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This Alpha’s Pheromones 26

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Chapter 26 – Thank You For Your Supportive Love

As for the two designated dishes, the soft, tender, and juicy dish was charcoal grilled garlic oysters, and the hard, hot, and scalding dish was charcoal grilled pork chops.

There were too many dishes to make, and basically everyone had their assigned tasks. Tan Yunting wanted to help, but everyone kindly asked her to go out [of the kitchen] and rest.

Tan Yunting did not know whether to laugh or cry: “I’m not that delicate.”

Shan Wen stuffed a basket into her hands: “Then how about you help me pick some fruits.”

There were seasonal fruits such as figs, small tomatoes, and peaches in the fields. They could be picked and eaten as a dessert after dinner.

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The kitchen was very busy. On the grass outside the house, Qiu Jin sat and pried open oysters.

Lanhou Island oysters were big and plump. They cost two yuan apiece. They were so cheap that it felt like the seller was just giving them away for free.

White and tender, the oyster meat inside trembled, as if moving, and even juice came out. Qiu Jin couldn’t help but take a sip and in a flash his eyes widened.

This was super sweet!

After starting up the stove, Qiu Jin put the opened oysters on the grill, and in a short while, the seafood started bubbling.

Qiu Jin topped the oysters with some homemade garlic sauce, and the smell of the garlic immediately diffused in the yard. Even the cameraman couldn’t help but swallow his saliva.

“What did you do? It’s so fragrant!” Shan Wen ran out when he smelled the aroma.

“Garlic oysters,” Qiu Jin picked one up and held it out to him, “It should be ready, give the taste a try?”

“Then I won’t hold back.”

The oyster shell was still bubbling even after leaving the charcoal fire. Pale yellow garlic covered the white and tender oyster meat. It was adorned with the spicy red of millet and the fresh green of onion. The fragrance of the oyster combined with the garlic to exude a rich aroma.

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Shan Wen took a breath and carefully put the oyster into his mouth. His eyes immediately closed in bliss.

Was this really an oyster bought with just two yuan? The taste was simply wonderful!

The oyster meat was sweet and tender. It melted in the mouth and was full of rich milk flavor. The complementary garlic and spicy flavor stimulated the taste buds. When the oyster meat melted in his mouth it seemed to play a beautiful symphony across the taste buds of his mouth.

Qiu Jin leaned forward, his eyes slightly widened: “How is it?”

“I ate it too fast and I couldn’t really taste the flavor,” Shan Wen’s voice was somewhat anxious and hurried, “Give me another one!”

Qiu Jin picked another oyster and gave it to him.

He was finally satisfied this time. Shan Wen gave him a thumbs up and said sincerely: “Awesome. It’s the best grilled oyster I have every tasted.

The staff members were a little stunned. Shan Wen was a very critical foodie among celebrities. If even he said that it tasted good, then just how good were the oysters?

Many people stared at the oysters, eager to try.

“It’s just grilled oysters. It looks just so ordinary.” Xiang Xi’s voice traveled over, carrying with it a hint of disgust. “It’s too big, there is too much water, and the smell is…”

A gust of wind blew by and the smell of grilled oysters instantly penetrated into his nose. Xiang Xi couldn’t help it and suddenly swallowed his saliva with an audible “gulp” sound.

Xiang Xi’s eyes instantly widened. He thought, isn’t it just grilled oysters? What’s the big deal? You stupid mouth, who gave you the authority to swallow? This is so shameful and humiliating!

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However, the fragrance was so tempting. Xiang Xi’s eyes fell on the bubbling grilled oysters. Even the chopped green onions on it looked so pure and unpretentious. He was so hungry. He really wanted to eat it…

Shan Wen knew about Xiang Xi and Qiu Jin’s past grievances, and wondered fi the other party was embarrassed to come over, so he asked: “Would you like to try? It’s delicious.”

Xiang Xi awakened from his daydream and immediately withdrew his gaze.

“Thank you, senior [who is in the same industry as me], but I don’t like eating oysters.” He threw down this sentence and walked away, passing by Geng Leyue who was coming out of the kitchen.

Geng Leyue came over after smelling the aroma. After tasting the flavor [of the oyster], he, who had always been a darling young master, also showed a satisfied expression on his face.

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