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This Alpha’s Pheromones 37

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Chapter 37 – Kneel Down and Apologize

Xiang Xi and Geng Leyue came back to their sense and realized that they were actually hugging each other?

What the heck?!

Both Xiang Xi and Geng Leyue were so disgusted. From their first meeting they got off on the wrong foot. How could they possibly stand being so close to each other?

The tow of them immediately released their hands, pretending that nothing had happened, and restored their respective noble and glamorous images.

In this competition, Qiu Jin got the higher score. Everyone present accepted this result wholeheartedly.

Wang Hang could not believe the scores. He muttered in disbelief: “It’s impossible, how could you lose?”

Leizi: “Qiu Jin is really impressive. I concede defeat.”

If you really wanted to talk about who was better, then Leizi was actually the better surfer, but because he’s too aware of his own abilities, he set an upper limit for himself.

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Whereas Qiu Jin did not know his limits and did not take into account the gravitas of danger. With a wild stubbornness that refused to admit defeat, Qiu Jin successfully challenged his limits.

Qiu Jin wiped the seawater off his face. Without any fluctuation in his expression, he said: “All right, start apologizing now.”

Due to the surfing competition just now, many tourists had gathered around them, and some people were even using their mobile phones to record videos.

Wang Hang liked to flaunt about how he was someone with a good background and prestige, so how could he endure such an insult? The reason why he had agreed to such an excessive request was because he had the trump card known as the surfer Leizi. But he did not expect to lose to Qiu Jin and fall into this dilemma.

But kneeling was impossible. If he knelt here, he would become a laughing stock among his social circle for the rest of his life.

Thinking of this, Wang Hang raised his head and said to Ji Shenxiao: “President Ji, can you accommodate me?”

Ji Shenxiao: “I’m just a referee, you have to ask Qiu Jin and Xiang Xi about this.”

Wang Hang turned around: “Qiu-ge…”

Qiu Jin glanced at him faintly. The look in his eyes said that he wasn’t going to comment on this issue no matter what.

Wang Hang gritted his teeth and looked at the director standing on the side: “Aren’t you guys filming a program? Is your budget tight or not?”

Tight? How could their budget possibly be tight? With Huayi Corporation investing in them, this was their most relaxing season ever.

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But when it came to the topic of money there was no one who would oppose to having more.

If this were normal times, the director would have accepted this sum of money, and turned a big problem into a small one, and a small problem into no problem at all.

[*T/N: 大事化小,小事化了 da shi hua xiao, xiao shi hua liao – “to turn big problems into small ones, and small problems into no problems at all.” This is an idiomatic saying in Chinese.]

But Ji Shenxiao had yet to say anything, and Qiu Jin had just gone through a life-and-death struggle. If this were settled with money, then wouldn’t it become a joke?

The director laughed out loud: “It’s all good, all good.”

Wang Hang’s heart sank completely.

At that moment, he knew that these people would not let him go.

For what reason? He had only said a few words, but these people wanted to bully him like this?

But the current situation was extremely unfavorable to him. Wang Hang clenched both of his hands into tight fists, bit down on his molars, and in front of everyone’s eyes he bent his knees most humiliatingly.

“Sorry, Qiu-ge, I was wrong.”

Qiu Jin reminded him: “Not to me. Apologize to Xiang Xi.”

Wang Hang turned his body again and said to Xiang Xi: “I’m sorry, Xiang Xi, I was wrong.”

Behind him came the crashing sounds of kneeling. Some people directly broke off relations with Wang Hang then and there, and chose to leave. Those who have attached themselves to him had no choice but to lower their heads. Embarrassed and unwilling, they repeatedly apologized and promised not to cause trouble with omegas in the future.

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Qiu Jin was not interested in bullying or humiliating other people. Seeing that these people have really received a lesson, he waved his hand: “All of you get up now, it’s good as long as you remember this lesson.”

Wang Hang turned around and led his group of posse away. His body was trembling with anger.

He swore to himself, the humiliation that he received today, he would double it and return it to Qiu Jin in the future!

The crisis passed, and the tension abruptly disappeared.

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