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This Alpha’s Pheromones 40

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Chapter 40 – Evil Has Its Retribution*

[*T/N: evil has its retribution – this is a Chinese idiom that seems pretty self explanatory, which means “to suffer the consequences of one’s bad deeds,” but the other meaning I found was an interesting phrase so I wanted to share it: “sow the wind and reap the whirlwind” (Hosea 8:7)]

The idol that they had put on a pedestal was bullied so badly, the Xi fans* immediately burst into tears. Oh, how they wished they could beat up that scumbag eighty times over!

[*T/N: 希粉 Xi fans – this is what the fans of Xiang Xi call themselves]

[Boo hoo hoo, why is our little cub so miserable? He’s always bumping into strange people!]

[Good thing Qiu Jin arrived on the scene. I suddenly feel like he is not that annoying anymore.]

[+1, Qiu Jin was such a gentleman. If I were on the scene, I would definitely smash that scumbag’s unmentionables!]

[I have to say, compared with the scumbag in the video, Qiu Jin’s previous approach to Xiang Xi was somewhat low-brow and his methods were a little smarmy, but at least it didn’t make me want to hurl.]

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Qiu Jin’s fans were finally able to throw up their noses and blow off some steam:

[Gege has always been a good person. It’s just that he didn’t know how to express it before.]

[Ahhhhhh, today’s also the day when gege shows off just how alpha he is!]

Xiang Xi’s agent was almost scared to death, and quickly called Xiang Xi like his life depended on it: “Why didn’t you tell me about such a big thing happening? You even posted a video privately!”

Xiang Xi raised his eyebrows: “What’s the matter? I solved it all, didn’t I?”

The agent explained painstakingly, saying that this kind of statement is best posted by the studio. To have Xiang Xi step into the proverbial battlefield himself was too much. It would turn the entire comment area into a bloody storm.

“Bloody storm?” Xiang Xi sneered, “If anyone dares to come at me, the Xi fans will scold them to death.”

The agent’s concerns were actually quite reasonable. If the main person involved in the entire affair were to step into the field, all the fans that were just eating popcorn and watching from the sidelines would get roped in. In addition, the person employed to post messages on the Internet would also step in, and then all kinds of negative voices would flood the comment area.

[I’ve wanted to say this all along, if Xiang Xi did not give Qiu Jin a hint, would Qiu Jin have pestered him for so long? Then why didn’t Qiu Jin chase after someone else, huh?]

[These two people are really disgusting. Pushing, pulling, pestering… one is willing to pursue and one is willing to endure. I say this is probably all planned to hype things up in the media!]

[If you’re recording a show then just record the show. Why are you sunbathing all of a sudden? Showing off his nape like that, isn’t he just asking for someone to tear off his gland patch?]

Haters and Xi fans started tearing into each other. But the straight alpha men* had no limits, and the words they used were dirty and foul, just one of them could fight off a hundred people, whereas Xiang Xi’s fans were mostly young girls, so they quickly lost the verbal battle and they kept crying about how filthy this world was.

[*T/N: “直A男 straight alpha men” – the original Chinese phrase is “直男 straight men,” but the author added “alpha” in the middle because of the ABO setting. It’s basically the Chinese version of “toxic masculinity” and has nothing to do with sexual orientation.]

Just then, Qiu Jin shared a live link on Weibo.

Some curious netizens clicked into the link and heard the sound of waves coming from the video.

After a while, the video finished loading and it revealed Qiu Jin sitting in a small garden. His clear voice slowly rang out.

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“I didn’t intend to say anything, but I didn’t expect to see so many people who has been harassed on the Internet. If you don’t know what to do, you can watch this video when you have some free time.”

“First of all, I want to make a statement about me hitting someone. It is indeed wrong to hit another person, but if I meet people like Wang Hang again, I will hit them whenever I see them. I hope you can do the same.”

Netizens: ???

[Are you crazy? You actually dare to say such things?]

[That’s right, man. Is there really something wrong with Qiu Jin’s head?]

[You guys are the ones with something wrong with you. He is teaching you how to resist harassment.]

[A beating is considered a light punishment. In my opinion, this kind of person should be castrated.]

Qiu Jin: “I didn’t expect this incident to make it’s way onto the Internet, but I am also very thankful that Xiang Xi stepped up because people need to know that omegas being harassed is not a trivial matter.”

When he said this, Qiu Jin was sitting on a white-painted iron chair. Behind him was a blooming rosebush, and a big tree was swaying in the night breeze.

His words were neither too fast nor too slow, but his gaze was unprecedentedly solemn.

“I’ve heard people say things like:

“I was just looking at you, does that count as harassment?

“You’re not even letting people look at you? But who told you to be so unrestrained and wild?

“Didn’t you dress up like this to have people look at you? Who told you to wear so little?

“There were also people who’ve said: Who told you to be an omega? If you restrain your pheromones properly, would alphas get affected by you?”

[+1 +1! I’ve heard those exact same things!]

[Those straight alpha men’s minds are just filled with mud!]

[Tell us more! I want to see what else the extremely straight alpha men like to say!]

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  1. So basically omegas in this universe are treated like the women of our world. Wow. Just wow. I will never ever understand what goes on in people’s minds when the blame a girl’s way of dressing for their attraction. Like dude are you an animal who is incapable of controlling its base instinct? Istg this kind of primitive and uneducated thinking makes me so freaking FURIOUS. I am glad the author is trying to address it.
    Thank you for the translation???

  2. Sexual harasser logic is like “Why would you decorate your house if you didn’t want strangers to piss all over it?” ☠

  3. Thank you for the chapter!!! <3

    Idc what other people's beliefs are but when it comes to matters like this one… they should be educated!!! Qiu Jin rocks and I love how Xiang Xi stepped in as well.

  4. It seems that this novel will still tackle topics that are usually covered in an ABO. Not many may know it, but the ABO has been used to talk about female segregation, sexual abuse and harassment. That feeling you get when you’re a woman and you understand it, when you know what she’s going through… This difficult feeling of helplessness and insecurity, ah…

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