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This Alpha’s Pheromones 15

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Chapter 15 – Oppressing the Soft-Spoken

Qiu Jin gave up in despair and thought that maybe he should just let Ji Shenxiao come over and pummel him. In any case, it’s not like Ji Shenxiao would beat him to death, right?

However, none of the things that Qiu Jin worried about came to pass. When he opened his eyes again, he only saw the back of Ji Shenxiao’s head getting further and further away. Ji Shenxiao had let him go.

Worried about embarrassment if they were to bump into each other again, Qiu Jin dawdled outside for a long time before going back in. When he arrived at the living room, he heard a noise.

There was a young omega with big eyes and permed maroon curls. He was shouting: “I don’t want to. I want to sleep in a room by myself!”

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He was the final guest of “Four Seasons Food” for this season, Geng Leyue. He was a popular genius singer. Qiu Jin recalled that he seemed to have some sort of relationship with Ji Shenxiao, either as a long-time family friend or as some distant relative. Anyway, he liked Ji Shenxiao since they were kids. And in the book, he had the same cannon fodder status as Qiu Jin.

With his type of role, naturally he was not prudent as a character.

The good-tempered Shan Wen put his hand on the other person’s shoulder and placated: “Leyue, ah, we don’t have anymore extra rooms. Just squeeze in with Xiang Xi for these few days, all right?”

“No way!” Geng Leyue smacked Shan Wen’s hand away and said relentlessly, “I want to sleep by myself!”

Geng Leyue has been treasured and pampered like a pearl in one’s palm since childhood. When did he ever have to suffer this kind of bitterness? Moreover, that omega named Xiang Xi liked Ji Shenxiao. It was already good enough that he did not scratch up the other person’s face, and they wanted him to sleep in the same room as Xiang Xi? The program crew could dream on.

Tan Yunting was obviously impatient. Everyone knew what kind of standard the “Four Seasons Food” show had. Once, all the guests had to bunk together in one big room. Having two people per a room was already very good, okay?

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She hated this type of young people the most. They were all forcefully stuffed into this program. The show had just started and he was already causing a scene. This season’s show was most likely going to be messed up.

Qiu Jin didn’t join in. Anyway, the focus of this scene was not on him.

He remembered that the arrangement in the novel was that Xiang Xi magnanimously yielded and offered to sleep on the sofa, giving up the bed to Geng Leyue. Later on? Naturally, Ji Shenxiao was distressed for his omega and drove him off the sofa. Then he had Xiang Xi sleep in a room with him.

Xiang Xi walked over. Qiu Jin thought that the plot would follow the novel. Immediately afterwards, he saw Xiang Xi roll his eyes and snorted: “If you don’t want to sleep, then drop out (of the show). It’ll be more spacious sleeping by myself.”

Geng Leyue froze for a moment. Then he suddenly twisted the topic of discussion, pointed at Ji Shenxiao, and said: “Then I want to sleep with Ji-ge*!”

[*T/N: ge – honorific meaning “brother,” but not necessarily blood related]

Oh my, was this okay?

An omega and an alpha sleeping in the same room, was this going to turn “Four Seasons Food” into “Four Seasons Love” now?

Ji Shenxiao gave him one look and said coldly: “If you don’t want to participate in the show then go back.”

“You promised Auntie that you would take good care of me…”

He was refused a second time. A sobbing quality entered Geng Leyue’s voice. He raised his head and looked at him stubbornly with a 45-degree incline to his head. His eyes held a basket full of tears. It was a very moving image.

Wow. Qiu Jin was truly shocked. This Geng Leyue could cry on demand. His acting skills were not bad, ah!

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It has been too long since Qiu Jin has acted, and he was itching to do so. He found a place far away from the crowd, brewed his emotions for a second, and when he opened his eyes again he could see his expression reflected in the glass.

He expression was one of obstinacy in the face of grievance, and there was also a bit of fragility in the mix.

The results were barely okay, but it was a lot worse than his heydays.

Qiu Jin wiped away his tears and then walked back. He saw Geng Leyue run towards Ji Shenxiao and even intimately tried to hook their arms together.

To one’s surprise, Ji Shenxiao recoiled a step, and Geng Leyue ended up throwing himself at empty air.

Geng Leyue froze in place for a while. In the end, he dragged his suitcase upstairs by himself. As he walked he muttered incessantly.

“Before I came, I was clearly told that I would be sleeping in a room by myself!”

“Liars! Just because I look easy to bully…!”

“I won’t let you people succeed!”

That stubborn attitude still carried a hint of pitifulness.

Geng Leyue locked himself in the room after going upstairs and did not come down again.

Shan Wen called to him several times but there was no response, so he did not bother with Geng Leyue anymore, and started to introduce the basic conditions of the event this time.

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