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This Alpha’s Pheromones 42

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Chapter 42 – Evil Has Its Retribution

“I have been careful and cautious all my life, yet how did I raise a trash like you!” Wang Ruida was almost incensed to the point of death. “Do you know who you have offended?”

“They’re just two small celebrities!” Wang Hang said, bewildered. “Dad, don’t you always ignore my private life?”

“Small celebrities. Do you know who is behind those small celebrities?” Wang Ruida kicked out in anger. “Take a look for yourself, a wristwatch that costs a million, a yacht that cost ten million, squandering money like water abroad… you, you’re causing so much f*cking trouble for me!”

Wang Hang: “Just delete it from the hot search!”

“Is your brain made out of mush? If I can delete it, would I be so anxious right now?”

Wang Hang finally realized something was wrong and became serious: “What do you mean?”

“The Ji family intervened.”

When he said this, Wang Ruida seemed to have aged several years in an instant.

“But aren’t you the deputy mayor? And you’ll be promoted to the mayor soon, right? No matter how powerful the Ji family is, aren’t they just ordinary businessmen?”

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“You know jack sh*t. Ordinary businessmen. F*cking hell…” Wang Ruida became more and more angry. He slapped Wang Hang again. “I shouldn’t have let your mom raise you into such rubbish! Get up and follow me. We’re going to go find Mr. Ji to apologize. If he doesn’t forgive you, then you can scram out of the country.”

At eight o’ clock in the morning, the Wang family’s father and son pair waited for Ji Shenxiao at the entrance of the small villa.

Ji Shenxiao was in the courtyard, sitting on the chair that Qiu Jin had sat on last night. Behind him, roses carpeted the ground.

Wang Ruida was so worried that he didn’t sleep at all. Upon seeing Ji Shenxiao, he immediately greeted him and eagerly said: “Mr. Ji, Wang Hang was in the wrong this time. I will hand him over to you right now. His punishment will be entirely up to you.”

“Dad?” Wang Hang raised his head in disbelief. “They bullied me. Not only are you not helping me, but you’re taking their side to throw stones at me?!”

Wang Ruida was almost annoyed to the point of death. He kicked his son. “Shut up!”

Wang Hang clutched his calf and felt so aggrieved: “Isn’t it just an omega? I just tore off the gland patch on his neck. Is it worth making such a big fuss over a minor issue?”

While Wang Hang was kicking up a fuss, Wang Ruida apologized to Ji Shenxiao in his stead. He was groveling so much, that it was almost as low as the dust on the ground.

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Ji Shenxiao sat upon the chair with a faint expression on his face: “As Mayor Wang can see, this is the attitude of your son. I don’t think we need his apology.”

[T/N: Ji Shenxiao is using very polite speech here, and because of how polite he is, it actually carries an undertone of sarcasm, especially when he uses the phrase “令公子 ling gong zi” to say “your son.” It roughly translates to “your honorable son” or “the (virtuous) son of an official.” It’s also funny because the term “公子 gong zi” is rather dated and most people would not use it in casual modern-day speech.]

“Mr. Ji, please give me another chance. It’s because my family was not strict in his education. It is I who did not manage my son well.” Wang Ruida was feeling so regretful that he wanted to give himself a few big slaps across the face. “I will discipline him in the future. It won’t happen anymore.”

“Mayor Wang must be joking. I am just an ordinary businessman. How could I be worthy of giving you another chance?” Ji Shenxiao’s tone was very polite, but the look in his eyes was cold enough to make one shiver. It was as if he was looking at some long dead thing.

“Not to mention, opportunities are what we give to ourselves. When you did those things back then, didn’t you think about how you might one day be exposed?”

“But… but I’m not the only one who did those things. Right now is when the change of term is happening, I am afraid…”

“But what does this have to do with me?” Ji Shenxiao’s voice was cold, as if he was listening to a joke.

Seeing that kind of gaze, Wang Ruida’s heart instantly turned cold, but he had no other way, so he could only keep begging: “We have a partnership relationship. I’m the one taking care of the Lanhou Island project. If something were to happen to me… things wouldn’t be easy on your end either, Mr. Ji!”

Ji shenxiao stood up: “Mayor Wang, please go back.”

“Mr. Ji!”

No matter how he begged, Ji Shenxiao never looked back at him.

Wang Ruida closed his eyes, knowing that there was absolutely no room for maneuver in this matter.

On the way back, he repeatedly urged and warned his son: “You pack your things and go abroad with your mom quickly. The two suites in Beijing will be transferred to Uncle Wang’s name.”

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Wang Hang was still in a daze, a look of bewilderment on his face: “Dad? What is going on?”

Wang Ruida covered his face, exhausted: “Just go. Don’t ask. If you dither, you won’t be able to leave anymore.”

That afternoon, Wang Hang was preparing for a security check at the airport, but was told by the ground crew that there was a problem with his checked luggage. He didn’t think much about it at the time, thinking it was a battery or something. He didn’t dare to cause trouble now, and took the initiative to follow them.

Unexpectedly, the ground service took him farther and farther away, until they finally walked into a small room.

Wang Hang raised his head vigilantly, and two young men in police uniform appeared in his line of sight…

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  2. ??? I was honestly afraid they were going to let it all slide after all. I hope he and his father get punished. Boss Ji is right to not listen to anything the father said. The fact that the father’s been covering up all his son’s crimes all these years and still have him loose on society shows that he himself shares the same views and is only upset now because they got caught. Disgusting!!

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