home to cook, because Ji Shenxiao went abroad for business and hasn’t shown up for several days.

The staff worked really fast. By the time Qiu Jin finished dinner and returned home, the staff had already sent him the photos of him in costume and the promotional mock ups.

Ji He’s playbill was split in two, on the left side was Ji He dressed in women’s clothes, and on the right side was Ji He dressed in men’s clothes. One was beautiful and one was manly. It was enough to seize a person’s heart.

There was also a picture of Ji Yao. After lots of editing, Ji Yao’s face appeared much softer around the edges and the bridge of her nose was adjusted to make it look less sharp and more compact. Just these small adjustments were enough to make the person in the photo look completely different. Even Qiu Jin almost did not recognize himself.

In addition to the photos, Ji Yao also has a gif file. The action and expression came from Qiu Jin. After editing, the beauty index went up by a few notches, as if there was a holy light shining on the character.

That night, the official blog of “The Rise and Fall of the World” released a batch of the latest promotional photos.

The one that got the most attention was naturally Ji Yao.

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The title of the most beautiful woman in the world was a bit tacky, but it was enough to capture people’s attention. When the fans heard that the blog was going to post promotional photos, they waited in front of their computer screens with great anticipation and curiosity.

When the promotional photo came out, everyone was stunned.

– Heavens!! Isn’t the filming crew simply too awesome?? The Ji Yao in my head is now 3D!! –

– What the f*ck? Where did you find this peerless beauty? –

– Is it a newcomer? I’ve never seen this actor before! –

– All the newcomers are so scary. She really deserves the title of the most beautiful woman in the world. –

– I don’t believe it! How can such a beautiful person really exist? Is she actually an angel that descended from heaven?! –

– She is indeed beautiful, but… don’t you guys think that this person looks a bit familiar? –

– Emmmm… now that you mention it, I also think so. She’s not someone’s younger sister or something like that, right? –

– Are you messing with me? How could Qiu Jin have such a beautiful younger sister? –


This character was simply too beautiful.

#”The Rise and Fall of the World” Ji Yao instantly became a popular Internet search query.

The crew intentionally wanted to promote the new technology, and they also spent a lot of effort to promote it. Soon they climbed to number seven on the hot search list.

At the same time, Wen Mojia watched the [#”The Rise and Fall of the World” Ji Yao] search query climbing up the list and getting closer and closer to his search query. His brows were furrowed so hard that he could squeeze a mosquito to death between them.

Wen Mojia was one of the actors under Huayi Media. “The Rise and Fall of the World” was also the main drama of Huayi Media. After inquiring about, Wen Mojia found out long before the promotional photos came out that the crew of “The Rise and Fall of the World” was going post promotional photos of the cast in costume today. But this time, they were only releasing the supporting roles. The most influential actor amongst the supporting roles was Qiu Jin, so Wen Mojia did not pay it much mind.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

How many fans did Qiu Jin have? A mere five million, and most of those was people he had bribed with a promise of a cross-dressing photo. Wen Mojia has more than twenty million fans and the one acting opposite him, Xiaohua, had close to twenty million fans. Combined, it was more than enough to crush Qiu Jin [in the hot search].

According to Wen Mojia’s calculations, the one who should top the hot search list and crush the other one should be them and not “The Rise and Fall of the World.”

At first, it was indeed so.

Qiu Jin’s costume photo received nearly a hundred thousand likes and comments, which was not bad for a small-time actor, but in the eyes of a first or second-tier star, it was just small peanuts.

Never in a million years would Wen Mojia have calculated that this little-known Ji Yao would suppress him in the hot search!

The weight of the Weibo hot search was not only based on the number of retweets and comments of one of your Weibo, but also the topic discussions that other accounts participated in were also very important.

This newcomer, Ji Yao, excelled in this respect. The official blog posted pictures. The marketing accounts posted photos themselves. Even lots of passers-by wanted to post photos themselves. The amount of interaction was astonishing.

By the time it was evening, he even went up to second place on the hot search!

Wen Mojia: ???

Was fate f*cking messing with him? How could an amateur climb so high? Do you really think that the entertainment industry only relies on looks?

Wen Mojia was so angry that he wanted to bash his head against a wall. He couldn’t understand why he was always the one being messed with.

Last time, he planned to have Qiu Jin make a fool of himself. But not only did he not embarrass the other party, he even caused Miss Xiaoding to lose her job. After that Xiaoding straight up blacklisted him.

Right now, he thought that he could finally dominate the headlines on Weibo, but unexpectedly some amateur actor came out and crushed him!

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