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This Alpha’s Pheromones 22

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Chapter 22

Unexpectedly, the other party would ridicule from this angle. Qiu Jin immediately sneered: “You’re actually telling me that? Your scent is so strong, can’t you smell it?”

Ji Shenxiao: “Impossible. No one can smell my pheromones.”

Qiu Jin subconsciously felt that this was a lie, but in the next moment he suddenly remembered that Ji Shenxiao seemed to have a strange problem, and would only have estrus with Xiang Xi.

But he did indeed smell it just now.

Ji Shenxiao’s pheromones were very faint, and they were so biting cold that it seemed like it could douse the heat of the most enthusiastic and fiery omega.

The extremely cold male lead only lusts after the protagonist. This was indeed a very touching character design.

Moreover, looking at Ji Shenxiao’s stature and physique, he was definitely someone with a great appetite. The more he repressed himself in the present, the more impetuous he would be in the future.

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Perceiving Qiu Jin’s gaze on him, Ji Shenxiao’s voice went down a few octaves: “What are you laughing at?”

Qiu Jin suddenly realized: “Ah, I know, is it only Xiang Xi who can [smell your pheromones]?”

Ji Shenxiao frowned: “What does this have to do with Xiang Xi?”

At this moment, Xiang Xi walked out while yawning. He had only just stuck out one foot, but he could already feel the suppressed pheromones, and he immediately withdrew. He spoke with disdain: “What the hell? Spreading such concentrated pheromones so early in the morning, did you just come back from a heat?”

Originally he had only wanted to attack Qiu Jin, but he didn’t expect to see two sweaty alphas as soon as he looked up. In a flash, his body went rigid.

He had always respected and feared Ji Shenxiao. Now he was dripping cold sweat from fear after speaking such wild nonsense. He almost couldn’t maintain his surface calmness.

To make matters worse, Qiu Jin wiped his face and snorted: “We were just waiting for you.”

Xiang Xi: “…”


“I’m sorry, I was wrong, you… you guys continue.” Xiang Xi immediately retracted behind the door and climbed upstairs in a hurry.

In the small garden, the pheromones of the two alphas that had just finished exercising were entangled together. The radio operator was wearing headphones, and the gasping sounds of the two alphas were transmitted to their ears through the headset. Several staff members blushed heavily.

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This was really terrible.

Qiu Jin had rested enough and he was not interested in voice dubbing for pornography. He pulled the radio microphone out of his clothes: “I’m going to take a bath first.”

Ji Shenxiao raised his head abruptly, and finally realized Qiu Jin’s intentions for giving him the microphone.

The look in his eyes gradually became dangerous and his voice lowered a notch: “You deliberately set me up?”

“How could I?” Qiu Jin gave him a sloppy smile, “I’ve been panting all morning, and President Ji has only contributed for a few minutes?”

Ji Shenxiao: “…”

His deep gaze fell on the staff behind him. The radio operator was so scared that he did not dare to speak out, and he immediately recited the core socialist values a hundred times in silence.

In the big steel room, the editor looked at the scene before him, and he was practically vibrating with excitement.

“If we broadcast this episode, our ratings will definitely explode.”

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‘’What fart! We are “Four Seasons Food,” not “Four Seasons Color*!”” The director’s eyebrows went up. Then he thought about it and said, “There’s no need to add any weird sound effects or captions to the running part, let the audience imagine it, they can see it. For the part after they come back, starting from when Xiang Xi came out, cut off everything, and compile a 15r special edition of the material that cannot be put in the main film.”

[*T/N: 色 (se) “color” is shortened from 色情 (se qing) which means “pornography / sex”]

“All right!”

Ever since coming back, Ji Shenxiao’s expression did not get any better. He usually felt good both physically and mentally after exercising, but for some reason, he now felt a little irritable.

Was it because of Qiu Jin’s provocation?

But that was just a harmless joke. Normally he would never care about it.

Then what exactly was the cause?

Ji Shenxiao went upstairs to take a bath, but when he pushed opened the door there was already the sound of splashing water in the bathroom. The sweat-soaked black t-shirt and shorts were thrown on a chair, exuding a strong pheromone smell.

Ji Shenxiao frowned and turned away without hesitation.

Conversely, the further and further away he got from the bathroom, the heat in his heart got hotter and hotter. It seems like the pheromones that have always been suppressed have finally found a way to leak out.

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The author has something to say:

Ji Shenxiao: Wanting a mile after getting an inch.

Qiu Jin: Where did I get an inch?

Ji Shenxiao: You didn’t get an inch, you got 6 inches.

Qiu Jin: ???

After a long time, Qiu Jin finally found out what was 6 inches on Ji Shenxiao’s body… orz

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