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This Alpha’s Pheromones 56

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Chapter 56 – Small Goal

Several people from the younger generation heard the noise and flocked to the door. When they saw such a handsome young man, they were also confused: “Qiu Jin-ge?”

[T/N: 哥 ge means “older brother.” It is used as an honorific suffix here, and can apply to any male older than you, regardless of biological relations. Although in this specific case, they’re all cousins.]

Qiu Jin answered them one by one and distributed gifts to everyone. The children immediately left Wen Mojia’s side and happily ran out to play. Wen Mojia clenched onto the doorframe with both hands.

Zhou Ying thought incredulously, when did my own child become so clean and refreshing, and even his EQ have gotten higher?

For a moment, Zhou Ying did not dare to step forward: “You, you are…?”

“Mom, I will work hard in the future*.”

[*T/N: There is an underlying “I will stop fooling around and work steadily” in this sentence.]

Zhuo Ying was stunned for a moment, and after a long while later she tried to inquire, “You… you don’t like that guy named Xiang Xi anymore?”

Qiu Jin’s expression was calm: “En, I don’t like him anymore.”

This sentence alone brought tears to Zhuo Ying’s eyes.

Oh, her excellent son, he once debased himself for an omega, but he has finally figured things out and has his head on straight now.

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Zhuo Ying immediately pulled her husband over: “Old man, have you seen our son!”

Qiu Zhiming finally withdrew his slightly reproachful gaze, and nodded bluntly: “I see.”

Wen Mojia stood not far away, looking at Qiu Jin who had changed his appearance, and suddenly felt a familiar sense of crisis.

“What a joke. You really think that changing your looks will improve your acting skills?” Zhuo Qian rolled her eyes. “Don’t worry son, with his trash acting skills, he’ll only get laughed at if he takes on an acting role.”

Wen Mojia frowned: “Mom, there really won’t be a problem with Director Yi’s drama?”

Zhuo Qian froze for a moment as she remembered what happened at the meal with Director Yi. She invested ten million yuan, so she was neither a big nor small sponsor in the general production crew. But Yi Congqing was a stubborn one. He just said that Wen Mojia would attend the audition process and that he would pay special attention to his acting skills.

But if she said that, according to her son’s personality, he might get angry again.

“There’s no problem. What could be a problem?” Zhuo Qian laughed as she said this with some guilty conscience. “The director said that he would pay special attention to you.”

Wen Mojia frowned: “Since it’s already been set in stone, then why do I still have to audition?”

Zhuo Qian rolled her eyes and said, “The director heard that you are good at acting and can’t wait to test lines with you.”

Wen Mojia was finally satisfied, and even Qiu Jin didn’t seem so disagreeable anymore. He even went over to say hello: “Is Qiu Jin coming out of retirement?”

Before Qiu Jin could answer, Wen Mojia went on to say, “I recently got a role in Director Yi’s big drama. Would you like me to recommend a role for you?”

“Director Yi? Which Director Yi?”

A loud and clear voice resonated through the courtyard. Those present could hear Qiu Yuqin before even seeing his figure.

“Is it Director Yi Congming?”

Wen Mojia raised his chin and responded, “Indeed, it’s him.”

“I bet that wasn’t easy, right?” Qiu Yuqin lowered his voice. “I heard that Director Yi is really strict when it comes to casting.”

Wen Mojia said proudly: “That’s not necessarily true. He’s a famous director. How can he have eyes for ordinary people?”

Qiu Yuqin said: “Aunt Zhuo Qian invested a lot of money, right?”

All the relatives immediately became interested: “You even invested money?”

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Zhuo Qian scoled Qiu Yuqin over and over again in her head, but on the outside she maintained a superficial smile: “Not much, not much, just a little bit.”

Qiu Yuqin said: “I heard that you invested ten million.”

“Yohoo, ten million is considered not much?” Another relative asked. “Our second child wants to start a business, why don’t you subsidize a little bit?”

Who would be willing to lend money, ah? Did this old fart know what he’s saying? Or was he purposely digging a pit for her to jump in?

Zhuo Qian gritted her teeth, and could no longer maintain her expression. Her smile looked worse than crying: “What are you saying? Our family’s wallets have been emptied. I was even scolded by my family.”

“Then why did you still invest so much?”

“Isn’t it what Mojia likes?”

“When did it become me liking it?” Wen Mojia frowned. “Didn’t you want to invest the money yourself?”

Zhuo Qian: “…”

“Yes, yes, yes, it was me who wanted to invest.”

Qiu Yuqin put on the air of being an elder and comforted Wen Mojia with kindness: “You can’t say that [to your mother]. You know that Director Yi is strict in his casting. Your mother was just trying to pave the way for you.”

“Who wants her to pave the way?” Wen Mojia’s expression immediately became bad, “With my acting skills, I can definitely take on a TV series role.”

Qiu Jin was about to laugh at him. His cousin’s acting skills were not very good, but his fighting spirit was quite high.

Wen Mojia was a few years older than Qiu Jin. He once debuted in a talent show and walked the path of a cool older brother, but his ratings have always been tepid.

T/N: Qiu Yuqin, that brocon, entered the scene with such a chaotic diva energy. I’m so here for it. XD

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