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This Alpha’s Pheromones 18

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Chapter 18 – President Washes the Dishes

Xiang Xi finally became happy. His relationship with Qiu Jin was very simple, whenever Qiu Jin was put down, his mood would go up.

This meal progressed exceptionally hard. In the end, everyone descended into silence.

Ji Shenxiao turned out to be the one with the smallest appetite. After eating a small bowl of rice, he couldn’t eat anymore.

Qiu Jin: “You’re an alpha, how come your appetite is smaller than an omega’s?”

Ji Shenxiao was silent.

The other two omegas were also silent.

Behind the cameras, the director laughed.

Qiu Jin’s one sentence offended three people at once. That could also be considered a talent.

Perhaps the highlight of their program this time would be the mutual harm among the participating guests.

After eating, Qiu Jin took a bath and went to bed. He never felt that this day could be so long and exhausting.

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The environment was very unfamiliar. Perhaps it was due to the change in his secondary sex, his sense of security increased a lot. He still wore an isolation bracelet on his wrist. As an omega, he wore the bracelet to prevent other people from assaulting him, but this time, it was to prevent him from assaulting other people.

After dinner, Ji Shenxiao took his laptop into the living room. Most likely, he was taking care of some work.

Not interfering with each other, this was exactly what Qiu Jin wanted. He went to bed early. Listening to the sound of waves coming from a distance, he slowly closed his eyes.

But he did not expect that his bladder would be full from eating two raw tomatoes. As soon as Qiu Jin finished doing his business, he heard the door creak open, and the light from the corridor spilled into the room through the cracked open door. Ji Shenxiao walked in.

Over and over again, he kept making mistakes in Ji Shenxiao’s hands. Was this person going to come settle the score with him at an opportune moment?

Qiu Jin subconsciously took a step back.

But unexpectedly, Ji Shenxiao seemed more indifferent than he thought. Without even looking at Qiu Jin, he sat down on the bed.

An obvious indifference cut between them.

Qiu Jin was relieved.

That’s right. In the novel, it was written that Ji Shenxiao was introverted and calm. He was a person with great self-possession. Someone with noble self-restraint like him, even when facing a disagreeable person, he could exhibit courtesy and self-control.

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This made things a lot more relaxed. Qiu Jin moved softly and quietly to bed, turned his back on Ji Shenxiao, and gradually entered the land of dreams.

Then at two o’ clock in the morning, he woke up hungry.

Qiu Jin: “…”

He bustled about all day long, and in the evening he only ate one bowl of rice. By now, his stomach was completely empty.

He put on his slippers and went downstairs. He walked quietly on tiptoes and opened the front entrance. He was planning to go to the yard to pick a few green onions to make egg fried rice.

The courtyard at night was very quiet. He could only hear the sound of crashing waves in the distant shore. The dazzling Milky Way traversed the sky, sprinkling the reflection of thousands upon thousands of stars upon the sea.

Qiu Jin raised his head. His spirit unexpectedly swayed for a moment. No matter which world it was, whether it was in his original life or in his previous life, it was rare to see such a pure starry sky.

The wind was very strong and the temperature was only twenty degrees. He wore short sleeves, so his body heat was blown away in just a few minutes.

At this moment, he suddenly smelled a strange scent, like a mixture of chocolate and cocoa, which made his stomach growl.

Qiu Jin: “…”

Who was secretly eating alone outside?

Qiu Jin followed the fragrance all the way and found a person on the path between the vegetable field and the rice field. He took a closer look and found that there was nothing to eat.

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“Why are you still outside so late at night?” Qiu Jin flashed the light on his mobile phone and saw the other person’s sweaty forehead.

Hearing Qiu Jin’s voice, the other person immediately trembled.

“Are you also a staff member?”

The youth stammered: “I… I’m on duty to take care of the equipment tonight, I came here to borrow something…”

“It smells so good,” Qiu Jin murmured and took a step closer. “Are you eating something?”

“I, I’m not…” The youth took two steps back, but fell onto the ground in a panic.

“Are you okay?”

Qiu Jin wanted to help him, but as soon as he bent down, he heard a “pa” sound, and then, right after, a fiery stinging pain went through his face.

Qiu Jin was beaten into a stupor.

Just when he was about to get angry, Qiu Jin suddenly thought of a possibility: “Are you an omega?”

The youth bit his lower lip and nodded.

“In heat?”

Another nod.

“Say so sooner.” Qiu Jin let out a breath of air. “Wait, I’ll help you get the suppressant.”

He wanted to turn around and leave, but his legs were not under his control. He stayed firmly rooted in place.

Qiu Jin: ???

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  1. I’m sorry but I don’t get why this MC is constantly putting himself in these compromising situations…Firstly, even if he thought it was one of the other guests, shouldn’t he be maintaining his distance to avoid any misunderstandings?? Especially with cameras everywhere?? And now he’ll be caught with an omega in heat.. I still don’t understand why he even went there in the first place…

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