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This Alpha’s Pheromones 13

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Chapter 13 – Too Big to Eat

Off the side, the assistant snorted and said coldly, “He’s just putting on a show, who doesn’t know how!”

Qiu Jin had used this trick before, retreating in order to advance. He vowed to never disturb them again, but after enduring for a week, he went back to being as sticky as syrup.

After the filming crew got enough material, they started to remind them to go in. Qiu Jin turned sideways to let Xiang Xi go first, and he walked behind.

The fans saw that their idol was going in, and they were immediately excited again. The bodyguards could hardly stop them.

Don’t know who tried to shove forward, but the bodyguard became unstable and suddenly stumbled into a cameraman who was carrying recording equipment on his shoulder. The huge equipment was about to fall on the floor…

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“Be careful!” Qiu Jin immediately moved to give support. He even helped the cameraman who was about to fall. Unexpectedly, this action caused him to press against Xiang Xi who was walking ahead.

Perceiving Qiu Jin’s approach, Xiang Xi’s whole body tensed up and he shouted, “Don’t come over!”

[*T/N: XX said “都说了不要过来!” In English, it would be more accurate to say “I said don’t come over!” or “You said you won’t come over!” But because there was no pronoun, I don’t know who the subject is, since both of them had said something to this effect before: XX had on numerous times told QJ to go away, and QJ just said that he would stay away from XX.]

Ever since his image as a celestial-type man collapsed, Xiang Xi straightforwardly set his real personality free. He was not going to suffer from these people’s arrogance anymore. If he disapproved then he was going to curse them out! Curse them out so bad that they’ll regret having been reborn into this life!

“Ah, sorry, I didn’t think about touching you just now.” Qiu Jin stepped back immediately. He was still holding the recording equipment. Because he was exerting force, his arm muscles swelled in a beautiful arc, full of power.

The fans didn’t know what happened, but when they heard Xiang Xi screaming they immediately ripped into Qiu Jin, saying things like “the toad wants to eat swan meat*,” and “why don’t he pee a puddle for himself to see his terrible reflection?” …They said all sorts of unpleasant and vulgar things.

[*T/N: the toad wants to eat swan meat = trying to go for someone out of your league]

The cameraman who almost fell was ashamed and bowed to Xiang Xi repeatedly: “I’m sorry. I nearly fell. Qiu Jin-laoshi accidentally touched you when he helped me.”

Xiang Xi’s movements suddenly stagnate. When he realized that he was making abig fuss, his entire face flushed red!

Ahhhhhhh, so annoying! This person makes him lose face every time. He hated Qiu Jin the most!!

Xiang Xi stepped into the VIP line without looking at Qiu Jin.

The theme of “Four Seasons Food” was “Summer Food,” and it was going to be filmed in a small villa in the countryside of Lanhou Island.

Half an hour after the plane landed, several cars arrived at the door of a small countryside house by the sea.

Xiang Xi got off first. He still wore his sunglasses. He walked to the door, all cold and cool.

Qiu Jin was the second one to get out of the car. He took off his sunglasses and exclaimed with a bit of exaggeration: “Wow, this is so pretty!”

Qiu Jin had also shot variety shows before, and he knew that variety shows preferred straightforward and sometimes even exaggerated feedback. Not to mention that he was not actually exaggerating. His exclamation just now was sincere.

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This was a small two-story building. The pale yellow outer wall was peeling off in the sea breeze, but this was quainter. There was a large vegetable field behind the house next to the orchard, and in front of the house was a flourishing garden.

It was the start of June. Pink roses climbed the wall and the sea breeze carried their fragrance over.

He wasn’t making a big fuss about nothing. The main reason was that the houses in the previous seasons of this show were very simple. Although the scenery was very unique, it was not very impressive. This allocation could already be considered the most luxurious arrangement of the “Four Seasons Food” project team.

Qiu Jin asked the staff: “How much did you spend to find such a nice house?”

The staff member was also very dramatic and said mysteriously: “It’s a secret, but I can tell you that we have prepared a surprise.”

Qiu Jin guessed that Ji Shenxiao must be coming, but he was very cooperative and asked, “What kind of surprise?”

“It’s a secret. No one knows.”

Qiu Jin: “Is Ji Shenxiao coming?”

The staff member was startled: “How do you know?”

This time, it was Qiu Jin’s turn to act smug. “Secret.”

They entered the house. In addition to Xiang Xi, there was also a beta couple. They were permanent guests on the “Four Seasons Food” show.

As soon as Qiu Jin came in, the man in the linen shirt stood up and took his luggage in a very natural gesture. His attitude was friendly and kind. “Qiu Jin, you’ve come. How was the trip here?”

This was their first time meeting, but he created a feeling of them being friends for many years.

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The man’s name was Shan Wen, a beta, nearly forty years old, and a veteran film emperor. He took on this show three years ago, and along with his wife who loved nature, they took root in this show. He looked refined and amiable, and he also had a high EQ.

Qiu Jin nodded. “It’s beautiful.”

Shan Wen’s wife, Tan Yunting, who was sitting off to the side, nodded to Qiu Jin as well. It was considered a greeting, but her expression was weak, and she didn’t look every enthusiastic.

Qiu Jin didn’t mind. He just politely returned a greeting.

When he looked back, he saw Shan Wen handing him a glass of lemon water. “Take a sip of water first. They’re lemons from the yard.”

Qiu Jin drained the glass in one gulp. He was somewhat curious. “There are lemons right now?”

“En, Lanhou Island has a low latitude and can be planted for two seasons. This batch of autumn flowers and fruits just happens to be harvested in early summer.”

After a brief greeting, Shan Wen pointed out to Qiu Jin the location of the bedrooms and said, “Xiang Xi already returned to his room. Why don’t you go up and unpack your luggage first. This time it’s two people per a room. Your room is on the right hand side once you get upstairs.”

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