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This Alpha’s Pheromones 35

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Chapter 35 – Too F*cking Alpha

Qiu Jin said, “Surf three waves within thirty minutes, and then grade them according to the surf’s take-off, turn, sliding distance and the difficulty of the waves. Sounds good?”

These were the scoring rules of the World Surfing Championship. The man named Leizi nodded: “Yes.”

After deciding the rules of the game, Wang Hang stepped forward and said he wanted to be the referee.

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Qiu Jin said, “Impossible. I need a neutral party.”

Unlike other sports, the rules of surfing competitions were not simply a competition of time and speed. It contained multiple points of scoring, and even carried a certain degree of subjectivity.

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Wang Hang sneered: “The person you are looking for, how do I know that the person will not be biased towards you?”

“I’ll do it.” A calm voice came form behind.

Qiu Jin turned his head and saw the staff members stepping aside. Ji Shenxiao walked over wearing the floral shirt that Qiu Jin had left on the rubber dinghy.

The moment Wang Hang saw Ji Shenxiao, his expression changed. He was taken aback for a moment, and then he greeted him with a smile on his face: “Why is President Ji here too?”

Ji Shenxiao ignored the other party’s greeting and just looked into Qiu Jin’s eyes. He asked: “Will you feel reassured with me as the referee?”

Qiu Jin had yet to speak when Wang Hang immediately jumped into the conversation: “Of course, of course, it’s a blessing for Leizi to have President Ji here.”

Looking at the huge attitude gap of the Wang Hang before and after President Ji’s arrival, the filming crew frowned. Such people were too snobbish and disgusting.

What’s even more sycophantic was that Wang Hang also brought over a few chairs from somewhere, as if an emperor was watching a play on the beach, watching Qiu Jin and Leizi compete in surfing.

Ji Shenxiao ignored him. Right now his attention was on the two people out in the ocean.

Indeed, as Wang Hang had said, Leizi was a good surfer. His movements fit the official standard. In terms of starting and turning, he was slightly better than Qiu Jin.

“Having you assess their score is just for appearance sake*,” Wang Hang said. “How about we exchange WeChat? Oh yes, I bought a new yacht, and I also have some friends and special toys. Can President Ji do me the honor of going out to sea to play?”

[*T/N: Not sure if the meaning is coming across well in English, but Wang Hang is basically confident that Leizi will win, so he thinks there’s no point in having a referee in the first place.]

Ji Shenxiao: “Shut up.”

Wang Hang lost a bit of face at that, but it wasn’t good to keep disturbing Ji Shenxiao. He sat back down on the chair, and he casually pulled over an omega. He ruthlessly pinched the other person’s chest. The omega trembled, smiled in a lovable manner, and leaned against Wang Hang’s chest.

This vulgar scene made many people frown.

Out on the water, Qiu Jin dashed through a small wave of two meters and performed a somersault.

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He glanced at Leizi, who was not far away, with a faint expression of admiration. The opponent was really powerful. His movements were by the book and full of strength. The scores of both sides were very close. Qiu Jin estimated that he was still a few points behind the opponent.

He couldn’t go on like this.

Qiu Jin wiped the seawater off his face. His eyes fell on the five-meter wave in front of him, and Leizi’s figure flashed by on the other side.

Leizi was eyeing up this wave just like him!

Qiu Jin gritted his teeth and accelerated his pace going forward.

Not good. He could not lose this wave!

In a surfing competition, each wave could only be ridden by one surfer. If there were more than one surfer coming in from the same direction, then the etiquette was to allow the closest surfer to take the wave. The rest of the competitors would immediately pull away. Otherwise it was considered wave snatching, which was absolutely not allowed.

Qiu Jin paid attention to the dynamics of the waves while pressing the surfboard into the water to cross the waves. This was a common posture for diving.

Not far away, Leizi was also using the same method to enter the waves.

Qiu Jin forced herself to approach the breaking point of the waves. A little closer, just a little closer…

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