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This Alpha’s Pheromones 36

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Chapter 36 – Too F*cking Alpha

The cold water hit him in the face, and just before the waves flooded him, Qiu Jin stood up by gliding.

He managed to catch this wave!

The tall waves crashed behind him, but Qiu Jin was able to rush forward one second before being submerged, and even performed a 360-degree somersault on the waves.

The whole world turned upside down in an instant.

In a split second, Qiu Jin straightened out his body and slid out of the huge wave.

He succeeded!

Qiu Jin clenched both of his hands into fists and raised it above his head, making a cheering movement excitedly.

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Although it was dangerous, he experienced an unprecedented sense of pleasure, as if he had been anticipating this moment for a long time. He could stand up against other people and tell everyone that he was not weak.

This five-meter wave instantly pulled up his previously falling score.

Many people on the beach applauded and praised him: “So amazing!!”

Ji Shenxiao’s eyes also showed appreciation.

However, this did not mean that Qiu Jin would be able to win. It had only tied the score.

Now there are less than ten minutes left before the end of the game, and they still have one last wave to complete.

Qiu Jin stood on the surfboard, looking at the surrounding ocean environment.

Surfing was a comprehensive sport. When choosing waves, you also needed to understand factors such as ocean currents, tides, and terrain.

Right now, they were in the bay, and the sea was relatively stable. The tallest waves were only three to five meters high.

But near the protruding reef, the waves were very fierce, and huge waves of seven or eight meters high were everywhere.

And his opponent was a very professional surfer. The way he completed his actions were impeccable.

If Qiu Jin continued on like this, it was impossible to win.

Qiu Jin gritted his teeth. He slid the surfboard over surface of the water and whizzed towards the reef. He couldn’t compare to Leizi in the execution of movements, so he could only decide the winner with a tall wave.

“Idiot! You can’t go there!” Ji Shenxiao stood up suddenly.

The waves were too high. Even among professional surfers, very few people could challenge a ten-meter wave.

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In front of those huge waves, human beings were like tiny ants.

The thrilling and exciting scene in front of them caused the audience to cry out in alarm one after another.

“Heavens, that’s too tall!”

“He isn’t wearing a life jacket, what if something goes wrong?”

The director was anxious to the point of going mad. He fished out his phone, ready to call up the maritime search and rescue aircraft!

The moment Qiu Jin rushed into the wave, everyone’s nerves were strung up high, and they kept yelling: “Come on*, Qiu Jin!”

[*T/N: 加油 jia you – they’re cheering him on. Direct translation is “add oil.” Can be roughly translated as “come on,” “you can do it,” or “break a leg.”]

Qiu Jin was too far away from them. Only a small figure could be seen undulating in the waves.

The huge wave crashed behind him, but he was not affected at all. He jumped into the blue sea like a clever dolphin.

The people cheered and applauded for him. Just when they thought that Qiu Jin could successfully conquer this ten-meter huge wave, the falling of the waves suddenly accelerated, and Qiu Jin’s figure disappeared into the white waves.

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At that moment, Ji Shenxiao’s heart suddenly contracted.

No one spoke, and there was deathly silence all around. Only the sound of the crashing waves reverberated in their ears.

On the other side, Leizi was more conservative and chose to challenge a five-meter high wave.

Wang Hang: “See, I just said he couldn’t do it…”

Ji Shenxiao interrupted him: “He will show up.”

Wang Hang: “Such a big wave, even the gods can’t get out…”

Wang Hang’s next words were blocked in his throat.

Amidst the tall waves, a bright yellow surfboard came out. Qiu Jin, with bent legs, was standing atop it. It was as if he could fly into the sky in the next moment.

He came out [of the wave]! He succeeded!

Ji Shenxiao breathed a sigh of relief.

Xiang Xi hugged Geng Leyue and screamed: “Ahhhhh, he came out!!! He came out!!!”

The latter nodded frantically: “Whoa!!! Too f*cking alpha! Today, laozi is going to cheat and fall in love with him!”

[T/N: Not sure if I explained laozi in this story yet, but it’s a superior way of saying “I.” And I’m pretty sure Geng Leyue is not ditching his love for Ji Shenxiao. It’s probably more along the lines of: Qiu Jin, you’re so cool, so I’m going to crush on you for today.]

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The author has something to say:

Ji Shenxiao: Even though you’re falling in love with someone else, please don’t target my wife. 🙂

Although no one should be taking this seriously, I still want to say… Surfing is an extreme sport. The protagonist is protected by his protagonist halo. His actions of challenging a ten-meter tall wave are dangerous, please do not imitate.

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