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This Alpha’s Pheromones 31

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Chapter 31 – Beat the Scumbag

Looking at the face that popped up in front of him time and time again, Ji Shenxiao became inexplicably irritable, and said coldly: “Just what are you trying to do?”

Qiu Jin: “I want to borrow a surfboard.”

“Surfboard?” Ji Shenxiao was taken aback.

“That’s right,” Qiu Jin smiled. Without realizing that his voice has turned coquettish, he said, “Let me borrow it for some fun.”

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Because he had stayed in the sun for too long, Qiu Jin’s cheeks were a little red, but his eyes were incredibly clear. It made Ji Shenxiao’s heart stutter a beat.

Ji Shenxiao untied the towrope and threw it over. His expression was one of avoidance. It was as if he couldn’t wait to drive off some pestilence.

Qiu Jin did not mind at all. He happily put the rope on his foot and plunged into the waves.

A fair, white figure traveled back and forth amongst the waves. He looked so free. So dazzling.

Ji Shenxiao retracted his gaze.

Shan Wen handed him a fishing rod and asked: “…Do you want to fish?”

Ji Shenxiao: “Okay.”

Xiang Xi lay in the hammock for over half and hour and ended up accidentally falling asleep. When he opened his eyes again, his body was aching from sleeping in a hammock, and he saw several tourists coming over from the beach.

The man in the middle of the group was in a pair of black shorts. He had a big watch on his wrist and sunglasses propped on his forehead. A small bump protruded from his belly, which was typical of people who lacked exercise.

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If this kind of figure were to be placed in the entertainment circle, then everyone would ridicule him.

But this person swaggered over with a beautiful woman on his arm. He stood there confidently, opened his mouth, and said, “Aiya, isn’t this Xiang Xi?”

Xiang Xi turned to look at the cameraman. Who is this?

The cameraman shook his head: “I don’t recognize him.”

Xiang Xi lay back down on the hammock and didn’t look at the group again. He was kind to his fans, but these people were obviously not his fans. He wore an arrogant expression on his face. Who cared about them?

“Haiya, it’s normal if you don’t recognize me. I just came back from overseas, and I don’t operate much within China’s sphere.” The man in sunglasses stepped forward and smiled politely, “I’m a fan of yours. Can you sign an autograph for me?”

Xiang Xi was silent for a while and then nodded: “Yes.”

The man in sunglasses touched his pocket, and soon after spread his hand to show that it was empty. Then he smiled in a fawning manner: “Sorry, I forgot to bring paper and pen with me when I came out to play. Can we take a photo?”

Xiang Xi’s expression turned cold: “Sorry, I’m in the middle of work, so it’s inconvenient.”

When Xiang Xi didn’t speak, he exuded the aura of an immortal fairy. But when he was calm and collected like this, he seemed even further removed from mortal affairs. This was most stimulating to an alpha, bringing out their desire to conquer.

The sunglasses man’s eyes brightened and he came even closer: “What kind of work, huh?”

Xiang Xi didn’t want to give the man any more attention, so he got off the hammock to leave. Unexpectedly, right at that moment, he felt a sticky tugging sensation from the back of his neck. And then his neck suddenly felt cold…

His gland patch had been tore off!

“What are you doing?!” Xiang Xi’s hand immediately went up to protect the back of his neck, but this action did not play any defensive role.

The scent of his pheromones seeped out through the seams between his fingers. It was a faint sweet smell.

“Nothing much, your gland patch was flying up. It was about to fall off anyway, so I helped you tear it off.” The sunglasses man stepped forward, blocking Xiang Xi’s way with his body. “Furthermore… your pheromones smell so good, it shouldn’t be hidden away…”

The man lifted up the transparent gland patch and sniffed it, and then his expression turned intoxicated.

“It’s so sweet. It actually has the scent of a juicy peach.”

Xiang Xi grinded his back molars together. He swore, if that pig said another word, he was going to knock in his front teeth!

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The cameraman wanted to protect Xiang Xi, but he couldn’t even help himself. There were two alphas blocking him with their bodies. He couldn’t even advance an inch. He was angry and anxious. His headset was torn away from him. He could only pray that someone would come over quickly when they realized that something was wrong.

But Xiang Xi went too far to avoid Qiu Jin. He could only see a small group of people two hundred meters away. There was no way that they could know what was happening over here.

Xiang Xi clutched the back of his neck and leaned against the coconut tree. Alpha pheromones came from all directions, causing his body to tremble.

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