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This Alpha’s Pheromones 52

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Chapter 52 – Pheromone Induction Syndrome

“Why do you need medical treatment?” Ji Shenxiao spoke suddenly. “Isn’t this a good thing?”

Qiu Jin: “…”

Ji Shenxiao: “If you can control others with your pheromones, what can you not get?”

Qiu Jin: “…”

Is this the way a businessman thinks?

Gu Yu laughed: “Your assumption of the situation sounds very good, but this type of attractive power is uncontrollable. Moreover, it is accompanied by the desire to occupy by force, to plunder. In conclusion, it does more harm than good.”

Ji Shenxiao stopped talking and he seemed to be pondering the crux of the problem.

Qiu Jin tried to control his facial features, as he though about whether to cut out his glands or not.

However, the sequelae of cutting off one’s glands were also very problematic. It was similar to turning men into eunuchs in ancient times. There were many complications. So it was definitely a last resort type of method.

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“Actually, you don’t have to worry so much. Your symptoms are relatively mild.”

Qiu Jin’s eyes lit up, and he put his hands on the table: “I still have hope?”

Gu Yu pointed to Ji Shenxiao: “The pheromone match between you two has reached an astonishing ninety-nine percent. If you maintain a certain frequency of contact, this aromatic body will only work on Ji Shenxiao.”

Qiu Jin didn’t quite understand: “So what you’re saying is that as long as President Ji and I are together, then I can be like a normal person?”

Gu Yu nodded: “You can say that.”

Ji Shenxiao frowned slightly.

Qiu Jin didn’t understand: “Why is that?”

“The pheromone match is one aspect, but the main reason is that he has Pheromone Reception Disorder, so your domineering pheromone is just right for him, and there is no worry of it affecting his sanity. It can be said to be reciprocal. Mutual benefit.”

Ji Shenxiao, who had been silent all the time, suddenly said, “What does ‘together’ mean exactly?”

Gu Yu smiled warmly: “Hugging, kissing, temporary marking, or lifetime marking.”

Qiu Jin recalled the memories of the past few days. It was no wonder that as long as he was close to Ji Shenxiao, the burning of his pheromones would be relieved by great margin. So it was because of their high matching degree?

A man of character can bow and submit, or can stand tall*, and Qiu Jin was truly fed up with a life of worrying all the time, so he turned around and said, “President Ji, you don’t have someone that you like right now, do you?”

[*T/N: “can bow and submit, or can stand tall” – an idiom from the Book of Changes, meaning “to be flexible in situations,” or “ready to give and take”]

Ji Shenxiao immediately put on a poke face: “Don’t even think about [whatever you’re thinking about].”

Qiu Jin said in a genial tone: “A temporary marking should be fine, right?”

“I still have something to do, I’ll go first.”

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Ji Shenxiao stood up to go but as soon as he took a step, a hand arrested his departure.

Qiu Jin: “Want to eat?”

Ji Shenxiao: “?”

“How about I cook for you?” Qiu Jin guided the conversation patiently and systematically. “Three meals a day with no repetition, in exchange for your benevolence. Just give me a temporary mark once a week.”

Qiu Jin didn’t know whether it would work or not, but he could only give medicine to a dead horse*.

[*T/N: “give medicine to a dead horse” – idiom meaning “to keep trying everything in a desperate situation”]

Over the past week on Lanhou Island, Qiu Jin discovered that Ji Shenxiao was a very picky eater. He normally ate very little, and would occasionally supplement his diet with vitamins, but as long as Qiu Jin cooked, Ji Shenxiao’s appetite increased instantly.

Qiu Jin didn’t think that his cooking skills were all that great, but rich people generally have some weird and special hobbies. What if Ji SHenxiao just liked to eat his cooking?

“Are you certain?”

Ji Shenxiao’s voice was very low. His dark eyes fell on Qiu Jin and stared at him until hairs started to raise up on the back of Qiu Jin’s neck, but the words have already been said, and there was absolutely no reason to back down.

“I am certain, but what is Mr. Ji’s decision?” Qiu Jin flashed him the smile of a salesman on a TV shopping channel. He peeled back the collar of his shirt to reveal the white of his nape. “If you can, you can give me a mark now.”

Ji Shenxiao’s eyes fell on the young man’s glands. It was a small little bag that seemed to be a little underdeveloped.

But he knew that as long as he bit that place with his teeth, this little piece of skin could exude an almost crazy sweetness.

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