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This Alpha’s Pheromones 19

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Chapter 19

Qiu Jin glanced at the other person, embarrassed. In a voice meant to comfort, he said: “Something a little unexpected happened, but I will resolve it very soon.”

Qiu Jin gritted his teeth, and using all his strength, he finally lifted his foot.

“See? I didn’t lie to you!”

Then he took a step towards the omega, but the other person’s complexion changed.

Qiu Jin: ???

My legs, what is going on with you? Can’t you f-cking step up*?!

[*T/N: It turned into a pun in English, but QJ is cursing at his legs for not working the way he wants them to.]

It’s just an omega. He’s not even as sweet or as fragrant as I was in my previous life. So why are you pouncing forward like a dog on a meat bun?

The scent of chocolate cocoa entering his nostrils was becoming stronger and stronger. The pheromones were leaking all over the place. Qiu Jin practically had to use all of his strength just to force himself to remain in the same spot.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

But he couldn’t control the omega who was coming towards him.

“You, you, don’t come over here!” Seeing the young man getting closer, Qiu Jin’s voice shook and his body trembled. “If you keep coming, then I’m going to shout.”

The omega was stunned by the shamelessness of this sentence. He has never heard of an alpha telling an omega not to approach. He didn’t want to go over either, but the attraction of pheromones was intense and direct. Under the control of primal instincts, human self-control was completely vulnerable.

The distance between the two people was shortening…

Qiu Jin: “Ahhhhhhh, help!”

It wasn’t easy for him to finally become an alpha. He didn’t want to give his first time to an omega that he didn’t know. Damn, his innocence wasn’t going to be ruined here, right?

“Step aside.”

At this moment, a deep voice came from somewhere above his head, as if it were descending from heaven.

Qiu Jin’s eyes were full of tears. He was about to look back at his benefactor’s appearance, when his body suddenly felt like it was floating. The newcomer had grabbed him by the collar and flung him to one side.

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Then the newcomer crouched down. It was Ji Shenxiao. He opened up an inhibitor and injected the other man with the suppressant.

After receiving the injection, the omega calmed down at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

Qiu Jin was so used to being an omega that he subconsciously blurted out, “Do you have anymore suppressants?”

Ji Shenxiao: “?”

Qiu Jin: “How about you give me a shot too?”

Ji Shenxiao: “…”

The other man’s expression was blatantly asking him “are you mentally retarded?” Qiu Jin also felt a little embarrassed, and self-consciously withdrew his hand.

He turned around and helped up the omega. Seeing that the other party looked pitiful, he couldn’t bear it and asked: “Would you like to have a meal? I’m about to make egg fried rice. It’s a family recipe. It’s sure to be good.”

“No… no need.” The omega pulled down his sleeve and said gratefully, “I won’t bother you anymore. I have a small bed over there. I’ll be fine after getting some sleep.”

After the omega finished speaking, he scampered off, as if afraid that they might gobble him up.

Amidst the croaking sound of frogs, Qiu Jin raised his head and asked, “How about you?”

Ji Shenxiao lowered his eyes to look at him. His eyes were as cold as the dewdrops on rice paddy leaves.

Qiu Jin: “I’m making egg fried rice, do you want to eat?”

“No.” Ji Shenxiao’s voice was very faint. He put the used needle into his pocket, turned, and walked towards the beach.

Ten minutes later, Qiu Jin harvested a bowl of golden and fragrant egg fried rice.

Qiu Jin had inherited good culinary skills from living with his grandfather, who was the owner of a restaurant.

The steamed rice made with wood fire was soft and refreshing. The leftover rice was just perfect for making fried rice. The eggs were gathered from local chickens and the spring onions were home grown. These simple ingredients were heated by firewood to create a rustic and warm delicacy.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

After eating halfway through, Qiu Jin felt a bit thirsty, so he went to get a glass of water.

As soon as he turned around, he saw Ji Shenxiao standing next to the table. His Adam’s apple bobbed.

Qiu Jin: “…There is still a bowl left in the kitchen. If you want to eat, go get it yourself.”

Ji Shenxiao immediately turned around and went into the kitchen, and did not come out again.

After waiting for a long time without hearing any movements, Qiu Jin took his empty bowl back into the kitchen after he finished eating. “Did you find it? It’s right on…”

Then he saw the empty bowl in Ji Shenxiao’s hand.

Qiu Jin: “…”

“You’re done eating so fast?”

Ji Shenxiao gave an “en” sound, then seemed to think that it was impolite and added: “Thank you.”

Qiu Jin did not bother to be polite and candidly said, “Then you can wash the bowls while you’re at it, and don’t forget to wash the pot too.”

Ji Shenxiao looked at the pots and pans in front of him. He was silent for a while, and then he finally nodded.

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The author has something to say:

The man who wore a bespoke shirt that cost six figures stood in front of the sink and stared at the two leftover bowls in a daze.

When was the last time he washed the dishes?

Qiu Jin: “You ate other people’s stuff, so what’s wrong with washing some bowls?”

Ji Shenxiao: “… I ate your lips?”

Qiu Jin: “…”

All right, that’s it, no more egg fried rice for you.

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