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This Alpha’s Pheromones 51

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Chapter 51 – Pheromone Induction Syndrome

Gu Yu then asked, “Are you trying to mark him?”

Ji Shenxiao: “…”

When Qiu Jin opened the door and came in, he heard these words, and was stunned for a while: “You guys…”

Gu Yu asked with a smile: “Alphas will always be attracted to an omega in heat. He didn’t do anything too extreme to you, did he?”

Qiu Jin thought about it for a while, but Ji Shenxiao really didn’t do much to him.

In his last life, there were too many alphas that had revealed their ugly faces full of hunger in front of him. Last night, Ji Shenxiao was neat and reliable, and he was very gentlemanly when sending him home and taking him to the hospital.

At that moment, Qiu Jin looked at Ji Shenxiao with some gratefulness. He has always been clear about his gratitude and grudges, so he said thank you again.

Ji Shenxiao nodded and hummed indifferently.

“Did you finish all your tests? Have a seat first and I’ll take a look at the results.” The doctor pulled up the data on the computer, and browsed through the results one by one. As he read the data, a frown gradually took over his features.

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Qiu Jin was a little nervous: “What’s wrong?”

“Your situation is a bit tricky,” Gu Yu sighed, “Secondary differentiation is not a problem, but the crux of the matter is something else…”

Qiu Jin’s heart skipped a beat. Could it be that the pheromones from his previous life was affecting his current body?

“Not so good news,” Gu Yu’s usual smile disappeared, and his expression became serious, “You may be suffering from ‘Somalia Witch’s Disease’, but you’ll need to do an in-depth examination to confirm it.”

When he heard the result, Qiu Jin heaved a sigh of relief.

Ji Shenxiao frowned: “What is that?”

Gu Yu explained: “This is a pheromone-induced symptom named after a medieval omega woman Somalia…”

According to historical records, Somalia was the most charming omega in Europe during the Middle Ages. Born into a noble family, she was loved by her family ever since she was a child. Unfortunately, all this came to nothing when she was differentiated.

On the day she differentiated, the whole town went into a frenzy. It was said that it was a sweet pheromone beyond human imagination, both exciting and demagogic, causing countless alphas and betas to compete.

It was like what modern people on the Internet said nowadays, they were crazy and stupid for her, banging against the wall to get to her.

Many husbands wrenched their families apart for her, and many knights died in duels for her.

But what made her go down in history was her estrus period. Ever since Somalia differentiated into an omega, there would be more and more people gathering downstairs before her house everyday.

At that time, the pheromone inhibitor had yet to be developed, so when Somalia came into her estrus for the second time, she caused everyone else to also go into estrus.

No one could resist her charm.

People began to have crazy sex with the people around them, fathers and daughters, old men and young girls, nobles and beggars… That was the shameful memory of a while town, and history called it the Ten Thousand People Prostitution Case of 1348 AD.

Later, people in the town started calling her a heretic and decided to tie her to a cross and burn her alive.

On the day of the execution everyone showed up. The people all gathered in the square, wanting to witness the fate of this woman that they both loved and hated.

As the tongues of fire wrapped around her body, Somalia once again entered estrus, bursting out with an unprecedented sweet smell. It attracted countless people and they all rushed into the fire pit.

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The whole town turned into a sea of fire…

Consequently, the while town burned into nothingness.

“Of course the situation is very different nowadays,” Gu Yu explained. “Medicine in the Middle Ages was backwards, so they blamed it on voodoo and such, but in recent years, there have been a few cases like this all over the world. Later, people did research and found that this type of people had an extra aromatic body in their glands that makes them particularly attractive to others during estrus.”

Qiu Jin hurriedly asked, “Is there any cure?”

Gu Yu replied: “There are two methods at present. Some people do surgery to remove their glands, but there are cases where the glands grow back again after removing them. There are also people who look for a partner and have their alpha’s pheromones protect them. But ordinary alphas can’t subdue the Somalia Witch’s Disease. Even if the omega is bound to an alpha, they would still exude excess pheromones that influence other people.”

Qiu Jin: “…”

[T/N: Poor Qiu Jin, he thought it was something different because the disease names were different, but aren’t the effects the same?]

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