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This Alpha’s Pheromones 47

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Chapter 47 – Without Wind There Cannot Be Waves

Hearing Ji Shenxiao’s update on his disorder, the doctor was also happy for him: “Maybe your symptoms have alleviated. Come here for a checkup as soon as possible.”

Ji Shenxiao nodded and said okay. He was also a bit flabbergasted. Could it be that taking this vacation was really good for his health? Then could Lanhou Island also be advertised as a sacred place for pheromone recuperation?

He quickly told Lu Pingyin about this proposal and explained the changes in his body. Lu Pingyin replied that he would contact an expert for professional testing.

Almost immediately after he hung up, he received a call from Gu Shuyi in the next second.

“Who was able to smell your pheromones? Am I about to get a daughter-in-law?!”

“Mom,” Ji Shenxiao said helplessly, “Don’t believe in the rain on hearing the wind*. It’s my roommate.”

[*T/N: “to believe in the rain on hearing the wind” is an idiom for “to believe in rumors”]

“Roommate?” Gu Shuyi frowned, “Is he an alpha?”

“Yeah, it might just be a special case, don’t think too much.”

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“Ay, if only he were an omega then that would be wonderful, even a beta would do, ah.” Gu Shuyi sighed. “Then can you smell the other person’s pheromone, too?”

There was a long silence before Ji Shenxiao nodded: “Yes.”

“Then do you have the urge…”

Ji Shenxiao was speechless: “How is that possible? The other person is an alpha.”

“Why is it an alpha, ah?” Gu Shuyi felt a little regretful, but then quickly regained her vigor, and asked, “What is that person like?”

Ji Shenxiao thought for a while, and said, “He’s quite an interesting person.”

Interesting was good. This was a pretty high evaluation [coming from Ji Shenxiao]. It sounded more inclusive than adjectives like pretty or cute. Weren’t stories all written like this? Sometime like: “Woman, you have aroused my interest. What a fascinating person.”

For her blockhead of a son to have this kind of evaluation on someone, Gu Shuiyi was already quite satisfied. So she did not ask for details and just chatted with her son about some trivial matters.

On the other end, Qiu Jin went to the rooftop to collect his clothes after eating. He ended up receiving a strong gust of wind to the face, and he could faintly feel a piece of clothing land atop his head. But before he could deal with it, he got some dust in his eye.

While he was distracted, he vaguely detected a silhouette flit by. Qiu Jin immediately called for them, “Hey friend, can you help me blow [the dust from] my eye?”

No one answered him, but Qiu Jin heard footsteps. After a while, a slightly low voice sounded from above his head: “Move your hand away first.”

“Ji, President Ji?”

Qiu Jin recognized this voice, and immediately became overcautious.

“Don’t move.”

The man pressed his warm palm on his eyelid and blew gently on his eye.

Qiu Jin could only feel a coolness blowing on his eye. When he blinked again, the uncomfortable feeling disappeared.

“All right now?”

Qiu Jin blinked some more. The sensation of a foreign substance in his eye has completely disappeared. He heaved a sigh of relief and nodded at the other party.

“Thank you!”

Ji Shenxiao took a step back automatically. There was a somewhat subtle expression in his gaze.

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Qiu Jin then remembered that there was something on his head and explained: “The wind was really strong just now, and it accidentally blew something onto my head…”

He pulled the article of clothing off his head and looked at it, and became dumbfounded in a flash.

Why the f*ck did it have to be a pair of black briefs?! Even worse, this seemed to belong to Ji Shenxiao!

Qiu Jin: “…”

If I say that this is a misunderstanding, will he believe me? Qiu Jin thought.

No wonder Ji Shenxiao took him for a pervert.

Qiu Jin hastily hid the underwear behind his body, smile awkwardly, and tried to put on a nonchalant expression: “The wind is so strong today!”

It was so strong that it blew a pair of underwear onto his head!

Ji Shenxiao’s gaze swept across Qiu Jin. With an expression that was like a smile yet not a smile, he said, “Yes, it’s quite strong.”

Qiu Jin breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that the other party was going to kindly let this one slide, but unexpectedly, in the next moment, Ji Shenxiao said in a joking voice: “After all, without the wind there cannot be waves*.”

[*T/N: there is no smoke without fire]

Qiu Jin: “…”

F*ck, Ji Shenxiao this dog man, isn’t he calling Qiu Jin unrestrained in a roundabout way?!

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The author has something to say:


Ji Shenxiao: Baby, don’t hold back, I like to hear you cry.”

Qiu Jin said blankly: “I’m sorry, the wind is not strong enough, the waves won’t rise.”

Slish. Slish. Slurp. Slurp. Creak. Creak. Pant. Haa. Haa.

Ji Shenxiao: “How about now?”

Qiu Jin: “…”

Wu wu wu*. It’s way too big.

[*T/N: Chinese onomatopoeia for crying or whimpering]

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