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This Alpha’s Pheromones 38

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Chapter 38 – Kneel Down and Apologize

Everyone gathered around Qiu Jin and praised him over and over again, saying how awesome and how alpha he was.

Qiu Jin felt a little embarrassed. He touched the back of his head self-consciously and said: “Actually, I didn’t expect it either. At that time, I thought I was going to die.”

“It’s good that you know to be afraid,” the director breathed a sigh of relief. I was so scared that I lost half of my lifespan. I was thinking what in the world would I do if you died on our program.”

“How could that be possible?” Qiu Jin laughed. “Even if I really die, I’ll do it secretly.”

Shan Wen was endlessly worried and clapped him on the chest once: “Why are you talking about death? Don’t talk about unlucky things.”

Qiu Jin’s gaze went to two plastic buckets by Shan Wen’s side: “By the way, how many fish did we catch today?”

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Shan Wen shook the plastic buckets: “The harvest is quite fruitful. I guarantee that there will be enough food for everyone.”

Qiu Jin took a look into the buckets and cried out in disbelief, “It can’t be. Where did you guys get this big lobster? There are even huge crabs?”

Shan Wen laughed: “President Ji caught them.”

“This is unscientific! Why is it that I can only catch small shrimps?” Qiu Jin pretended to complain, but in the next second he laughed along with everyone else.

The young man stood in the sunlight. It was as if his entire person was plated with golden light.

He was healthy, full of energy, and full of youthfulness. There was a bit of wildness in his bright smile, which easily attracted the attention of everyone present.

The upsetting feeling came again. Ji Shenxiao turned and walked in the opposite direction, not participating in their victory carnival.

He gave Lu Pingyin a call on the phone: “Help me investigate a person named Wang Hang.”

In a short while, Lu Pingyin sent the requested information over. Wang Hang was the son of Wang Ruida, who was the deputy mayor of Dewen City. He had two houses in Beijing. He once got into trouble in high school, so his parents sent him abroad, but he was unscrupulous even overseas, and spent money like running water. He was extremely lecherous and liked to play around a lot.

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Ji Shenxiao had no impression of Wang Hang, but he has interacted with Wang Ruida several times.

Lanhou Island was a town-level unit that belonged to Dewen City. They have been in contact with the local government during the development of the island.

In Ji Shenxiao’s memories, Wang Ruida was a typical bureaucratic figure. He had a good way of handling people and matters, and he did not overlook things due to negligence in his work.

The day before Ji Shenxiao came to participate in this television program, he had eaten a meal together with Wang Ruida and they had discussed the operation of Lanhou Island and how to advertise it to the public.

Right now, all the big provinces and cities were investing in the island’s promotion. After the operation of Lanhou Island, the annual tax revenue was nearly one billion. The local government simply couldn’t wait to offer Ji Shenxiao this piece of steamed bun.

At that time, the other party said they had to cooperate, and try hard to ensure the local cultural environment. As a result, a matter that needed to be settled cropped up, and the troubles were incessant.

Unexpectedly, this was just the beginning.

A small video appeared on Weibo that evening.

The video was divided into several sections. The first section showed Qi Jin throwing his surfboard at Wang Hang and his cronies. The second section showed Qiu Jin slapping Wang Hang on the face. The third section showed Xiang Xi with reddened eyes and rushing at Qiu Jin. “Don’t fight!” The fourth sections showed that it was Qiu Jin who grabbed the collar of the guy in the floral shirt and said with a vicious expression, “Say one more word and I’ll beat you up too [along with the others].”

The title of the video used deliberately sensational wording: Is it okay to casually beat up people if you’re a celebrity? Qiu Jin used a surfboard to madly beat up tourists.

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Qiu Jin was already notorious for his misdeed. As soon as this video came out, passersby watched along with the rhythm of the marketing account, and very soon “Qiu Jin used a surfboard to beat up tourists” became a hot search.

A few days ago, Qiu Jin gained some passerby fans because of his change in appearance and his black powder fans* were worried that they would not be able to find a chance to attack him.

[*T/N: Black powder fan – different from a straight up hater, a black powder fan is still a fan, but they try to get attention by being negative instead of positive.]

With the dissemination of this video, the black powder fans quickly picked up on the tempo to attack him.

[My god, this is too scary.]

[Call the police, how can the entertainment industry tolerate such a monster, Qiu Jin get out of the entertainment industry!]

[Does Qiu Jin have mania? Just look at how he chased after Xiang Xi before. It seems like he has gone mad.]

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