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This Alpha’s Pheromones 14

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Chapter 14 – Too Big to Eat

Qiu Jin walked upstairs with his luggage. When he opened the door, he realized that someone had already occupied the other bed with their stuff. Could it be that Ji Shenxiao had already arrived?

Well, it didn’t concern him whether the other person had arrived or not. Qiu Jin withdrew his gaze and quickly arranged his things. Originally, he had planned to apologize for his offense, but that man kicked him twice and had someone throw him out, so they could be considered as even.

This variety show was rather considerate. The camera crew did not follow him when he went upstairs, but Qiu Jin wasn’t sure if there was a camera installed in the room or not, so for the moment he wasn’t going to completely let loose.

Downstairs, Tan Yunting leaned against Shan Wen’s shoulder and grumbled somewhat: “I don’t like having Qiu Jin here.”

Qiu Jin’s black material* was everywhere. No doubt he had came here chasing after Xiang Xi. Who knew what kind of uproar he was going to create.

[*T/N: black material – online language for negative news about celebrities that damages their image]

“Be at ease. I am here.” Shan Wen touched his wife’s head. “Not to mention, Qiu Jin performed pretty well just now, didn’t he?”

Tan Yunting frowned: “But didn’t he come here to chase Xiang Xi?”

Shan Wen: “I think Qiu Jin is not bad, do you want to gamble with me?”

This was a little fun thing that they did as husband and wife. Tan Yunting did not reject. Her spirits lifted.

Shan Wen thought for a while and said: “If Qiu Jin performs well, then after the show ends you have to give the kid some praise on Weibo. If he is really terrible, then I will hate him with you.”

This transaction was not a lost. Tan Yunting straightforwardly agreed.

Qiu Jin was not aware of what happened downstairs. He took a nap and half an hour later he was woken up by a phone call from his agent.

He turned to get up while rubbing his eyes. With a sleep heavy voice he said: “Hello?”

“My ancestor, ah! Why did you go to “Four Seasons Food”?”

Through the phone, Qiu Jin could sense Yang Chi’s worry. He knitted his brows and said: “You only knew about it just now?”

“No one told me, how was I supposed to know!”

Yang Chi was wrongly accused and greatly aggrieved. Asides from Qiu Jin, he was also the agent for two other performing artists. Their reputations weren’t that big, but there was still quite a lot of management work to be done.

He had only relaxed his vigilance on Qiu Jin for a moment. Furthermore, Qiu Jin hadn’t taken up any work for close to half a year. How could he know that the other person would suddenly accept a spot on a variety show!

Moreover, the nationality level was so high, and it was chasing after Xiang Xi’s ass that sort of thing! When the time comes, the entire nation would know how badly he was harassing the other!

Just thinking about it was a headache.

Qiu Jin wasn’t sure if there was a camera in the room, so he got out of bed and walked out.

“Wait a moment. I’m changing locations.”

He did not stop walking until he got to the small garden outside and stood under the shade of a tall tree.

“Okay, talk. What’s wrong?”

For a second, Yang Chi was at a loss for words. Then he said: “I… I’m worried about you…”

“Worry that I’ll bother Xiang Xi again?” Qiu Jin sneered, but his expression was very mild. “I already said that I don’t like him. I also want to save face, okay? Since he has already rejected me so many times, why should I still chase after him?”

Yang Chi was not so optimistic. He shook his head and said: “Impossible. This is the fortieth time that you were rejected by him. If you could get it straight after he rejected you, then what were those previous thirty-nine times for?”

Qiu Jin: “…”

He never imagined that the original host had thrown himself at the other person to this degree. What kind of unique love was this? When the author wrote this story, did they not consider the authenticity of it all?

In this case, he couldn’t use that reason to refuse anymore. He said casually: “I don’t like his type anymore. My taste has changed. I like strong and tall types.”

When Yang Chi thought about the explosive allegations in the entertainment tabloids about Qiu Jin going to Ji Shenxiao to compare sizes and lost, his expression looked like he had been struck by lightning.

“Qiu Jin, please don’t tell me that you have taken a fancy to Ji Shenxiao.”

“How did you even think of that?” Qiu Jin frowned and said with distaste, “You think I’m sick or something? Why would I like Ji Shenxiao?”

Yang Chi: “You like that his thing is bigger than yours?”

“So what if Ji Shenxiao’s thing is big? It’s not like I can eat it anyway*.” Qiu Jin opened a car door, hung up the phone, and started to get in the car, but unexpectedly, when he turned around he saw Ji Shenxiao standing among the flowers.

[*T/N: 吃不下 = can’t eat (anymore). For example, if you were too full, you would say: “I can’t eat anymore.” But in this instance, there is a connotation of not being able to fit something in or swallow something down because it’s too big. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)]

Qiu Jin: “…”

Even standing in the flowery garden, President Ji still looked serious and indifferent. Even his white shirt and black pants exuded an austere air. It was as if he was about to say ‘one hundred million, I’ll buy it’ that kind of extravagant CEO dialogue.

The sun cast a shadow on his brow bone, making his eyes seem that much deeper.

[T/N: …I don’t know how the sun is casting a shadow… Maybe he has deep-set eyes, so light shining on his forehead would cast his eyes in shadows?]

At present, those serene eyes hidden in depth were looking at Qiu Jin. The gaze was hot enough to set a person on fire.

Qiu Jin’s body felt a bit hot. Don’t know if it’s because the sun was too hot, or if it was because of Ji Shenxiao’s stare, or if it was due to those shameful words he had just said.

“So what if Ji Shenxiao’s thing is big? It’s not like I can eat it anyway.”

Can’t eat it…

You’re a f*cking alpha, what are you eating someone’s thing for?

Qiu Jin closed his eyes, abandoning himself to despair.

Was it too late for him to jump in the ocean right now?

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The author has something to say:

Ji Shenxiao: You haven’t tried it, so how do you know you can’t eat it?

After a long time…

Qiu Jin: It’s really impossible to eat… QAQ

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  1. Well, that’s a bit awkward to overhear. At least, the male lead knows his chastity is safe from the MC for now?

    About that feverish look, I wonder if the ML already has the hots for the MC…

  2. [Was it too late for him to jump in the ocean right now?]
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  3. this honest to God has the same vibe as Xie Lian from tgcf’s ‘Die! Just die! If you cannot die, then dig a hole and lie down in it and die!’

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