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This Alpha’s Pheromones 21

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Chapter 21

Qiu Jin took the opportunity to openly size up Ji Shenxiao. Today he was wearing skintight light gray sportswear.

Tight to what extent?

Because his pectoral muscles were excessively full, it formed two prominent curves on his chest. The short sleeves of his shirt were stretched taut around his biceps. But his waist contracted along the line of his abdominal muscles, just like the sleek line of a male dog’s waist.

Looking down, the man’s chest was wet with sweat, both desirable and sexy.

It was a pity that Ji Shenxiao has a cold face. The coldness of his face was equal to the desirability of his body.

When this clip of him gets broadcasted, who knows how many people will lust over him.

The pursuit of beauty was the same all across humanity.

The cameramen obviously also understood the selling point of Ji Shenxiao, and they were all about to move around, wanting to go in front of him to take close-ups, but when Ji Shenxiao’s cold eyes swept over them, they were frozen in place. This was their gold daddy; if they anger him then they would be fired.

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On the sidelines, Qiu Jin fanned the flames: “With President Ji’s enchanting appearance, the audience number watching this broadcast will definitely double.”

Ji Shenxiao’s eyebrows knitted together, and his voice dropped, “Don’t covet a mile after getting an inch.”

“President Ji you’re accusing me wrongly. When did I get an inch? I’m thinking for you,” Qiu Jin smiled and continued trying to con him, “After all, this is a program that you invested in. Don’t you want the broadcast numbers to be higher?”

“Moreover, the operation of the island is not easy. Your dedication can help Lanhou Island become the Hawaii of the east.”

Ji Shenxiao’s eyebrows were still frowning, but he stopped saying no.

The deputy director saw the changing winds and took advantage of the situation, and started advocating the policy of non-interference and non-prohibition.

The cameramen began to move around, and they all gathered, one for the panorama view, the other for the half-body shot, and another gave Ji Shenxiao an over-the-shoulder shot, just like a variety show. Right now, it was practically the configuration of shooting a movie.

In the lens, Ji Shenxiao frowned slightly. His sharp eyes fell on Qiu Jin.

The young man wore a black t-shirt. It was such a rigid color, but it seemed to come to life on him.

There was a sly smile on his face, but his eyes were frank and sincere, and the tears in the corners of his eyes add a touch of amorous feelings.

Ji Shenxiao retracted his gaze and stretched out his hand: “Give me the mike.”

After getting the wireless recorder, Ji Shenxiao positioned the receiver at his waist, and quickly pinned the radio microphone to his collar.

“President Ji,” Qiu Jin gave him a reminder, “Go in from below.”

He lifted up his clothes as he spoke, and hinted that the microphone’s wire should go under the clothes.

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Because of this action, the black t-shirt rolled halfway towards his chest and revealed a section of tight white abdominal muscles. It was dazzling in the morning sun.

Ji Shenxiao took a half step back, and looked away while remaining calm and collected. Ineffably, his throat felt somewhat dry.

When his brain caught up, he realized that his body had been acting on its own, lifting up his clothes to string the microphone wire under his clothes.

Ji Shenxiao thought that this was probably a conditioned reflex action after eating Qiu Jin’s fried rice last night.

He moved quickly, but the camera still caught a shot of his thin and powerful waist. It was somewhat erotic.

In front of him, Qiu Jin, who wanted to shake off the cameras, had already slipped away a step earlier.

Ji Shenxiao did not hesitate and immediately followed.

The magnificent No. 1 Highway hovered between the mountains and the sea. On that broad road, two strong and healthy silhouettes were chasing after each other, both unwilling to give up the lead. That last stretch of their run seemed like a marathon contest.

Following after Ji Shenxiao, Qiu Jin ran into the little garden. While panting, he complained, “Ji Shenxiao, what were you running so fast for!”

It has been a long time since he has done such extreme exercise. His throat was burning and his limbs felt like noodles, as if he was about to fall to the ground in the next second.

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Ji Shenxiao was also a little tired. He kept panting for breath as he supported himself on his knees. But his voice was still considered steady when he answered: “Weren’t you doing great just then? You’ve already reached your limit so soon?”

“Who said I’ve* reached my limit!” Qiu Jin put up his last bit of resistance, “Let’s do it again, I promise to surpass you!”

[*T/N: He uses 老子 lao zi here as a first person pronoun to refer to himself in an arrogant manner.]

Ji Shenxiao: “Not interested.”

Qiu Jin’s lips twitched upwards. His face was flushed and his smile was unbridled: “If you’re not interested, then that means you’re at your limit.”

In the past, Ji Shenxiao would never respond to such naïve provocations, but today he didn’t know why, he suddenly felt a little irritable.

He glanced at Qiu Jin coldly. There was a hint of warning laced into his tone: “Restrain your pheromones.”

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