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This Alpha’s Pheromones 44

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Chapter 44 – Super Sweet Pheromones

When Qiu Jin came downstairs after taking a shower, he saw Xiang Xi standing by the dining table. Seeing Qiu Jin come over, Xiang Xi immediately raised his head, as if he had made up his mind about something.

Qiu Jin: “Something up?”

Xiang Xi hesitated: “It’s about the thing that happened that day, I want to thank…”

Oh, so it turned out that Xiang Xi was here to thank him, but because he disliked Qiu Jin yet wanted to express his gratitude, he became so hesitant.

Qiu Jin saw his embarrassment and said lightly: “Don’t force it if you don’t want to say it, I’m fine.”

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Qiu Jin was trying to be considerate of the other party, but Xiang Xi took it as sarcasm. Xiang Xi placed Qiu Jin’s breakfast in front of him and spoke with a red face: “Either way, I gave it [the breakfast] to you, whether you eat it or not is up to you…!”

Qiu Jin looked at the mushy noodles in the bowl with a complicated expression. “Then, I thank you?”

It was as if he had taken a huge blow, Xiang Xi left even quicker.

Standing off to the side was Shan Wen. He explained: “He made it with his own hands, and he burnt his hands several times. He said it was a thank you gift for your help.”

Qiu Jin: “…”

No need. There was really no need. It was enough to just say thank you. Why did he have to go to such trouble?

But Qiu Jin did not refuse the bowl of noodles. Although the noodles looked ugly, they were not unpalatable. Qiu Jin quickly finished eating, and even drank all the soup.

It was still raining in the morning, so all the outdoor activities were cancelled. Everyone found a space and passed the time in twos and threes.

Qiu Jin sat for a while. He felt a little dizzy, so he said that he was going to go upstairs to sleep. Immediately afterwards, Xiang Xi also stood up and said that he felt uncomfortable and wanted to go lie down.

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His limbs felt so weak, as if there weren’t even a thread of strength in them, and his head felt so dizzy. Qiu Jin shrunk into the quilt, and thought to himself that he would not run so far next time.

An indistinct fragrance lingered in his nose. Qiu Jin intermittently thought of his time when he was an omega.

In his previous life, he had transmigrated into a singer. He remembered that it was also a rainy day on the day he held the concert.

“Jin-ge, it’s time for you to go on stage,” the staff member reminded him.

Listening to the rain outside, Qiu Jin was somewhat absentminded for a moment.

His close friend, Duan Liu, asked him: “Are you worried about the estrus period?”

“Yeah, I always feel a little uneasy,” Qiu Jin clenched and unclenched his hand with a trace of sadness between his brows. “Singing and dancing at the concert, the pheromones can easily get out of control, and there are so many people present, if it causes a commotion…”

“Don’t worry, the inhibitors this time are special. You can definitely get through this.”

Duan Liu took out a special inhibitor. It was specially developed for people with Pheromone Induction Syndrome.

Qiu Jin believed his words. After injecting the drug, he went on stage as usual.

Unexpectedly, the inhibitor had been replaced with an inducer, and without suspecting anything Qiu Jin directly entered his estrus period in a stadium with fifty thousand people in attendance.

Pheromones that made people go crazy spread to every corner of the venue. Intense adoration raided the hearts of everyone present.

All eyes fell upon the person standing on stage, and everyone was moved to tears in unison.

How lucky they were. Just being able to look at that person on stage was already the supreme honor.

He was the god of the world. He was the light of the universe.

He inspired the most primitive desires, hopes, and enthusiasm in the human body.

People were crying, laughing, screaming, tearing their clothes, hugging other people’s bodies…

As if the strongest aphrodisiac was in the air, tens of thousands of people fell into a group frenzy.

On the stage, Qiu Jin’s jaw dropped open as he watched all of this in blank disbelief.

How could this be?

What did he do?

Why did the inhibitor fail?

Qiu Jin looked pass the crowds and his eyes locked on Duan Liu’s person. It was like an explosion had gone off in his head.

“It was you?”

Duan Liu, his very best friend, was standing off to the side with his arms crossed, as if he was enjoying a farce of a show.

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“Why are you doing this?” Qiu Jin looked at the man in front of him in disbelief, his voice trembling.

The man did not answer, but just reached out his hand with a gentle smile: “My beloved, it’s time to go.”

The top of the glass dome slowly opened, and cold raindrops fell upon his body. Qiu Jin raised his head and saw a helicopter hovering in the heavy rain. A rope ladder unraveled and fell in front of him.

After a moment of silence, Duan Liu’s smiling voice sounded: “Let me remind you that you shouldn’t want to stay here.”

Of course he didn’t want to stay here. At this time, the entire dome was turned into a sea of white flesh. The sight made him want to retch.

What’s more terrifying was that there were already out-of-control crowds crawling towards the stage.

He had no choice but to board the helicopter.

Amidst the sheets of heavy rain, the helicopter rose slowly out of the dome and flew towards a private island.

At this moment, a shocking thunder fell from the heavens, and the whole world was turned upside down in an instant.


When he opened his eyes again, Qiu Jin found that he had fallen into a swimming pool, and that he had transmigrated into an alpha with the same name and appearance as him. In front of him was an utterly discomfited Ji Shenxiao, but Qiu Jin was inexplicably relieved.

In this world, he would usher in a completely different life.

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The author has something to say:

I only realized when I wrote this part that if Qiu Jin were a black lotus, he would have become the king of the world in his previous life. There would be countless people crawling under his feet, and even if the sins are heinous, he is still pure and flawless.

Emmm…… This seems pretty cool too _(:з」∠)_

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  1. Thank you for the chapter!!! <3

    Blergh. Vomit for that 'friend' of his. Tbh although he doesn't gender discriminate, I'm a bit sad he'll still turn into an omega again even in his new life. I feel like this because of what he experienced from his previous life.

  2. The MC could of taken over the world with his god-tier pheremones… Better to be a black lotus or a green tea bitch than a naive and manipulated MC.

    1. When the black lotus or the green tea bitch is the antagonist they’re so annoying to read, but when they’re the protagonist, I find them so interesting to read. XD

  3. The way the author describes that scene reminded me of Jean Baptiste Grenouille and his mystical perfume from Perfume: The Story of A Murderer. A scent so fascinating a father could beg for forgiveness to the person that killed his daughter… It’s pretty scary.

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