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This Alpha’s Pheromones 113

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Chapter 113 – The Token of a Long-Awaited Reunion

Wen Mojia was angry and disappointed. He couldn’t figure out what went wrong.

Then when he refreshed the page again, he saw that Qiu Jin had reposted the Weibo of Ji Yao’s promotional photo, and even shamelessly claimed it.

Wen Mojia: ???

Did Qiu Jin go crazy?

Just a minute ago, Qiu Jin had reposted the promotional picture of Ji Yao’s character along with the text: Here is the cross-dressing photo I promised as benefit~

Weibo instantly exploded.

– !!! What am I seeing!! –

– Hold up, this is really Qiu Jin?? That’s impossible, right? This is a girl no matter how you look at it!! –

– Shameless! Who gave you the guts to claim this photo as you?! –

– (Comparison of Qiu Jin and Ji Yao’s facial features) This is definteiyl not Qiu Jin!!! The facial features and bone structure don’t match up! –

– But if it isn’t him, then why would Qiu Jin claim this picture [as himself]? –

– Comrade, your question approaches the main point… –

– Besides, there are so many people in the production team, if he talks nonsense, there will be people who will refute it, right? –

There were more and more curious people gathering and the public opinion kept simmering away. The topic #QiuJinCrossdressing was looked up so much that it went up a few places in the hot search, once again surpassing the hot search for Wen Mojia’s promotional photos.

Wen Mojia: “…”

Wen Mojia was already lying down and giving up. In any case, he was foreordained to never get on the hot search on Weibo.

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At this moment, director Yi Congqing released a piece of news, confirming that Ji Yao’s character came from Qiu Jin, but this was not a simple photoshop, rather it was a completely new person created using a brand new technology.

The accompanying picture was a gif of Ji Yao.

The expressions of the characters in the gif were lively and lifelike, and they were even more flexible than many real actors.

The netizens were shocked.

Technology could even do this??

Did that mean that in the future people could mold their faces into whatever shape they pleased?

Ordinary netizens were eating melons*, mid-tier netizens were fantasizing over the new technology, and tech giants began to analyze the technology behind this facial contouring, explaining the process one by one in a logical manner.

[*T/N: eating melons – to enjoy the show]

There were still some people who didn’t understand, so some netizens compared it to the model of a virtual singer. Hatsune Miku’s sound source was Fujita Saki, Luo Tianyi’s sound source was Shan Xin, and Ji Yao’s character prototype was Qiu Jin.

The enthusiasm about Ji Yao rose wave after wave, and finally rushed to the top of the hot topic list.

Qiu Jin personally participated in the whole process, but the true was he was merely a cog in the machine.

The way the crew publicized this was very clever. Normally, people might only announce one piece of information.

But the “Rise and Fall of the World” had a high-energy publicity all throughout. First, they released Ji Yaos’ beautiful photos to attract people’s attention, and then they asked him to repost it to create suspense. When everyone was discussing the topic heatedly, they suddenly released the truth to give a resolution to the mystery.

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Like this, they created three levels of heat, one wave followed after another wave, making this drama popular before they even began filming.

Of course, for such a high degree of enthusiasm to exist before the filming even began would inevitably draw criticism from some people.

Some people worried that the crew would end up spending all their energy on hyping up the drama and would not settle down to actually make a good drama, while some people worried that they would tumble down after rising high, like a plane crash in the middle of the project.

Some people also questioned why this technology was not announced before it was released. Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to the ratings? So some people spread rumors that the crew’s funding was low, thus they were hoping to attract investment through hype.

But such voices were only a minority after all. From a positive point of view, the interest of the netizens has been greatly mobilized, and this enthusiasm continued until the day of the launch conference.

Ji Shenxiao returned to China the day before the press conference. When he came back, Qiu Jin was preparing dinner in the kitchen.

The charcoal-grilled lamb chops were soft and fragrant, with a spicy and delicious aroma. The fish head tofu soup was white and tender, and the broth was thick and delicious. The pear soup was creamy and soft, bubbling away on the stove.

There was still a Hanzhou pepper beef and shrimp stir-fry with celery left on the menu. Qiu Jin was planning to wait for Ji Shenxiao to come back before he made them.

Just as he finished preparing all the ingredients, the doorbell rang.

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Qiu Jin looked out through the camera. The man outside the door was dressed in a neat suit with a suitcase in hand. Who else could it be if wasn’t Ji Shenxiao?

But why was he ringing the doorbell when this was his own place?

Qiu Jin pushed open the door, a little curious.

Ji Shenxiao’s body exuded fatigue, but his gaze was very energetic, and that burning gaze was looking at Qiu Jin.

The two stood at the door and looked at each other in blank dismay. The scene was vaguely weird, but also a bit funny.

Qiu Jin couldn’t stand being stared at, so he tried to ask: “You’re back?”

Ji Shenxiao nodded, “En, I’m back.”

It was such pointless dialogue.

But Ji Shenxiao didn’t seem to think so. Instead he looked at Qiu Jin with interest, as if expecting him to continue the topic.

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