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This Alpha’s Pheromones 45

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Chapter 45 – Without Wind There Cannot Be Waves*

[*T/N: “without wind there cannot be waves” – the Chinese version of “no smoke without fire”]

At some point, the rain outside the window stopped. From beyond the door, came the sound of multiple sets of footsteps one after another.

Qiu Jin sat up from the bed and narrowed his eyes impatiently: “Why is it so noisy outside?”

Ji Shenxiao: “Xiang Xi unexpectedly entered the estrus period.”

Qiu Jin said “Oh.” His brain was still a little slow, and then he asked: “Don’t you need to avoid the area for a bit?”

Ji Shenxiao was working at the small table next to the bed. He did not even look away from his work for a second: “I’m fine.”

Qiu Jin did not say any more. There was a dry itch coming from his throat. He tossed aside the blanket to get up for some water, but unexpectedly, his legs became soft as soon as he touched the floor. If he had not hurriedly grabbed hold of Ji Shenxiao’s bed for support, he would have fallen to the floor.

With such a big noise, Ji Shenxiao finally raised his head from the computer screen. His gaze swept across Qiu Jin’s face slowly and carefully, and he asked, “You have a fever?”

Qiu Jin sniffed: “Maybe I caught a cold in the rain.”

Ji Shenxiao stood up: “Sit down, what do you want?”

Qiu Jin raised his head in a daze. For a split second, he was suspended in disbelief. Did the sun rise from the west today*? Ji Shenxiao, this person who sought revenge over a dirty look**, was taking the initiative to care for him?

[*T/N: “Did the sun rise from the west today?” – The sun rises from the east, so this is a phrase to question an improbable or unlikely event]

[**T/N: “to seek revenge over a dirty look” is a Chinese idiom for someone who is small-minded or vindictive]

Seeing his dazed expression, Ji Shenxiao came over to him in two strides, and then asked, “Are you already muddleheaded from the fever?”

Qiu Jin finally regained his senses, and said, “I’m thirsty. I want to drink water.”


Watching Ji Shenxiao’s back as he went off to fetch water, Qiu Jin sat against the headboard and felt a little at a loss for a while.

After some time, Ji Shenxiao brought back a glass of warm water and also a thermometer.

“Take your temperature after drinking the water.” After saying this, he returned to his computer.

Qiu Jin opened up the packaging and clamped the thermometer with his armpit. He hissed at the icy cold feel of the thermometer.

As his body became heavier and heavier, Qiu Jin snuggled back into the bed. It felt like in the blink of an eye, the thermometer had finished reading his temperature and announced it with a beep.

Ji Shenxiao took the thermometer: “37.8℃, it’s not very serious.”

Qiu Jin tugged up the blanket: “Then I’ll go to sleep again, no need to call me for lunch.”

He had a dizzying dream that was too embarrassing to speak of.

It was hot and humid, and full of primitive desires.

It felt like his whole body was burning up, and he felt sticky and clammy. Just when he was about to burn to death, a cool hand supported his shoulder, and a crisp voice sounded in his ear: “Get up. Take some medicine before going to sleep again.”

The moment the cool hand touched him, Qiu Jin only felt like he had sunk into a vast ocean, and the cold water brushed his body, taking away all the heat and anxiety.

It was so comfortable. Qiu Jin could not help but to rub against it for a bit.

Ji Shenxiao’s eyes darkened, but he didn’t pull his hand back. He just reminded him: “Take the medicine first.”

Qiu Jin finally opened his eyelids. When he saw the face hovering in front of him clearly, he suddenly felt diffident: “You, when did you come here?”

He didn’t make any shameful noises, right?

Ji Shenxiao: “When you said it was very hot.”

Qiu Jin was dubious: “Nothing else?”


Qiu Jin breathed a sigh of relief, and obediently swallowed the medicine after thanking him.

After a while, Qiu Jin finally realized something was wrong. Instead of due to a cold, could he be affected by Xiang Xi’s heat?

He asked Ji Shenxiao: “Am I in a susceptible period?”

Ji Shenxiao glanced at him. The young man’s face was flushed, looking much more gentle and soft than usual. It was very different from his usual appearance of baring his fangs and brandishing his claws… he looked so delicate and charming.

Susceptibility period? He looked more like he was in his estrus period.

But Ji Shenxiao knew that Qiu Jin was not an omega, so he retracted his gaze and said lightly: “Maybe it is.”

Qiu Jin relaxed, and then he slept until two o’clock in the afternoon.

He recovered his vitality, but his body still felt sticky and clammy, and a little uncomfortable. It turned out that an alpha’s susceptibility period was also so difficult. It seemed like being a beta was better.

Qiu Jin took a shower, washed his clothes, and dried them on the rooftop. A lot of clothes have been hung on the rooftop, fluttering slowly in the sea breeze. The scent of home assaulted his nostrils.

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  1. Here it is, here it is!!!! I am more than happy to have an AA cp, but since I know qj will be an omega, I better move on fast from this idea. ??

    Thank you for the chapter!!! <3

  2. Thank you for translating this!
    Plus, this webnovel includes the alpha everyday life and most ABO novels have omega as protagonist so I’m really interested to see what happens next!

  3. QJ is an alpha right? Will there be a sudden circumstance and he will change into an omega? Or will it just be the scent?
    Thanks for the translation ?

    1. I read as I translate, so I’m not sure if it’s just the scent or his secondary gender, since I haven’t gotten up to that part. I personally hope he’s still an alpha. An AA pairing would be interesting. 🙂

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