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This Alpha’s Pheromones 30

T/N: I’m back! Still not completely settled in at the new place, but at least most of the major stuff has been taken care of. Phew. ? Here’s hoping things will go back to normal soon. ? Anyways, here is the result of the November 2021 – Patreon Vote 1 poll. Enjoy!

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Chapter 30 – I Won’t Take Yours Off Again

Did Ji Shenxiao get swept away?

Riding on sea waves was an extreme sport. Every time you came up against a wave, there was a certain degree of danger.

If it was because of him that Ji Shenxiao got swept away…

Qiu Jin didn’t dare to think about it.

“Ji Shenxiao!” Qiu Jin shouted. He took off his shirt, about to go into the sea.

But unexpectedly, in the next moment, a figure suddenly rushed out of the towering ocean waves. Ji Shenxiao, like a flying fish, broke through the waves and stopped in front of him.

The distance between the two was so close that Qiu Jin’s face ended up getting splashed by the water from Ji Shenxiao.

The lingering rhythm of the waves kept the sea rolling. Beneath Ji Shenxiao’s feet, there was only a surfboard, but he was steady as if he were walking on solid ground.

He glanced at Qiu Jin, and said indifferently, “What’s the matter?”

Qiu Jin gave him a thumbs up: “So handsome.”

Ji Shenxiao was silent for a while. Then he turned around wanting to leave: “I’ll go now if there’s nothing.”

“Hey, wait!” Qiu Jin wanted to reach out and hold on to him.

Unexpectedly, a wave pushed the rubber dinghy back a bit. When Qiu Jin had reached out, most of his body shifted outside the border of the boat, so now he abruptly lost his balance. Ji Shenxiao took half a step back and let Qiu Jin fall into the sea with a loud splash.

Qiu Jin: “???”

What the heck??

Not only did Ji Shenxiao not give him a hand to steady him, but he also took a step back?!

Qiu Jin floated up to the surface of the sea. The rubber dinghy was carried away by the rolling waves. Only Ji Shenxiao’s surfboard was in front of him. He reached out and grabbed onto it. Leaning his hands atop the surfboard, he finally supported his body upright.

Ji Shenxiao had lingering fears about Qiu Jin when he was like this. His eyebrows pinched together. He took a step back and said, “What are you going to do?”

Qiu Jin wiped his hair back and said in a bad mood: “You didn’t want to help me? Fine. But at least let me lean on your surfboard a bit.”

Ji Shenxiao’s eyebrows furrowed as he looked at Qiu Jin. He seemed to be losing his patience, but in the end he still didn’t drive him away.

The sun was inclining to the west. Its shining rays were scattered across the water’s surface like pieces of gold.

Qiu Jin raised his head and saw Ji Shenxiao standing there haloed by the sunset.

The setting sun outlined his perfect figure. It was as if every inch of skin on his body was glowing. The only thing that was not harmonious was that the crotch part was inexplicably protruding.

Wait, what the hell, aren’t you wearing shorts? Why is it so obvious? Qiu Jin thought.

Perceiving Qiu Jin’s sight, Ji Shenxiao’s face suddenly turned black: “What are you looking at?”

“Huh?” Qiu Jin snapped out of his daze, and quickly changed his line of sight. A little guilty, he said, “I, I didn’t see anything!”

But this changing of his gaze resulted in an even more incredible scene. His gaze passed through Ji Shenxiao’s shorts and fell straight in the middle.

F*ck, this angle seems a bit dangerous.

But then again, weren’t Ji Shenxiao’s shorts too spacious? Just a bit of careless movement and both his rooster and his eggs were completely exposed. For instance, right now the situation was far from good…

“Qiu Jin!” An angry voice rained down on him from above, “What are you looking at?!”

The man was obviously restraining his pheromones very well, but a strong aura still came out from every pore on his body. It was such an oppressive aura that those around could only submit to it.

“Ah, sorry, sorry, I really didn’t mean it.”

Qiu Jin was so scared that he promptly let go of the surfboard and angled his body to swim towards Shan Wen.

Were you kidding him? If he kept staying here, Ji Shenxiao was probably going to swallow him whole.

Unfortunately, after swimming halfway, Qiu Jin finally remembered that he had come looking for Ji Shenxiao to borrow a surfboard. He hesitated for two seconds and then swam back. He stopped one meter away and said, “President Ji, you’re so magnanimous. It was really just an accident just now.”

Ji Shenxiao’s complexion darkened. “You want to say that last time at the swimming pool was also an accident?”

Ah, so it turns out that you’re still bearing a grudge from back then?

A man of character can extend and can withdraw. After weighing the pros and cons, Qiu Jin opened his mouth and said, “Sorry, I was wrong. I will never take off your underwear again.”

Ji Shenxiao: “…”

Shan Wen had just rowed his boat over when he heard this and reacted: ???

Perhaps I shouldn’t be on the boat. Maybe I should be in the sea instead?

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The author has something to say:

Present day Qiu Jin: I will never take off your underwear again.

In the future…

Qiu Jin: F*ck, what are you trying to take off of me!

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