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This Alpha’s Pheromones 34

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Chapter 34 – Too F*cking Alpha

Xiang Xi became anxious: “Qiu Jin!”

“It’s okay,” Qiu Jin gave him a soothing smile, “I can handle it.”

At this moment, someone from over yonder suddenly shouted: “Director Zhou?”

Everyone raised their heads and saw a young man in a flowered shirt coming over. The other person seemed to have a good relationship with the director, and he stood in front of the director very at ease.

He said with a smile: “So you guys are shooting a show over here?”

The director nodded: “That’s right.”

The director squinted his eyes and finally remembered that the person in front of him was the investor who invested in the last season of “Four Seasons.” He had invested five million in order to put a male teen idol on the program as a guest star.

“I’m hanging out with my friends,” the man glanced at Wang Hang and explained, “This friend of mine is in a susceptible period, and he’s also a fan of Xiang Xi. His blood must have rushed to his head when he saw his male god and got all excited. He doesn’t mean any harm. How about we just let this go? Moreover, you guys don’t want to cause a big scene, right?”

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The director felt that this was a way out of the awkward situation, and nodded: “That would be great. We also don’t want to start a conflict. After all, Xiang Xi has not suffered any substantial harm.”

Such people who could be so harsh and unreasonable in front of a filming crew and stars generally had some background. Although they were extremely afraid, they could still cause trouble.

No filming crew wanted to get into a dispute. If things got serious, they might fall, and even ruin the entire program IP.

“Did not suffer any substantial harm?” Qiu Jin wanted to bark with laughter because he was so angry.

He knew that the director was a pretty good person, but it was precisely because the director was a pretty good person that his opinion on this matter made Qiu Jin so angry.

Qiu Jin glanced across the crowd and suddenly became serious: “In the past ten minutes, Xiang Xi has experienced verbal humiliation, provocative actions, and obscene looks. Do you know what his frame of mind was at that time? You sare say that he didn’t suffer any harm?!”

“If your own wife or children received this kind of harassment, can you still be so calm and say that they have not suffered any harm?”

Word by word, he criticized all of them.

Xiang Xi’s tears immediately fell, and even Geng Leyue, who was standing off to the side, was faintly moved [by Qiu Jin’s words].

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Although they were born superior, even in those polite aristocratic families, there were different degrees of discrimination. Regardless of class or birth, discrimination against Omega in this society had long been carved into their bones.

But very few people understood this truth, or they understood but simply did not care.

After all, something like this was no big deal.

In front of him, the man in the flower shirt was still smiling as he said: “It’s just a joke, it’s normal! You omega are too sensitive, we just want an autograph, nothing else.”

They did those excessive things to you first, and then said that it was no big deal. It was your fault for being such a sensitive omega, and we did not have any ill intentions at all.

They hurt you first, and then they put you on the moral high ground, and have everyone say that you were making a fuss.

What kind of shit logic was this!

Qiu Jin pulled out the guy in the flowered shirt with one hand and said coldly: “If someone knocks out your teeth and stuffs them into your ass, and then you resist, can I also say that you are being too sensitive?”

This analogy made the man in the flowered shirt flush red. He struggled and said angrily: “What do you mean!”

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“It means literally,” Qiu Jin threw the person down fiercely, “If you say one more word, I’ll beat you up along with them.”

The man in the flowered shirt gritted his teeth: “Don’t be too crazy…”

“Are we still going to compete with surfing?” Qiu Jin interrupted him. His sharp gaze swept over the crowd. His eyes were so cold that they could almost freeze a person. “If we’re not competing, then you can directly kneel down and apologize.”

“Who said we’re not competing?” Wang Hang stepped out. He wore an ugly expression on his face. “Have Leizi come forward.”

Soon a dark-skinned man appeared in front of him. He had his hands shoved into his trouser pockets, as if he didn’t care about anything at all. His figure was long and thin.

Wang Hang patted the other person on the shoulder, a rare look of trust in his eyes: “Leizi, thank you for your hard work this time.”

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