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This Alpha’s Pheromones 114

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Chapter 114 – The Token of a Long-Awaited Reunion

Qiu Jin’s head was full of question marks, but he could only ask politely and somewhat awkwardly, “Was this business trip really tiring?”

“There was some trouble, but it’s all been sorted out.”

Qiu Jin didn’t know what to say, so he began to change the topic: “Why don’t you go take a shower first? I just have to cook two more dishes and then we can eat.”

Ji Shenxiao nodded. His eyebrows smoothed out and even his movements became a bit livelier.

Qiu Jin was puzzled as he watched Ji Shenxiao. Since when did his expressions change so much?

As soon as Qiu Jin finished cooking, Ji Shenxiao came out of the bathroom in a set of leisurewear. Mixed in with the scent of shower gel was the flickering scent of his pheromones.

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Ji Shenxiao did not wait idly. He helped Qiu Jin serve the food and he even filled the bowls with rice and arranged the chopsticks.

Originally, Qiu Jin wanted to slip away after he finished cooking, but the other party’s attitude was so obvious that he had to sit down and eat obediently.

In fact, he has been dieting for a long time now and he’s finally reached the level that Yi Congqing was satisfied with, but now he was faced with a big table filled with temptation. He couldn’t hold back and ended up eating a little more.

After he finished eating, he started to regret it. Ahhhhh. He ate too much and now he wanted to die.

Ji Shenxiao seemed to pick up on his worries and said lightly: “I asked Yi Congqing and he said that you don’t need to lose weight anymore.”

Qiu Jin rubbed his stomach. He was regretting it endlessly. “But I still ate too much.”

“It’s only a tiny bit more calories. All of it will be burned up with a little exercise.”

This was precisely hitting his sore spot. Qiu Jin frowned, distressed: “I haven’t been exercising very much because I can’t have too much muscle.”

Ji Shenxiao glanced over his body and stopped talking.

In the ensuing casual conversation, Qiu Jin found out that Ji Shenxiao had went to Australia for his business trip, and he still had to go on more business trips for his work.

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Qiu Jin reciprocated the courtesy and told Ji Shenxiao how he was going to the launch conference of “The Rise and Fall of the World” tomorrow.

It was like he was just digging a hole and waiting for him to jump in. As soon as Qiu Jin brought up this topic, Ji Shenxiao said, “I’m going too. I can drive you there.”

Qiu Jin was taken aback. He quickly shook his head: “There’s no need right…? We’re not in the same company. Moreover, Xiang Xi will see and he might misunderstand…”

What’s more, if the media saw him and Ji Shenxiao traveling together, he wouldn’t be able to wash himself clean of any scandal even if he jumped into the Yellow River.

Ji Shenxiao frowned: “You care about Xiang Xi a lot?”

Was Ji Shenxiao jealous?

Qiu Jin shook his head and quickly explained: “Xiang Xi is the lead actor of this drama and also an artist signed under Huayi Media. If you’re going to go with someone, it’s better to go with him.”

Ji Shenxiao’s face darkened, and he was already a little unhappy: “Why would I go with him?”

Qiu Jin hesitated to speak: “You and Xiang Xi…”

Ji Shenxiao: “You really want there to be something between us?”

“No, no, I’m just asking casually.” Qiu Jin shook his head again and again, no longer intending to probe.

Before he was still feeling a bit awkward. He even wondered if his transmigration was what caused such a big change to the plot. For someone like Geng Leyue, who originally did not get a good end, perhaps this was a good thing, but what about Xiang Xi?

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But now he knew that these people all had their own thoughts, so there was no need for him to worry about them.

After they finished eating, Qiu Jin stood up and said, “If there’s nothing else, then I’m going to leave now.”

“Wait a moment.”

“What is it?”

Ji Shenxiao: “Let me brush my teeth first.”

Brush his teeth?

What kind of important thing was this that he needed to brush his teeth first?

Although he had doubts in his heart, Qiu Jin still obediently stood where he was.

After a while, the whirling sound of the electric toothbrush stopped.

Qiu Jin raised his head and saw Ji Shenxiao walking towards him. As the man approached, the smell of pheromones became stronger and stronger, and Qiu Jin felt his legs going a little weak.

During the time when Ji Shenxiao was away on his business trip, Qiu Jin had relied on inhibitors to survive, but because his pheromones were too overbearing, even the effect of the special inhibitors were becoming less and less effective. So how could he bear the direct and fiery impact of Ji Shenxiao’s pheromones at that moment?

Qiu Jin tried his best to stand up straight, and said, “I still have something to do, so I’ll go back first.”

“Don’t go.”

Ji Shenxiao suddenly reached out and pulled Qiu Jin towards him. Qiu Jin’s back collided with Ji Shenxiao’s chest. Before Qiu Jin could react, strong arms imprisoned him and he couldn’t move a single inch.

The man’s hoarse voice rang in his ears: “I have to go on a business trip again soon. The next time we meet will be half a month later.”

Qiu Jin finally understood. The meaning was that Ji Shenxiao wanted to bite him.

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