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This Alpha’s Pheromones 39

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Chapter 39 – Kneel Down and Apologize

Qiu Jin’s very few fans began to defend:

[Qiu Jin is not such a person. He has never beaten anyone before. There must be a reason.]

[The video was obviously edited! Without knowing the entire situation, how can you pour dirty water on someone like this?]

The entire situation? I have it here!

A marketing account came out to make explosive allegations. It said that Qiu Jin and Xiang Xi were recording a show on the beach, and Xiang Xi was only exchanging a few words with someone else, but Qiu Jin rushed over like mad saying that he wanted to beat up that other person.

Qiu Jin had previously pursued Xiang Xi with shameless enthusiasm. The fans could all remember this clearly. When this kind of conjectured situation came out, they were basically eighty to ninety percent convinced that this was the truth.

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Xiang Xi’s fans were extremely hostile to Qiu Jin, and when the news came out, it added fuel to the fire.

Fifty million fans have amazing fighting power, and they soon put this case on the top 1 of the hot search.

Even passersby who weren’t originally invested in the situation also poked their heads in. A few opinionated bloggers even joined in on the discussion, and talked up this matter to the point of ABO sexism.

ABO sexism was already originally a sensitive topic, and people on Weibo have always torn into each other really fiercely over it. Now that this incident about Qiu Jin came out, everyone found an outlet to let out their grievances. They accused Qiu Jin and pulled the entire alpha group into the ring [of debate].

“ABO Daily” had once pointed Qiu Jin out by name and criticized him. This video only added fuel to the fire.

Due to the madness of the netizens, the local Public Security Bureau official Wei Ping’an posted a message on Weibo, which said that they were investigating this matter, and netizens were asked to calm down and earnestly abide by cyber security regulations.

Qiu Jin was completely unaware of all this. That evening, while they were eating a delicious seafood dinner, his phone exploded [with the news].

After looking over Weibo, Qiu Jin was stupefied. This was too f*cking shameless [of Wang Hang].

“I’m sorry I implicated you,” Xiang Xi apologized with a blushing face. “This matter happened because of me. I will definitely handle it.”

However, when Xiang Xi opened the Weibo app, he found that the login information had expired. After he re-entered the login information, he was prompted that his password was incorrect.

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This is because the management company was afraid that he would say something wrong and changed the password again.

Xiang Xi called his agent: “Why the password has been changed again? Send it to me immediately!”

“Xixi*, ah. We’re dealing with it right now.”

[*T/N: Xixi – a nickname for Xiang Xi. It’s a repetition of the single character that is in his first name.]

“What are you dealing with? I’ll do it myself,” Xiang Xi was a little anxious and his tone became impatient. “The situation is not like what they’re saying, Qiu Jin was framed.”

The person who had never wanted to see Qiu Jin before, now wanted to speak up for him?

The agent was stunned: “Did you get sick? If you’ve been abducted then give me a wink.”

Xiang Xi was not in the mood to joke with him. There was suppressed anger in his voice when he said, “Give me the password quickly!”

“Okay, okay, okay, I’ll give it to you.” But the manager couldn’t stew on the situation any longer. In a warning tone, he said, “But baobei’er*, you have to tell me what is the relationship between you and Qiu Jin now? This way, we can know how to lead the development of events on our side.”

[*T/N: 宝贝儿 baobei’er – a varient of 宝贝 baobei, which means “treasured object, darling, or baby.” In my personal opinion, this agent seems a bit patronizing so far. He’s calling his client by such intimate nicknames like “Xixi” and now “baobei’er.” Based on my limited knowledge of Chinese it doesn’t seem very professional. I think the author is trying to make a point about how an omega talent is being treated like a child in the entertainment industry.]

Xiang Xi paused for a while, and then said: “…We don’t really have much of a relationship, just stop besmirching his name.”

Agent: ???

Were we the ones besmirching him? Wasn’t it you who cursed him out the most?

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

Xiang Xi looked into Weibo. He didn’t say much. He just directly dumped a video online and wrote: Qiu Jin helped me. The rumors on the Internet are all false. This is the so-called truth.

—The gland patch was going to fall off anyways, so I was just helping you tear it off.

—Your pheromones smell so good, you shouldn’t hide it…

—We’re going out to sea later, so you want to come along and play together? I bought a new yacht.

—Aren’t you just some actor? It’s an honor for you that I sought you out. Don’t be so f*cking arrogant, not knowing how to appreciate the favor of others!

—It’s normal to joke around! You omegas are too sensitive.


In the video, Wang Hang’s victimized image changed. He had an arrogant and extravagantly domineering face. He was vulgar and obscene. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it was sexual harassment.

Public opinion reversed instantly.

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