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This Alpha’s Pheromones 4

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Chapter 4 – AA is Also Fine?

[T/N: The raws often shorten alpha and omega to A and O. So AA would be alpha x alpha.]

Although the original host got himself into quite the quagmire, he was still once at the apex of the entertainment circle.

Qiu Jin made his debut at the age of 16. At the age of 18, relying his high-quality appearance and his well off family background, he hit the big time in the entertainment circle. At that time, Xiang Xi was just some nobody who had just entered the circle.

The two of them worked together on a traveling variety show and baited the audience as a couple. One side was trying to hype up the show, but the other side caught feelings. After this, Qiu Jin started to unrelentingly pursue the other. He was simply the poster child for shamate*, his actions were lowbrow and without taste.

[*T/N: 杀马特 sha ma te – Chinese subculture of young urban migrants, usually of low education, with exaggerated hairstyles, heavy make-up, flamboyant costumes, piercings, etc. A loanword from “smart.”]

On Xiang Xi’s birthday, he sent him a luxury car. Not only did he gifted him such a heavy present, he also flooded his Moments* with messages, and at Xiang Xi’s concert, he rushed up on stage to offer him a kiss, making Xiang Xi turn green in the face.

[*T/N: Moments – social networking function of smartphone app WeChat]

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

After his confession was rejected, he stated publicly on Weibo*: “Little Kitty, you can’t escape from the palm of my hand.”

[*T/N: Weibo – microblogging]

Not only this, he also sent a large-scale photo of himself @ Xiang Xi, and bluntly said: “Omega, are you satisfied with what you see?”

[T/N: 又发自己的大尺度照片艾特项希 I’m a little uncertain of this sentence. I can’t figure out if Qiu Jin sent a “large-scale photo of himself” or if he straight up just sent a “d*ck pic.” The symbol @ was written in the raws (艾特 ai te = at symbol, @), which makes me think that it’s a digital photo, so “large-scale photo” didn’t make sense to me, unless the author meant “high-resolution photo,” which I doubt… Either way, it’s an unsolicited photo. So, poor Xiang Xi.

Edit: Whimsy confirmed that yes it was a nude photo.]

For goodness sake! What kind of incomparable weirdo was this?

Qiu Jin scrolled through those Weibo posts and was almost embarrassed to death.

Because of this, Qiu Jin became the biggest laughing stock in the entertainment circle of this century. His excessive harassment of Xiang Xi was so extreme that “ABO Daily” newspaper criticized him by name. His style of doing things was terrible, polluting the entertainment circle’s ecology, and he was on the edge of being shut out.

His family dearly wished to sever ties with him. There was no need to mention the pitiful Xiang Xi, his fans were already all outraged on his behalf, cawing out like crows: just what kind of sin did our child commit, to have such a greasy* badaozongcai** take a fancy to him?

[*T/N: greasy = sickening / disgusting / nauseating / too much / over the top / overwhelming]

[**T/N: 霸道总裁 ba dao zong cai: handsome high-powered businessman (a type of character in an eponymous genre of romantic fiction who typically has a soft spot for a girl of lower social status), i.e. Tsukasa Doumyouji from “Boys Over Flowers”]

He had the title of ex-sexiest alpha in the entertainment circle, but he personally wrecked this good card with his own hands.

As for why there’s an “ex” in front, that’s because he was too greasy. Due to his various lowbrow behaviors, he was expelled from the ranks of “sexiest alpha” by the fans.

Qiu Jin looked at his selfie on Weibo. His shirt was half opened, and he was winking and smiling charmingly at the camera…

[T/N: This selfie might be the photo he had sent to Xiang Xi…]

This expression of rapture, this posture brimming with enticement… Exactly how the hell did he use such proper facial features to make such a greasy expression?

If he were Xiang Xi, he also would not want himself, okay?

You have to know, this face of his, in his original world he had used it to craft a cold and cheerless public persona. After he transmigrated and became an omega, he was even more aloof, portraying the appearance of someone not open to playful disrespect.

…Aye, let’s not think about this anymore. The more he thought about this, the angrier he got.

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Qiu Jin originally wanted to delete those pictures, but when he saw those photos, his movements suddenly stopped.

The once paper man became vivid and lifelike. He could not bear to do it. These were the vestiges of someone who had once lived.

In the end, Qiu Jin still failed to delete those photos. A black history was also very good.

Don’t forget past events, for they can guide you in future.

As soon as he got home, his agent called in.

The agent didn’t know that he went to compare d*ck sizes with Ji Shenxiao. He only knew that Qiu Jin performed a strong kabedon on Xiang Xi, was beaten and scolded, and someone had even filmed a short video and posted it online.

Before Qiu Jin transmigrated over, the Film Emperor under Ji Shenxian’s movie and television company was holding a birthday banquet at a hotel. He invited all the big name people within the entertainment circle.

In the book, this was a stage for promoting the leading roles’ affections for each other. Naturally Ji Shenxiao and Xiang Xi would show their faces at this event.

Don’t know how, but Qiu Jin also got in there. He followed Xiang Xi for a long time and finally found an opportunity to block Xiang Xi in front of the washroom door, to once again madly declare his love.

Xiang Xi was so annoyed. Under these intolerable circumstances, he made offensive remarks to the previous eighteen generations of Qiu Jin’s ancestors. He also bluntly said that the person he liked was Ji Shenxiao, and that Qiu Jin, this sum man, should just give up already.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

This was the first time that the original host heard that Xiang Xi liked someone else. Qiu Jin was furious and he followed Ji Shenxiao to the open-air swimming pool. He was the sexiest alpha in the entertainment circle. He wanted to see just what was so great about Ji Shenxiao!

While Qiu Jin was comparing sizes with Ji Shenxiao, Xiang Xi had broken his little immortal* omega public persona and there were already several lead stories about it on the net.

[*T/N: “immortal” as in a fairy or deity, a heavenly or celestial being]

#Xiang Xi’s public persona collapsed#

#Xiang Xi screaming profanity#

#Xiang Xi’s explosive confession of love for Ji Shenxiao#

#Qiu Jin has no sense of shame#

Qiu Jin’s shamelessness was already commonplace by now. The key point this time was that Xiang Xi’s public person collapsed in one night, and the whole network was shocked.

[My gosh! Xiang Xi actually has such a dirty mouth? Where did he learn those words?]

[Zu’an Stage. If you have the guts then come and fight me.]

[Zu’an, your mother. His little immortal omega image has collapsed. You still don’t want to admit it?]

[So what if he was cursing? Laozi immortal fairy will curse you! If Qiu Jin pursued you like this, can you not curse at him?]

(T/N: The above commenter is calling herself an immortal fairy (a play on Xiang Xi’s “immortal” image) and using the arrogant pronoun for I. So she’s defending Xiang Xi.)

[Let me say it straight, if Qiu Jin pursued me like this, I would have agreed long ago…]

[Agreed +1]

[Agreed +10086]

[For real. Qiu Jin may be greasy, but he is really handsome. Forget about kabedon, I would be willing to birth a little monkey for him…]

[Commenter above, have you gone crazy from your alpha fantasies? You can even say these kinds of words? What kind of ill luck has our Xiang Xi ran into, to be entangled with this kind of person.]

“Ahhhhhhh! I’m so annoyed! Why can’t Qiu Jin just go and die!”

Xiang Xi smashed his phone against the wall. His previously aloof and cold face was filled with hot anger.

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  1. The MC doesn’t have restrictions in this series. I wonder how Xiang Xi would react if the MC told him the original Qiu Jin really has died.

    1. Probably wouldn’t go over well since this isn’t a supernatural world, so I think the MC is going to keep quiet about that and just reform his character.

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