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This Alpha’s Pheromones 55

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Chapter 55 – Temporary Marker

On the day of Qiu Zhiming’s birthday, the older and younger generations in the family were basically all gathered together and sitting in the living room to chat.

When someone turned on the TV, it just so happened to be broadcasting a drink advertisement endorsed by Qiu Jin’s cousin Wen Mojia. The channel changed and it became an urban drama starring Wen Mojia.

A young girl exclaimed: “I want to watch this one! This one!”

In the scene, the heroine was wearing high-heeled shoes on a date. Her feet were starting to hurt, but she stubbornly did not say anything. Wen Mojia – playing the domineering president role – noticed something abnormal about the other person and directly swept her up into his arms.

“Ah ah ah ah!!”

This kind of thunderous and shameful story line made all the little girls cover their faces and squeal.

Wen Mojia’s looks were not bad, and his figure was also not bad. Furthermore, he knew how to exhibit his strengths well. It was just that his acting skills were relatively average. His actions on the screen were a bit smarmy, but the little girls ate that stuff up. They all watched the show with stars in their eyes.

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Several of the old men looked at each other, thinking ‘what the heck is this?’ But they didn’t like to participate in women’s topics, so it wasn’t good to pass judgment. Thus they turned around and talked about business instead.

Wen Mojia’s mother, Zhuo Qian, said proudly, “Mojia is really amazing. All the little girls like him.”

“Who doesn’t know that he is getting more and more popular,” another relative replied with an ingratiating smile on his face, “I heard that he is even in contact with Director Yi Congqing? Are they about to collaborate on a new drama?”

“I don’t really understand this stuff,” Zhuo Qian pretended to decline, “Mojia is busy. He only mentioned a word or two, saying that he had a meal with director once.”

“They had a meal together, that means it’s in the bag. Who doesn’t know that Mojia is on fire right now? All the directors are rushing to collaborate with him.” After the relative finished praising Wen Mojia, they turned around and asked Zhuo Ying, “By the way, how is Qiu Jin nowadays? I heard that he just received a variety show?”

Listening to her younger sister touting about her son, Qiu Jin’s mother, Zhuo Ying, had an indifferent face throughout the whole process. Now that someone was mentioning her family member, she had to squeeze out an awkward smile: “Yes, he went to film “Four Seasons Food.””

Zhuo Ying and Zhuo Qian were a pair of beautiful plastic sisters. Ever since they were young they loved to compete with each other. In their childhood they competed against each other from their studies to their looks, and then it was who married better, and after marriage they began to compare their sons.

When Qiu Jin became popular, Zhuo Ying ridiculed her younger sister a lot. Now, seeing her son’s rise to prominence, how could Zhuo Qian miss this opportunity to show off? She wanted to flaunt while she had the chance to.

On her face was a polite smile, but in her heart Zhuo Ying was rolling her eyes so hard that they almost fell out of her head. It’s all that stupid son’s fault for not living up to expectations. He was bad at everything he did, and he only ranked number one when it came to chasing after another man.

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That relative really didn’t know how to read the atmosphere and even said, “I watch that show too. It’s quite popular.”

“What popular? It’s just a show about going to the countryside.” Zhuo Ying politely declined. She didn’t dare to brag. She knew her son’s temperament well. With her son’s EQ and bad temper, who knows what he did on that variety show? She reckoned he had probably lost all his fans by now.

“That’s right, how hard could it be to do that kind of variety show? I heard that they have to do farm work, right?” Zhuo Qian sighed, “But what can you do? Qiu Jin is in a difficult situation. He can’t act, and he can’t produce songs, so he can only go on these variety shows.”

Zhuo Ying was angry on the inside, but she smiled on the outside. “Our family’s Qiu Jin is just playing around.”

Zhuo Qian said a flippant “ah” and then deliberately touched on a sore spot, “Qiu Jin is coming back today, right? I hope he doesn’t make older brother-in-law all angry this time.”

Zhuo Ying’s expression darkened in an instant.

Everyone knew that Qiu Jin loved to dress in bizarre clothes and show off his body to attract attention. The vests he wore were so loose and big that people could see his tits. The pants he wore were so low cut that people could see his butt crack. Last year, he showed up like this to Qiu Zhiming’s fiftieth birthday and almost got his legs broken.

This time, who knew what kind of flamboyant outfit he’d show up in?!

Zhuo Ying was thinking this in her head, but of course she couldn’t say it out loud. Putting on airs, she smiled with false sincerity, “That’s right, fresh and cool is best. Mojia is so sensible. He copied how Qiu Jin was back then by seventy to eighty percent and became so popular.”

This was to satirize Wen Mojia for imitating Qiu Jin’s path back then.

Too bad Zhuo Qian did not care. After all, one imitated the other and became popular, while the other one fell from grace into a heap of ashes.

When Wen Mojia came out of the bathroom, he heard these women making invidious comparisons about him and frowned unhappily, but he quickly controlled his facial features and came over with a smile. He said, “Mom, can you come with me for a moment?”

Zhuo Qian immediately stood up: “What’s the matter?”

The small garden was breezy. Wen Mojia stood at the doorway. The warm smile on his face disappeared, replaced with a faint impatience: “Why were you talking to them about that kind of stuff? Comparing me to Qiu Jin is simply lowering my status.”

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“Yes, yes, yes, I won’t talk about it anymore.” Zhuo Qian said with a good tone of voice. “Qiu Jin is just like that, relying on exposing his body and fancy clothes to grab attention. He is not at the same level as you.”

As soon as she finished talking, a black car stopped in front of the villa.

Zhuo Qian raised her head and abruptly sucked in a breath.

The door of the car opened and a tall young man stepped out. His short black hair was refreshing and clean, making his skin seem even more crystal clear, and his eyes and eyebrows even more outstanding. When he looked over, it was like he had the Korean male lead buff and even time seemed to be suspended.

[T/N: The raws literally used the English word “buff,” like the kind in video games.]

Zhuo Qian was completely stunned. Was this person Qiu Jin?

When did he become so attractive?

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  1. Here the situation is different. But this type of competition of comparison always creates a lot of extra burdens on the children.

    Thnx for this beautiful translation ❤️

    1. Ugh, I know. I hate it when parents compare their kids to each other, especially while the kids are right there and can hear them. Talk about a toxic environment to grow up in.

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