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This Alpha’s Pheromones 29

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Chapter 29 – I Won’t Take Yours Off Again

The man’s heart thudded, and he took a step back subconsciously.

Seeing his hesitation, the female companion immediately stepped forward to comfort him: “Forget it, let’s go first.”

The man was precisely waiting for a way out of this embarrassing situation. He immediately returned to the car after hearing her words, and threw out one last parting remark: “Consider yourself lucky, I’m letting you go for now.”

He started up the engine right away and left in a flurry.

Qiu Jin started up the pickup truck again, and slowly drove into the parking lot.

Shan Wen breathed out a sigh of relief: “I was shocked. I really thought you were going to crash into them.”

“How could I? I really cherish life, you know.” Qiu Jin shook his head, “I just can’t get used to this kind of person. When you’re driving you should always be considerate of others, and everyone should be polite and amiable, that way we can all feel safe and secured. But there will always be self-centered people who think that they’re the center of the universe. They won’t spare a single thought for others, and they act as if the roads belong to them.”

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Shan Wen nodded. He felt the same way. If you encounter such a person while driving, no matter how good your temper was, you might still get so angry that you erupt like a volcano.

They were delayed for a few minutes, so the program crew that was originally lagging behind had also caught up to them.

“How come you guys only just got here?”

“Nothing much, we were just obstructed for a bit.”

Qiu Jin parked the truck in the parking lot and walked towards the beach with the inflation valve and fishing rod.

While he was inflating [the rubber dingy], Ji Shenxiao walked onto the beach holding a surfboard.

The man who usually wore his shirts buttoned up to the neck was now walking around in only a pair of shorts. Geng Leyue followed him with stars in his eyes.

Shan Wen also sighed with feeling: “It’s great to be young. When I was young, I also had his physique.”

Qiu Jin: “Right now, you’re not bad either.”

“Alas, I’m old now, my muscles are all loose.”

“How so? I think your pectoral muscles are still quite big.”

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Just as Xiang Xi was coming over, he heard Qiu Jin spew such words, and his complexion changed in an instant.

He just knew that Qiu Jin was a scumbag! Big pervert!

He said he came to the beach to fish, but didn’t he just want to see their unclothed bodies? How could there be such [perverted] people?

Xiang Xi originally planned to follow the crowd, but now he was completely irritated, so he turned and walked towards the woods.

The cameraman reminded him: “Xiang-laoshi, why don’t we follow the crowd? If you go off too far you might get surrounded and be bothered [by people].”

They did not bring any bodyguards this time. Only some of the staff members followed along.

Xiang Xi: “There are not many people here anyway.”

He didn’t want Qiu Jin to see him topless and wearing shorts.

The cameraman didn’t say any more. He just followed along with the video camera on his shoulder.

After leaving Qiu Jin completely, Xiang Xi finally felt relieved. He tied a hammock under two coconut trees. Then he watched the sea while applying sunscreen on himself.

Not far away, Qiu Jin and Shan Wen were riding the rubber dinghy out on the sea. They each carried a fishing rod, but after fishing for nearly an hour, there was still not a single catch.

When he first boarded the dinghy, Qiu Jin was full of confidence, thinking that he would be able to return with a great bounty. No matter how bad he was he would be able to solve the problem of tonight’s fish and meat quota.

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An hour later, he looked at the few small shrimps in his bucket and felt thoroughly helpless.

On one end, he and Shan Wen were miserable, and on the other end, big President Ji was having a great time.

Qiu Jin raised his head and saw that Ji Shenxiao was surfing passionately. When a wave came, the other party didn’t even blink his eyes, and faced the three-meter-high wave head on.

He truly did look handsome and cool. Qiu Jin had to give him full marks on this.

Surfing wasn’t just about doing flips and testing one’s courage. It tested one’s balance, leg strength, and abdominal strength. And Ji Shenxiao was demonstrating his great capabilities.

Shan Wen couldn’t help clapping his hands: “I didn’t expect President Ji to be so outstanding.”

Qiu Jin squinted his eyes: “It’s just average.”

If it were him, he could do even better.

He didn’t know if alphas were competitive by nature, but Qiu Jin was starting to get restless.

Shan Wen patted him on the back and smiled: “If you want to go play, then go and play. I will fish for a little longer. There should be enough food for dinner.”

Looking at how free Ji Shenxiao’s body looked, Qiu Jin gritted his teeth and stood up: “Thank you, Shan Wen-ge, I’m going to play.”

A big wave came rushing in not far away, and Ji Shenxiao weaved through the gaps of the waves on a surfboard. The waves were getting more and more intense, as if they were chasing after him, but Ji Shenxiao just so happened to be able to dodge before the waves crashed down every time.

Qiu Jin waved to him and shouted: “Ji Shenxiao!”

As if hearing his voice, the person in the waves stagnated and raised his head to glance at him.

It was this glance that made him slow for a while, and the white waves fell heavily, instantly submerging Ji Shenxiao’s figure.

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