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This Alpha’s Pheromones 41

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Chapter 41 – Evil Has Its Retribution

Qiu Jin didn’t open the comments barrage. He just expressed his thoughts and feelings based on his experiences from his previous and current life.

“They say that omegas are born depraved, always craving for alphas, and if you got bitten then you deserved it.

“They say that omegas are synonymous with beauty, fragility, wetness, and sensuality.

“They say that alphas are natural conqueror, and that omegas are accessories. We do not do this on purpose, but in the susceptible period, the physiological impulse cannot be controlled.

“But is this really the case? Being bullied, but still having to live under their system?

“I hope you remember that nothing should be considered inevitable. If someone curses at you, then curse back. If someone hits you, then hit back. The ABO ratio in this world is 2:7:1. If you don’t speak up, they will think that you have no voice.

“It is not a trivial matter to be looked at [with perverted intentions]. It is not trivial to be harassed by words. And it is definitely not a trivial matter for an alpha to remove your gland patch.

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“Omegas need to remember this, and alphas should pay attention to this point even more.”

The live broadcast ended there.

Qiu Jin went to bed after saying his piece, completely unaware that his remarks caused an uproar on the Internet.

When they saw Qiu Jin post this video, they thought that he was going to give some sort of weird monologue. Maybe he would spin the tale as the heroic rescue of a damsel in distress and clamor for credit. They were prepared to have a good laugh when they clicked into the video. But they were shocked by the contents.

[WTF??? With such a high level of awareness, was this really the same straight alpha male Qiu Jin from before???]

[I’m f*cking crying here. We have also encountered this kind of harassment when we went to the beach before. When I resisted, they said, you omegas are dressed so revealing, isn’t it just for us to look at? I was so angry at the time, but I was so dumbfounded and didn’t know how to counter. QAQ]

[That’s easy, just say: Go f*ck yourself. If I don’t wear a bikini at the beach, then am I supposed to wear it to your f*cking grave?]


Qiu Jin’s live broadcast attracted a large crowd of people, and fans rose at a speed visible to the naked eye. The official WeChat account of the “ABO Daily” who criticized him even reposted his video and liked it.

But there were also a lot of straight alpha men trying to undermine him. They said he was a dog wagging his tail for omegas. They said that he was being hypocritical, and that he only made such declarations in order to sleep with Xiang Xi.

But their words were inundated and pressed down by the favorable opinions of a enormous wave of passing strangers, so much so that they were pulled through the wringer a few hundred times.

Public opinion has turned completely.

Not only that, the omnipotent netizens dug up almost all of Wang Hang’s information. He studied at a third-rate university in the United States, spent money like water, was extremely lustful, and was a complete player.

A high school classmate broke the news that Wang Hang harassed omega classmates in high school and should have been expelled, but he had a powerful dad who kept his records clean and got him out of the country.

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Some overseas classmates broke the news that Wang Hang relied on his family relationship to bully classmates wantonly, and even had a history of consuming marijuana.

Netizens became curious. Who was this person? He was such a cocky bastard.

What? He’s the son of Dewen City Deputy Mayor Wang Ruida?

The sharp-eyed netizens immediately saw that the watch on Wang Hang’s wrists was worth millions, and the yacht he spoke of was worth more than tens of millions. Even his mother was a shopaholic and would swipe credit cards left and right without hesitation.

Does a deputy mayor have so much money to allow his family to live such a luxurious life?

While Wang Hang was unaware, his living nightmare was brewing.


In the afternoon, Wang Hang was hopping mad. With anger clouding his brain, he schemed up a wave of black material.

At first he was satisfied with the way the winds were blowing, but gradually, the other side released a video that reversed the situation. So he got someone to blacken Xiang Xi.

Xiang Xi was an unattainable omega, like a lofty flower that was too high to reach. There would always be nasty people who were bitter about not being able to obtain such an eminent omega. Thus, seeing all this black material on Xiang Xi pouring out, one by one, these vile people took the chance to throw stones at him while he was down.

Although Xiang Xi has a lot of fans, Wang Hang purposely chose the black-powder fans that liked to curse at people and followed them one by one. After watching the progression of the situation for a while, Wang Hang was finally satisfied. After harshly f*cking the omega beside him, he submerged into a deep sleep.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

Then, in the middle of the night, he was woken up by a slap to the face.

Wang Hang was furious: “Who the f*ck is seeking death…”

When his vision cleared and he saw the person who had slapped him, all his curses clogged up in his throat.

Wang Hang restrained his vicious temper and asked in a placating tone: “Dad? Why are you here?”

“Why am I here? If I don’t come, I will be ruined because of you!” Wang Ruida grabbed Wang Hang by the ear. “Get over here! Put on your clothes and go apologize!”

“Apologize for what?” Wang Hang grabbed a handful of clothes and pushed away the shivering omega, but his face was still a mask of confusion.

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