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This Alpha’s Pheromones 46

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Chapter 46 – Without Wind There Cannot Be Waves

The leaves in the garden were still dewed with raindrops, giving off a crystal luster in the sunlight.

It was another sunny day.

After hanging up the clothes to dry, Qiu Jin went back downstairs to find something to eat.

There were some dishes left in the kitchen, so Qiu Jin simply heated them up and also made a bowl of cold noodles.

At some point in time, Ji Shenxiao had come over. “You’re cooking?”

“Huh?” Qiu Jin raised his head. Ji Shenxiao didn’t seem like the type of person to exchange pleasantries at random.

Ji Shenxiao: “Do you want me to help?”

“No need. I’m just making the cold noodle.”

Qiu Jin was wondering if Ji Shenxiao took the wrong medicine or something. Since when was he so kind?

Shan Wen chuckled: “He ate very little at noon, so he’s probably hungry.”

Qiu Jin arched an eyebrow: “Then how about I share some with you?”

Ji Shenxiao nodded very reservedly: “Yes.”

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Qiu Jin added some more noodles to the pot. After cooling the noodles, he added some sesame oil to it. Then he had Ji Shenxiao go to the field to pick a cucumber, shred it, and mix it into the cold noodles. Qiu Jin also added some shredded chicken breasts. He sprinkled in some chopped scallion, ginger, garlic, and other seasoning sauces, and finally topped it with a dash of chili oil. The fragrance was mouth-watering.

Shan Wen sighed with deep emotion: “Eat some more. We’ll be done recording this weekend.”

Qiu Jin: “That fast?”

Ji Shenxiao lowered his head and made a sniffing gesture. Qiu Jin was so stiff that it looked like he could hardly move. Then he heard Ji Shenxiao asking him: “Did you use any perfume?”

Qiu Jin took a step back: “No, what’s the matter?”

Ji Shenxiao: “You smell really good.”

“Xiang Xi’s pheromones probably rubbed off on me.” Qiu Jin didn’t think too much of it. He handed a bowl of cold noodles to Ji Shenxiao.

During dinner that night, Qiu Jin also smelled the scent of pheromones. He wrinkled his brows as he looked at Ji Shenxiao: “Why aren’t you controlling your pheromones?”

Ji shenxiao thought that Qiu Jin was deliberately taking revenge for what he had said during the daytime, so he didn’t reply for a moment.

This, however, perked Geng Leyue’s interest: “You can smell Ji-ge’s scent?”

Qiu Jin’s face was full of bewilderment: “Why is that not good?”

“Because Ji-ge has a pheromone disorder. His pheromones are usually very well hidden, so no one know what he smells like.” At this point, Geng Leyue squinted his eyes, “Since you can smell it, then why don’t you say what it smells like?”

Qiu Jin: “It’s icy cold, a bit chilly, and bit salty, but not disagreeable.”

“Isn’t that just the scent of a sea breeze? If I take a breath, even I can smell it.” Geng Leyue thought he was lying, and soon lost interest.

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The dinner conversation quickly moved to another topic, but Ji Shenxiao slowly frowned.

His pheromones did indeed smell like that. The question was how did Qiu Jin know?

After dinner, Ji Shenxiao called his personal doctor: “If someone can smell my pheromones, what does it mean?”

Like Geng Leyue had said, Ji Shenxiao did indeed have a pheromone disorder. To be precise, it was Pheromone Reception Disorder. He could feel other people’s pheromones, but he was limited to the scent. It was like smelling apples or peaches, but he could not receive the sexual information implicit in the pheromones.

To some extent, this was a good thing. It meant that he would not be affected by the pheromones emitted during an omega’s estrus period. But the pheromones between alphas and omegas were complementary. While alphas could control omegas, omegas could also placate alphas.

All these years, Ji Shenxiao has been using medication to suppress his disorder, but the side effects have become more and more obvious, such as indifference, irritability, and occasional mania… Every patient with Pheromone Reception Disorder would encounter this kind of situation.

But Ji Shenxiao has always restrained himself very well. Practically no one has ever seen him lose control.

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