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This Alpha’s Pheromones 57

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Chapter 57 – Small Goal

Then, in the year that Qiu Jin turned sixteen, he came into the circle with a picture of him playing basketball. His abs was on show, invoking a pure yet lustful image.

At the age of eighteen, Qiu Jin was named the sexiest alpha in the entertainment industry because of a perfume endorsement video advertisement.

That perfume was called “Lost Night.” It focused on the transformation of teenagers into men. In the advertisement, the teenager’s explosive pheromones were simply threatening to burst from the screen. Mixed into the teenager’s youth and inexperience was a touch of wildness. Just one look was enough to make countless people about to lose control.

The advertisement planning and publicity were both very good and it led to the perfume being sold out of stock. Even now, there were still many people who were willing to pay big bucks to buy it, and the price has doubled several times.

That time period was when Qiu Jin was at his best, holding concerts, appearing on variety shows, and receiving TV dramas.

It was also at that time when Wen Mojia began to hear people saying that he was like Qiu Jin. He had worked so hard for so many years, yet so many people remembered Qiu Jin just because of his face.

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Thus Wen Mojia gritted his teeth and changed his style to copy Qiu Jin’s. He didn’t want to say it, but his road to stardom really did smooth out a lot afterwards.

That was until Qiu Jin turned nineteen and he fell in love with Xiang Xi.

Like being demoted, he fell from the top to the bottom in an instant. In less than a year, the enthusiasm of his fans waned with every new scandal he was involved in.

On the other hand, Wen Mojia, whose fame has always been tepid, seemed to be rising in trend. He received two urban romance dramas and his popularity skyrocketed.

Later, Zhuo Qian found a fortuneteller and that fortuneteller said that the Zhuo family could only produce one big star. Wen Mojia and Qiu Jin were born to fight each other. The lower Qiu Jin fell, the higher Wen Mojia flew.

At first, Wen Mojia did not believe this. But now Qiu Jin was so muddled in the head that he didn’t even recognize his mother, whereas Wen Mojia was a popular rising star.

Wen Mojia thought, maybe this was really fate.

Just now, Qiu Jin said he was going to make a comeback. How could Wen Mojia stand to see the other party become popular? In this family, it was enough to just have him [Wen Mojia] be popular.

Thinking of this, Wen Mojia asked again, “Qiu Jin, do you have any roles you want to act?”

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Everyone started talking and sighing, “Mojia is so nice, ah. You know to support your younger brother*. This is how a family should be, mutually supporting and helping each other.”

[*T/N: Again to clarify, not biological younger brother. Chinese people can call any non-related male “brother” and it won’t sound weird at all.]

Qiu Jin smiled slightly: “Yes, I do.”

“Then what roles do you want to perform?” Wen Mojia raised his head and looked at Qiu Jin intently, but his gaze only fell upon the other’s forehead and he asked contemptuously, “Your cousin will talk to the director for you. Just the day before yesterday, I had a meal with Director Yi Congqing.”

Qiu Jin’s eyes lit up. With an expression of appreciation, he said: “Is ti the cast and crew of “The Rise and Fall of the World?””

“Of course. Rumor has it that the film emperor Jiang Ming is already set to participate in this project. To be able to act alongside him is an opportunity that many people ask for that cannot be obtained.”

Wen Mojia thought, of course I would be the one to act alongside Jiang Ming. As for Qiu Jin, I’ll just introduce him to the role of a bodyguard or a small cannon fodder that will not survive past three episodes.

Jiang Ming was now a very popular actor in the entertainment circle. Qiu Jin has seen his award-winning movie, and his acting skills were remarkable. It was worth watching.

Without getting an answer from Qiu Jin, Wen Mojia continued: “I can ask the director to help you arrange for roles such as a bodyguard, soldier, or imperial physician.”

Qiu Jin replied, “There’s no need to bother cousin, I have my own plans.”

“Why? You’re too above it?” Wen Mojia frowned, somewhat embarrassed and awkward, “Don’t be so ambitious, after all, with your acting skills… you won’t be able to handle other roles.”

Another relative chimed in: “That’s right, Mojia is so kind. You can give it a try.”

“It is important to have one’s feet firmly planted on the ground*,” Qiu Zhiming, who has been silent all along, also interjected, “When I first started out, I also built myself up one block at a time. You are still young. Don’t be afraid of hardships.”

[*T/N: “to have one’s feet firmly planted on the ground “ is the Chinese version of “to be down to earth” or “to be realistic without flights of fancy.”]

Qiu Jin just hummed softly: “I know, but I have other arrangements.”

“Aye, Qiu Jin has always have lofty ambitions since he was a child, but in your current situation…” Zhuo Qian sighed. “Alas, nowadays the relationships between relatives are becoming more and more indifferent. If Mojia helps you, it’s out of familial affection. If he doesn’t help you, then that’s his duty, it’s also the norm.”

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After being verbally put down again and again, Qiu Jin’s expression cooled significantly: “Then I ask that cousin please keep to your duty.”

Zhuo Qian’s expression froze: “What do you mean by that?”

Qiu Jin was too lazy to pay her anymore attention, and just occupied himself with eating.

Wen Mojia persuaded: “Mom, it’s okay if other people don’t appreciate it, why stick your hot face to a cold butt*?

[*T/N: “stick your hot face to a cold butt” – the literal translation sounded so funny, I couldn’t help leaving it as is. But it’s an idiom meaning, “to show someone warm feelings only to be met with cold rebuke.”]

Zhuo Qian covered her face. Her eyes were shining wet. “I just thought we were all family…”

“All right,” Qiu Jin sneered, “If you insist on helping, then please help me win the role of Ji He.”

Ji He?

As in the man with a beautiful face, a kind-hearted looking appearance but was actually vicious at heart. Yet in the end he sacrificed himself for the good of the people, that Ji He?

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