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This Alpha’s Pheromones 5

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Chapter 5 – AA is Also Fine?

When Xiang Xi debuted, the public face he wore was cold and cheerless. No matter who saw this face, they would be hoodwinked by the other person’s outer appearance. He was an aloof beauty, the kind that gave people a sense of distance. An immortal aura seemed to float around him, as if he were above the common populace.

But in actuality, in private Xiang Xi had a very explosive temperament. He was frank and outspoken, and he had a sharp tongue. Don’t know how many times his manager withheld his cell phone from him.

Qiu Jin’s shameless big talk stepped on his bottom line again and again. This time it was really unbearable, so Xiang Xi cursed him out. Unexpectedly, some shameless person recorded a video, and now everyone on Weibo knew that he lost control of his public persona.

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Xiang Xi crazily attacked the pillow in his arms. If it were Qiu Jin in place of that pillow, then his head would already be taken down.

“Forbearance. How about you calm down a bit? Qiu Jin is purposely nauseating you. Don’t take him seriously. It would not be good if you wreck your health with anger.” The assistant handed him a tissue, trying to soothe him in a mild tone.

“Scram!” Xiang Xi picked up whatever thing was close at hand and hurled it over. “Don’t let me hear that name again. He and I cannot exist together*!”

[*T/N: “He and I cannot exist together” means to have irreconcilable differences or incompatible standpoints.]

The drinking glass smashed onto the floor with a great sound. Xiang Xi panted for air. His face was red with anger.

Getting angry that his public persona collapsed was one thing, but what he could not stand even more was having people binding him and Qiu Jin together.

He was such a clean and self-respecting omega, but against all reason and of all people, his name was bound to Qiu Jin that scum of society.

Whenever someone brought up Xiang Xi, another person would say, “Oh, he’s the omega that Qiu Jin is pursuing madly, right?” And then the topic of conversation would change to Qiu Jin. He was shameless, sure, but he was highly recognizable. Everyone could remember his flirty operations!

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The assistant comforted: “Don’t worry, just wait until you start to shoot “Four Seasons Food.” Then you won’t be seeing him for two months.”

Xiang Xi held a stuffed animal, seething. He said, “It best be like that!”

“Moreover, I heard that this time President Ji is also going. When the time comes, you can develop a good relationship with Ji Shenxiao and catch him. Then would you still have to be afraid of Qiu Jin embarrassing you?”

“Who want to catch Ji Shenxiao? I hate that type of popsicle the most!”

Assistant: “Then why did you say you like him?”

Xiang Xi, with a matter-of-course expression on his face, said: “Ji Shenxiao is so powerful. I just casually mentioned his name to make Qiu Jin feel inferior!”

Assistant: “…”

By the time Qiu Jin came home and looked at Weibo, there were words scolding and cursing him out everywhere. Even though Qiu Jin has seen lots of foul wind and bloody rain online before, to see a screen full of verbal abuse and even a photoshopped picture of his deceased photo, it still made him feel somewhat upset.

Fortunately, amongst all the black words scolding him there was still a ray of light, for example this line that said:

[How about you curb your black powder? Back then when Qiu Jin was being hyped to the skies, why didn’t you guys say anything? Now there’s a spark of fire* and you want to kick Brother Qiu Jin away with one leg? Us Qiu fans raise one hundred dislikes!]

[*T/N: Can also mean get angry.]

Qiu Jin immediately read this sentence to his agent, Yang Chi: “I didn’t expect this papa to actually have real fans.”

Yang Chi wanted to say something but hesitated for a long time before saying, “This is our staff member…”

This time it was Qiu Jin who was silent.

He clicked on his Weibo homepage and asked, “Then how many real fans do I still have?”

Yang Chi: “This… estimated to be one million perhaps.”

What he didn’t say was that one third was estimated to have come for the show, and one third of them came to scold him. As for the fans that really liked him, they stopped being his fans after he became a greasy toxic alpha man.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

Of all the people that Yang Chi debuted, Qiu Jin was the one with the best results. No matter how muddled he has become now, he still left a deep impression on him.

When Qiu Jin made his first public appearance as a performer, he was still a fresh and clean handsome youngster. He was pure and desirable.

A famous scene of his popularity was on the basketball court. After scoring a three-pointer shot that won the game, the sixteen-year-old Qiu Jin lifted his shirt to wipe his face, revealing nice abdominal muscles.

The fans went crazy and wild for him. They banged on the Great Wall for him, wanting to offer up their lives for him.

Unfortunately, don’t know when but the child that they cupped preciously in their palms changed into a bum beetle* for Xiang Xi.

[*T/N: someone who tags along behind someone else like a shadow]

His entire person went through a huge change, becoming sickening and stupid. He was no longer the refreshing mountain wind of before.

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