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This Alpha’s Pheromones 20

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Chapter 20 – Gain 6 Inches

Qiu Jin woke up on time at six in the morning. After washing up, he put on his sneakers, and went for a run.

When he passed by the staff building, he ran into the omega from the night before.

When the other man saw him, he averted his gaze, but then he immediately raised his head and summoned the courage to say: “Sorry, for beating you yesterday.”

“It’s okay.” Qiu Jin stopped and asked, “Are you all right now?”

“Yeah, I’m well now. Thank you.”

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Just then someone opened the door from the inside. A cameraman came out still rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He was a little surprised by the scene in front of him.

“Why is Qiu-laoshi up so early?”

Qiu Jin: “I’m going for a run.”



The cameraman immediately came to his senses and called for several people to follow him.

Qiu Jin was speechless: “…You want to film this too?”

Staff member: “Shoot some scenery. We have a mission to promote Lanhou Island.”

Qiu Jin: “If I’m not wrong, President Ji should also be out exercising, right?”

Promoting Lanhou Island, wasn’t this related to Ji Shenxiao’s career, so why weren’t they filming him instead?

The staff member replied embarrassedly: “President Ji specifically said that he doesn’t like having people follow him while he exercises.”

Qiu Jin: “…”

Well, he actually didn’t like having people follow him while he exercised either, but too bad he wasn’t a CEO.

Ah, the sorrow of social animals.

Qiu Jin ran up front, while the camera team followed behind. Several drones buzzed through the sky, showing off the beauty of Lanhou Island in all directions.

The newly built Huanhai No. 1 Highway wound along the coastline. The water quality of Lanhou Island was really clear, and one could see the emerald green depths through the indigo waters. There were beaches, overhanging cliffs, reefs, and other coastal formations. The scenery was really good.

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Qiu Jin ran five kilometers in one go. When he turned back he could see Ji Shenxiao from a distance. The other party was not on the same path as him, and was running down from a fork in the mountain.

Qiu Jin rolled his eyes. Suddenly a thought struck him. He sped up and strode forward: “President Ji, you’re here on a jog too?”

Ji Shenxiao let out an “en” sound. His voice was as light as the morning mist that rolled over a mountain stream.

Qiu Jin caught up to him until they were side by side. Then, despite knowing the answer he still purposely inquired: “Why is there no one filming by your side?”

“Since we crossed paths, then it is fate.” Qiu Jin brought over a wireless lavalier microphone. “Given that we coincidentally bumped into each other, how about we cooperated a little?”

Qiu Jin hasn’t forgotten that when he was running just now, the camera crew was secretly blushing while wearing earphones, with an expression like they had gotten hard from listening to him pant.

That’s why he didn’t like having people follow him.

He was running… it was normal to make that kind of sound. As an actor, Qiu Jin didn’t mind the situation too much. After all, having others recognize his sexual attraction was to a certain extent also an affirmation of him.

But just because he wasn’t disgusted by it, didn’t mean that he was happy to see it happen. As for Ji Shenxiao, this guy wanted to do publicity for the island but didn’t want to put himself out there in person, how could there be such a good thing in life?

What’s more, Ji Shenxiao was someone who could make omegas, betas, and even alphas’ legs go weak. If he didn’t step into the spotlight then who would?

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

It was written like so in the original work. No matter how ice cold the man, if he were to hear Ji Shenxiao’s panting voice, then even he would melt into a puddle of water.

Moreover, the more reserved and aloof Ji Shenxiao was, the more people wanted to see the sexy scene of him dripping with sweat.

Not to mention if his panting sounds were to ring right into someone’s ear.

Qiu Jin smiled slightly, raised his head towards the morning light, and called to him: “President Ji.”

He had just finished running, so his breathing was not stable yet. His voice was hoarse and sexy in a way that even he was not aware of.

Ji Shenxiao’s eyes darkened and so did his expression. In a cold voice, he said: “Step aside.”

Qiu Jin ignored him and took a step forward: “Since you are here to participate in the show, don’t make exceptions.”

Without waiting for the other person to refuse, he immediately added: “After all, it is to promote the local scenery.”

Ji Shenxiao looked at him with furrowed brows. The two of them stood in a stalemate on the scenic Huanhai Highway. Even the air became tense.

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  1. Another confrontation, at least MC is confident. I like that about him.
    Thanks for the chapter!^^

  2. I think I’m not understanding something here… Is MC trying to get people to think that he and JSX are on good terms? Won’t that come across as him doing the same thing he did to Xiang Xi and fuel even more negative publicity for him? Especially with this supposedly confirmed narrative from inside sources that he’s pursuing the man??

    I’m just trying to understand the reasoning behind him being there and forcing interactions after he’d already decided to avoid confrontations and focus on building up his career…

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