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This Alpha’s Pheromones 48

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Chapter 48 – Differentiation into Omega

Qiu Jin was about to be anger to death by Ji Shenxiao’s poisonous tongue. He kept grumbling about Ji Shenxiao even while he was showering.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw Ji Shenxiao standing at the doorway. Qiu Jin got even angrier and he asked fiercely, “What are you looking at?”

The other person’s gaze traversed his body very slowly, and after a long pause, he said in a calm tone: “For you.”

“What is this?”

There was a small spray bottle of blocking agent in Ji Shenxiao’s hand. Alphas basically didn’t use any blocking agents. The scent blockers on the market were all designed for omegas. Ji Shenxiao’s meaning was evident even without further explanation. Qiu Jin exploded in an instant: “What is the meaning of this?”

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Ji Shenxiao’s eyebrows pinched together. He was already a bit dissatisfied, and his voice carried an oppressive tone: “Cover up a bit, don’t you know how strong your scent is?”

Qiu Jin was now even more sure that Ji Shenxiao was here to provoke him. There was no need to mention the fact that he was wearing a scent-blocking bracelet, but they were both alphas, how could his scent be strong? It’s not like he was an omega. He wasn’t going to go into heat.

“I’m* perfectly fine. If you want to cover up, then do it yourself.” Then Qiu Jin directly squeezed past Ji Shenxiao to get out.

[*T/N: Qiu Jin uses the arrogant first person pronoun 老子 laozi here, which is a reflection of his anger.]

Ji Shenxiao was wearing a white short-sleeved T-shirt today. At the moment when Qiu Jin brushed by him, he felt a burst of gentle tactile sensation. It was like being brushed with a bolt of exquisite soft silk.

Ji Shenxiao’s eyes fell on the back of Qiu Jin’s neck, and his eyes darkened a little bit.

He had lied to Gu Shuyi. This time, he could not only smell the scent of the pheromones, but it was also his first time perceiving the sexual attraction component saturated within the pheromones.

His senses actually took an alpha for an omega? And he also had an urge to mark the other person? It was a ridiculous situation no matter how you looked at it.

It was not just simple sexual attraction. Ji Shenxiao closed his eyes and pressed down the fluctuations in his heart.

That night, Ji Shenxiao did not say another word again. Qiu Jin finally raised his eyebrows and released a breath of air. His mood got better and he slept soundly until daybreak.

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Qiu Jin thought that Ji Shenxiao gave him the blocking agent yesterday to deliberately embarrass him, but unexpectedly Geng Leyue also entered estrus that morning. Although they were quick to inject him with an inhibitor, it still made everyone flustered.

Almost at the same time, the film crew sent a beta over to borrow the inhibitor, saying that one of their omegas was also in heat, and there were two more alphas who had also entered a susceptible period.

That afternoon, Qiu Jin felt a little dizzy and went back to the room to sleep after eating. He had obviously turned on the air conditioner, but he still felt hot.

He saw the bottle of blocking agent sitting by his bedside.

Qiu Jin gritted his teeth and sprayed himself all over and finally felt that the intolerable situation eased a little bit. But the throbbing inside his body still couldn’t be eliminated. If he were even a little careless, it would take away his rationality again.

The sound of his rapid breathing echoed in the room, creating an ambiguous atmosphere.

This was their last day on Lanhou Island. The rest of the guests have gone to the orchard to pick plums. The entire villa was quiet. Only Qiu Jin was left.

Not too far off, there was a car driving over on the Huanhai Highway.

The Huayi Corporation had a branch office on Lanhou Island, and Ji Shenxiao had gone to meet with a business partner today. While he was still driving on the Huanhai Highway, he could already sense the throbbing in the atmosphere. The blocking agent already suppressed it, but it was still as enticing and seductive as ever.

He followed the scent upstairs and found that the smell was coming from his room.

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After a two-second pause, Ji Shenxiao raised his hand to open the door.

Qiu Jin was curled up on the bed. His gray T-shirt had rolled up to partially reveal the tight lines of his waist. It was so sexy. His fair face was flushed, like a ripe peach that would ooze out with sweet juices at a touch.

Ji Shenxiao’s throat bobbed.

Although he had already sprayed the blocking agent, there was still something wrong with Qiu Jin’s state, and even his voice have become sticky: “You came back?”

Ji shenxiao’s gaze fell on the reddened corners of the young man’s eyes. His incomprehensible expression was dark and gloomy: “Are you really an alpha?”

Qiu Jin opened his mouth. He originally wanted to retort ‘obviously,’ but with his current situation the way it was, he was not sure anymore.

He grabbed Ji Shenxiao’s hand and begged: “Don’t, don’t tell them yet.”

As soon as he finished talking, Qiu Jin trembled. The unspeakable longing in his body became calm because of Ji Shenxiao’s presence. It was like being washed by the warm sea, and the heat was soothed in an instant.

He clutched Ji Shenxiao tightly, hoping that this moment could last a little longer, just a little longer.

The young man’s fingers were well proportioned and slender, and his palms were extremely hot. Ji Shenxiao couldn’t help lowering his voice somewhat: “You should know that this can’t be hidden.”

“I wasn’t thinking of hiding this.” Qiu Jin raised his head. His face was flushed crimson, but his gaze was firm. “The filming is over tonight. I will see a doctor when I go back.”

Ji Shenxiao turned around and left. His voice was very faint: “I understand.”

Qiu Jin burrowed into the blanket, his body slowly curling up bit by bit.

These were too similar ot the symptoms from his previous life, but why? He was obviously not that person anymore, so why did he become like this again?

After a while, the door to the room was pushed open again, Qiu Jin raised his head vigilantly, and he was relieved when he saw that it was Ji Shenxiao.

The man put a glass of water beside his bed and said, “I’ll be downstairs. You can call me if you need anything.”

Qiu Jin: “Thank you.”

Ji Shenxiao hummed a sound that was neither salty nor indifferent.

“That…” Just before Ji SHenxiao left the room, Qiu Jin suddenly spoke up, “Can I ask you a question?”

Ji Shenxiao: “What?”

“If, ah, I mean if… if my pheromones are particularly fragrant and you can’t resist, what then?”

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