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This Alpha’s Pheromones 53

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Chapter 53 – Temporary Marker

Gu Yu left the office to give them privacy. Qiu Jin sat on the small consultation chair in the room with his head bowed obediently like a kitten with its claws retracted.

Ji Shenxiao stood behind Qiu Jin and looked down at him from up high, sizing up the other man.

The man’s hair was dyed silver, and because he didn’t have time to touch up on the roots, the natural black color of his hair was starting to show at the roots, while the ends of his hair was white and transparent. The fine and soft hair brushed against his nape, like captivating silver silk strands.

It was as if Qiu Jin knew that he had a few locks of longer hair in the back, so he took the initiative to lift the hair at his back, exposing the nape of his neck. It gave off the appearance that he was willing to let Ji Shenxiao do whatever he wanted with him.

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Seeing Qiu Jin so proactive and submissive, it gave off the impression that even if they were to do that, he would still bite his lip and take the initiative.

Ji Shenxiao’s eyes darkened.

After waiting for a long time without moving, Qiu Jin raised his head: “Mr. Ji, are you ready?”

“What are you panicking about?” Ji Shenxiao pressed Qiu Jin’s shoulder gently, his voice hoarse, “Just sit still.”

Qiu Jin’s upper body was sprawled across the table, and his body trembled slightly from nervousness.

He… He has never been bitten on the neck before.

Especially when he knew that in this ABO world, biting someone’s neck was equivalent to what came after rubbing someone’s chest, so he was extremely cautious.

In his last life, he was very careful and prudent. He kept resisting, but in the end he overturned a huge car. Later, he gradually understood a truth. Controlling pheromones was like controlling water. It should be dredged and not blocked. Because when damming measures become too extreme, then it would just lead to a violent outbreak.

It’s better to try to accept it and make it a part of life.

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Having said that, he still couldn’t stop his body from being tense, just like the moment before getting a needle shot when he was a child, every second of waiting was torment.

“Don’t be afraid.”

At this moment, a low and gentle voice sounded, and Ji Shenxiao rubbed his hair with a pressure that was neither too light nor too heavy.

Just as Qiu Jin was about to say something, he felt something hot at the back of his neck. Then warm lips landed on his gland. The other man’s movements were obviously very light, but the piece of skin that was touched was still astonishingly hot, and the heat instantly spread throughout his whole body.

Ji Shenxiao bit his gland, and the slight tingling pain caused Qiu Jin to tremble.

Was this marking?

Qiu Jin clenched his teeth tightly, his fingers slowly tightened, and his fingernails turned pale.

He never knew that being marked would feel like such a strong surrender, as if everything about him was controlled by another person.

“Ugh… I don’t want it anymore…”

His survival instincts kicked in, and Qiu Jin struggled forward to escape. However, Ji Shenxiao pressed him down firmly on the table, leaving him with nowhere to escape.

At this moment, the alpha pheromones that were injected into his body spread, and it was like being soaked by the cold seawater. It soothed away the heat in every part of his body.

After the marking was over, Qiu Jin couldn’t hold himself up anymore. If he hadn’t been sitting on the chair, he might have slipped to the floor.

Ji Shenxiao seemed to be satisfied with Qiu Jin’s show of weakness. He reached out and rubbed Qiu Jin’s head. With a bit of joy in his voice, he said: “Let’s go.”

“Wait, wait a second…” Qiu Jin tugged at the corner of Ji Shenxiao’s sleeve. The corners of his eyes were flushed red.

Ji Shenxiao: “What’s wrong?”

Qiu Jin lowered his head and squeezed out a few words with great shame: “My… My legs are weak…”

Ji Shenxiao took this chance to tease him. With a smile in his eyes, he said: “Looks like your physical fitness is lacking.”

Qiu Jin: “?”

He racked his brains and finally remembered that when they were running on Lanhou Island, he had once teased Ji Shenxiao and said that his physical fitness was lacking.

Then, this person was throwing that line back at him right now?

Ji Shenxiao, you small-minded person! How can you remember insults from so long ago?!


Before they left the hospital, Gu Yu explained some precautions that should be observed. Qiu Jin nodded to each one. Then the doctor asked: “Mr. Qiu, if I may be so bold as to ask a favor, can you call upon me the next time when you are in heat?”

“Ah?” Qiu Jin was stunned, “What do you want to do?”

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Gu Yu touched his nose and smiled shyly: “To be honest, I have never smelled the pheromones of someone with your condition before, and I wanted to try smelling it once.”

Before Qiu Jin could answer, Ji Shenxiao bodily served as a shield and said with a blank face, “You want to smell it that much? Then why don’t we have you treat him instead?”

Gu Yu: “…”

Do what? He just wanted to take a sniff, was that so bad? He was just a beta, okay? Moreover, it was for the sake of medical research!

Gu Yu complained fiercely in his heart, but when he was met with Ji Shenxiao’s gaze, he could only cowardly shrink back and say, “No need, no need, you please, you smell him.”

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Qiu Jin: Why is Ji Shenxiao so petty? How can he remember a sentence for so long?

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