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This Alpha’s Pheromones 25

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Chapter 25 – Thank You For Your Supportive Love

When the heavy rain fell, Shan Wen also ran back to protect Tan Yunting. The two stood under the eaves, wiping each other’s hair with a towel.

Geng Leyue followed them. His chestnut curls stuck to his forehead like a small wet teddy bear, looking pitiful.

Shan Wen handed him another towel: “Here, use this.”

Geng Leyue glanced at Ji Shenxiao, the anticipation in his eyes extinguished, and finally took the bath towel. He said “thank you” and went straight upstairs.

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All the groups successfully completed their work, and Shan Wen received a huge sum of six hundred yuan from the director, which would include all their expenses for the next week.

After working all morning, no one was in the mood to cook, so everyone decided to go shopping in the town and settle lunch along the way.

Under the heavy rain, the small town was sparsely populated. After they went to the supermarket, they had a simple meal. At the end, only a hundred yuan was left. Qiu Jin still wanted to buy seafood, but right now his hopes of a having a seafood feast fizzled out. At most, he could only buy two crabs, and it was also the most unpalatable type of swimming crab.

Qiu Jin was not satisfied with the seafood selection for a long time, so he simply asked: “Can we go to the sea to catch seafood by ourselves?”

“You technically can,” the director’s voice came from the headset, “but how do you intend to catch it?”

“Use tools,” Qiu Jin opened the door to the tool shed. “There are fishing rods and rubber boats here.”

Ji Shenxiao’s gaze fell on the surfboard.

Regardless of whether they fished or not, they all decided to go to the beach anyways.

The rain came quickly and went fast, and the afternoon was clear again.

In the living room, everyone gathered around to decide the menu for tonight, and the godly director spoke out.

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“There are two task meus tonight.”

“What?” Everyone raised his or her head. They all felt like this was the tempo of wanting to cause them trouble.

“It’s very simple, there are two designated dishes in total,” the director’s voice came from the headset, “one group is soft, tender, and juicy, and the other group is hard, hot, and scalding.”

Everyone: “…”

Was this really cooking, and not some indescribable behavior?!

Shan Wen: “Director, what if the audience says that we are sexist?”

The director pretended to be dumb: “What sex discrimination?”

Shan Wen: “Objectifying ABO.”

“Appetite and lust are only natural, these are merely regular things that people experience.” The director said slowly, “Moreover, wasn’t it you guys who found making specified dishes too difficult in the previous installment? That’s why we changed to something simple.”

Tan Yunting: “Who asked you to specify the dishes from A Dream of Red Mansions*!!!”

[*T/N: 红楼梦 – A Dream of Red Mansions (first completed edition 1791) by Cao Xueqin 曹雪芹, considered one of the four great novels of China]

Director: “So this time I reduced the difficulty level for you guys.”

Shan Wen raised his hand again: “Since we have alpha and omega, then how about us two betas?”

Director: “There’s none.”

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Shan Wen smiled: “Thank you, I was offended.”

Director: “You two already have a child, what bikes do you need*?”

[*T/N: The director said “你们孩子都有了,还要什么自行车?” in the raws and I translated it literally, but I don’t know if “bike” is supposed to be a euphemism or slang word for something else, like how “light bulb” means “third wheel” in certain context.]

“Yunting-jie is pregnant?” Because of the director’s words, everyone’s eyes fell on Tan Yunting.

[T/N: jie – used as a name suffix here, and it means “older sister”]

Tan Yunting was a little embarrassed: “I went to get a physical examination that afternoon and found out. It’s been less than two months.”

“Wow, congratulations.” Everyone laughed, and even Ji Shenxiao, who was always cold, had a faint smile on his lips.

Upon hearing this news, the menu was clearly skewed towards Tan Yunting’s preferences.

In the end, it was decided that tonight’s menu would be tomato corn pork rib soup, fish-flavored pork, beans and eggplant, pickled crispy cucumber, and wild papaya salad.

Wild papaya was relatively rare in other places, but there were lots of it in Lanhou Island. They were large in size and also very cheap.

At first, they thought it was like regular sweet papaya, but they didn’t realize that it was a completely different variety of papaya. It was sour and astringent. The locals liked to make cold dishes with it after blanching it with water. This time, they were going to mix it with shredded chicken to make the salad.

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