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This Alpha’s Pheromones 16

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Chapter 16

“I believe that everyone has already understood the style and main tasks of “Four Seasons Food” before you came. If there are some people who don’t understand then I will explain to them. The main task is to cook, and of course, occasionally do farm work, which can be exchanged for a certain cost of living. Every meal will have a specific dish. If you can make the specific dish then you can get ten RMB of living expenses.”

[T/N: At the time of translation, 10 RMB is about 1.43 USD]

At that moment, an expression of disdain appeared on everyone’s faces. Even Ji Shenxiao’s eyebrows twitched minutely. Wasn’t the program crew being too stingy?

Qiu Jin raised his hand: “Is it okay for everyone to make the designated dish?”

“There can only be one.” Shan Wen explained, “If more than one person makes the same dish, then the program crew will choose the one that is most accurate to the designated dish and also the one that tastes the best.”

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After all, this was a slow life variety show. These rules were there to increase the fun, and not to make people compete, exhausting themselves to make one dish.

The kitchen was in the side hall on the side of the house. There were two wood-burning stoves, two large pots, and a small saucepan in the middle.

Shan Wen added: “This afternoon, Yunting and I have to go out to attend to an urgent matter, and we may not be able to make it back in the evening, so you guys take care of your own dinner.”

The group nodded. They were so naïve. They have not realized the seriousness of this matter.

After Shan Wen and Tan Yunting left, Ji Shenxiao withdrew his gaze from the vegetable field diagram on the wall.

“Then I will go pick vegetables.”

“I’m going too!”

Don’t know when, but Geng Leyue had finally come down. His emotions seemed normal and his eyes were a little red.

Everyone went out. Xiang Xi was extremely disgusted with Qiu jin. Naturally, he did not want to stay in the house with him, so he followed Ji Shenxiao to pick vegetables.

No one wanted to make a fire. So in the end, this dirty and choking job fell on Qiu Jin.

The job of making a fire was particularly daunting. If not done well then people would scold him. If done well, then it was par for the course, and no one would remember it. Generally speaking, when a dish turned out well, people would praise the chef’s superb skills. Who would praise the fire for being made well?

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Qiu Jin made one round around the kitchen. There were actually quite a lot of ingredients. The staple foods were rice and flour. Various sauces were available for use. There were Sichuan pickled cabbage, and even fresh coffee beans.

There was a large area in the vegetable patch that was planted with common crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, and eggplants.

The orchard was a little further away, and subtropical fruits such as passion fruit, fig, and guava were planted.

There was a cornfield farther away. The sweet corn has already started to sprout tender whiskers. He reckoned they could be eaten soon.

After washing the rice, Qiu Jin started to light a fire for cooking.

Not too far away from the villa, in a big room made from galvanized iron sheets, there was an arrangement of equipments. This was the workroom of the program crew’s filming team and a dozen other staff members. Several deputy directors took people out to film. The director sat in the monitoring area and selected the shots for editing later.

He glanced at the kitchen again, not expecting much from here.

The kitchen in the countryside was not a suitable place for shooting. The place was dark overall, and the light contrast was very obvious. It was easy to appear dead or engulfed by darkness.

But when he turned his head, the scene in front of him shocked him.

The sunset from the window fell on the young man. In the lens, the young man had silver hair, and the firelight jumped in the reflection of his eyes. There was a mysterious religious feel, like a priest from ancient times.

The assistant director let out a “wow,” and could not help but sigh: “This is too beautiful, right?”

A staff member was attracted over and nodded. “I haven’t noticed before, but Qiu Jin has a face so suitable for the camera.”

“His skin is too good, right?”

“Also, his nose is straight and his eyelashes are simply long.”


The director informed the cameraperson through the headset: “Change the angle, and take a few more shots.”

The fire was already burning really hot. Qiu Jin stuffed a piece of firewood in. Then at the doorway of the room, he plucked a few stalks of green onion.

Unexpectedly, the fire was extinguished when he came back. Qiu Jin poked the fire. The firewood was actually wet. White smoke puffed out from the stove.

Damn, the smoke was too choking; it even caused tears to come out.

Amidst the curling smoke, Qiu Jin bent over and rushed out of the kitchen. He collided full on with the person who was just about to enter the kitchen.

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Ji Shenxiao’s face sank in a split second and he immediately took a step back.

Qiu Jin kept coughing and ran to the tap to wash his face.

Seeing the interaction between the two, the staff member in the distance was a little excited, and said to his colleagues: “Could the breaking news online be true?”

“What breaking news?”

“You don’t even know about this?” The man immediately shared a Weibo with a sensational and shocking headline.

“Surprise!! Qiu Jin no longer pursues Xiang Xi, and extends his devil magic to Huayi’s president, Ji Shenxiao!!!”

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