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This Alpha’s Pheromones 32

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Chapter 32 – Beat the Scumbag

“Let’s get to know each other, ey. My name is Wang Hang,” the man in sunglasses smiled, “Shall we go out to sea later? Do you want to play together? I bought a new yacht.”

The man was clearly smiling and also speaking with a very light voice, but the look in his eyes was the look of someone taking the measure of another with malicious intentions. It made all of Xiang Xi’s hairs stand on end.

It was nauseating. He wanted to vomit.

How could there be such [disgusting] people in this world?

Xiang Xi exhausted all his strength to push the other man away, and shouted: “Get away!”

Wang Hang kept getting his face slapped [figuratively], and now he ended up stumbling from the push of an omega. Wang Hang’s expression changed in a flash. “You’re just an actor. It’s your good fortune to have captured my attention. Don’t get so f*cking full of yourself!”

Xiang Xi lifted his head and glared at him with reddened eyes.

Who could stand this shy and timid look?

[T/N: Dude, is there a pit in your brain?]

Wang Hang’s attitude softened instantly. He eagerly took a step closer and said in a better tone of voice, “Since you don’t want to go on the yacht, how about I teach you how to surf?”

At this moment, he suddenly heard the people about him shouting and making a fuss. Wang Hang turned his head back to take a look and saw a surfboard flying towards him. With a “boom” the surfboard landed directly behind him in the sand.

Wang Hang took a few seconds to process what had just happened. Then he opened his mouth and started cursing: “F*ck, where is the f*cking blind shit who did this…”

If he hadn’t been able to evade it fast enough, this board would’ve landed on his head.

“Did you say that you were going to surf? How about this daddy teach you how to surf?” Said a familiar and arrogant voice.

Xiang Xi raised his head in panic and saw a tall and straight figure walking towards him.

“Qiu Jin?!”

Xiang Xi did not realize how earnest and longing his voice sounded at that moment.

The sun sinking below the horizon painted the clouds in magnificent colors. The person that he usually avoided was now painted in multicolor and suddenly looked tall and lofty.

Qiu Jin only realized whom this person was when he walked over. He sneered: “I was wondering who this could be, and it turns out that it is unrecyclable garbage.”

The man with the sunglasses was the man in the sports car that he had met outside the parking lot. The man in the sunglasses turned around when he heard this: “Who the f*ck are you calling garbage?!”

“I’m f*cking calling you garbage. What about it?” Qiu Jin looked down at him with cold eyes. “What? You didn’t even dare to let out a fart before, but now you’re behaving like a fool because you’re surrounded by a crowd? Did you pop out of the trash? Didn’t your parents teach you how to be a man?”

Qiu Jin grabbed Wang Hang by the chin. Every time he finished saying a sentence, he would pat the other man on the cheek once.

He wasn’t slapping the other person. Qiu Jin’s movements were very light and caused no pain at all, but the insult was too strong.

How could Wang Hang put up with such treatment? When he raised his hand, it was clenched into a fist. “You f*cking—”

Qiu Jin ducked sideways. The alphas all around quickly came to surround him.

“Qiu Jin,” Xiang Xi flushed anxiously, “Don’t fight!”

Qiu Jin didn’t answer. His gaze fell on the back of Xiang Xi’s neck, and his expression turned so frigid that it was frightening. “They tore off your gland patch?”

Xiang Xi’s eyelashes lowered, and he nodded slowly.

The look in Qiu Jin’s eyes grew heavy.

He understood all too well the feeling of being suppressed but not being able to resist.

In the previous world, where he had transmigrated into an omega, he was under such pressure almost every day. Later, he found out the effects of his pheromones and he didn’t even dare to fall asleep. He wanted to be alerted of every alpha that got near him.

He had asked this question countless times before. Why were omegas destined to be weaker? Why did they get slut shamed when they spread their pheromones? Why were there scumbags who dared to vainly bind them for a lifetime?

How were these scumbags deserving?!

Qiu Jin raised his head. His ice-cold gaze fell on the three alphas before him. His intense alpha pheromones exploded out and pressed down on them like a roaring waterfall.

At that moment, Wang Hang only felt like he had been imprisoned. He couldn’t move a single step. Only the sweat from his back kept running.

Qiu Jin’s suppression of the alphas was direct and strong. Some people began to get scared and opened their mouths to persuade Wang Hang, “Hang-ge, let’s forget about this, okay?”

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