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This Alpha’s Pheromones 58

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Chapter 58 – Small Goal

Wen Mojia’s eyes widened in disbelief: “Are you crazy? You think you can act out Ji He’s role? Do you know how difficult it is to play his character?”

With a smile on his lips, Qiu Jin asked, “Aren’t you going to help me?”

Wen Mojia replied, “I said I would help you, but you can’t be so greedy.”

Qiu Jin sneered and said, “What an interesting person you are. I said I didn’t want your help, but you insisted on helping. Now I’m asking you to help, but you say that I am greedy. Do you actually want to help me or not?”

Wen Mojia was stunned. He didn’t know how to answer. Since when did the Qiu Jin whose EQ and IQ were supposedly low have such strong logical arguments?

Speaking of which, Zhuo Ying reflected and thought how could this mother and son pair really want to help? They were only pretending to help on the surface, but in actuality they were giving Qiu Jin a small role to limit his performance. This was suppression!

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Zhuo Ying has lived for many years already, and had fought against Zhuo Qian at least three hundred times for various reasons over those long years. How could she allow her sister to bully her child? So she immediately said, “We don’t need your help. Our Qiu Jin can do it himself.”

Zhuo Qian couldn’t even be bothered to plaster on a fake smile. She just rolled her eyes and said, “Impossible. Do you know how strict Director Yi is, and how difficult that role is?”

“If my family’s Qiu Jin can’t do it, are you saying that your family’s Wen Mojia can?” Zhuo Ying sneered. Her eyes fell on Wen Mojia. Her face was full of disdain, “With just his skills acting as an overbearing CEO?”


Zhuo Qian’s whole face turned red, and Wen Mojia’s expression didn’t look that good either.

Zhuo Ying had a poisonous tongue. She was especially good at picking on other people’s sore spots, and could draw blood with one cut.

Wen Mojia has been playing the domineering president since his debut. When he was in his twenties, he acted in a global online drama as a CEO with a height of 180 cm, an IQ of 180, and a penis size of 18 cm.

Afterwards, he gained a bit of popularity and gradually received some better scripts with more logical roles, such as a nouveau riche and a real estate big shot, but no matter what role he received they were all the overbearing president archetype.

He also wanted a breakthrough, but he has gotten good at this kind of performance, and his image was almost fixed. All the scripts that came to him were youth idol dramas. He also envied other people’s movie resources, but he simply could not get those roles.

This time, he finally asked his family to invest in the director’s new play, hoping to break away from the audience’s inherent impression of him [as an overbearing CEO].

He has read through the character biographies and this character was the most handsome [and cool] in the entire drama. Ji He was both good and evil. He was a character full of controversy. If he could get this role, his popularity would definitely explode through word of mouth.

When that happens, he would not have to worry about not being able to get roles in big budget movies.

With this thought in mind, Wen Mojia calmed down a lot despite being faced with Zhuo Ying’s provocation. He said slowly, “Whether I can do it or not, the director has the final say.”

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“I think so too.” Qiu Jin touched his wine glass lightly. A smile played at the corner of his lips. “Good luck, cousin.”

Wen Mojia, “…”

What the hell? Wen Mojia thought, He still dares to provoke me?! Why don’t he reflect on his own sh*t acting first? He wants to compete with me for this role? Dream on!

During their car ride back home, Zhuo Qian kept comforting Wen Mojia, “Son, don’t be angry. Qiu Jin is just verbally provoking you. Let’s just ignore his words. You just focus on preparing for the upcoming audition.”

Wen Mojia nodded and finally felt much more at ease. Although his acting skills were not top notch, it was more than enough to crush Qiu Jin. He wanted to see what kind of ugly face Qiu Jin would show when he was rejected.

Back at the Qiu family’s old house, Qiu Zhiming pulled a face. He was currently scolding his wife, “Why did you say something so serious back there? You will lose face* for us.”

[*T/N: face = Chinese concept of reputation, honor, moral status, etc…]

“You still have face? Those people were stepping all over our son’s head. You’re just going to pretend you don’t see anything?” Zhuo Ying was also not a good-natured person. She said angrily, “I have not been able to stand that mother and son pair for a long time already. They’re always strutting about and showing off, as if wishing the entire world would know that her son is a big star.”

Qiu Yuqin, “Mom, but it’s true.”

“How come your elbow is turned outwards*?” Zhuo Ying said with a cold face. Then to Qiu Jin, she said, “Son, don’t put pressure on yourself. Just go do it with confidence. Even if you can’t get the role it’s not that big of a deal. In mom’s heart, you will always be the best.”

[*T/N: elbow turned outward = to side with outsiders rather than one’s own people]

Qiu Jin’s mood was a little complicated. Before he came today, he thought that everyone in this family were all weirdos, but after interacting with them he found that they also had moments of humanity.

He couldn’t help feeling warm as he assured, “Don’t worry, I will definitely get this role.”

Qiu Yuqin hesitated: “…Younger Brother, ah, let’s set a small goal first, okay?”

Qiu Jin: “This is my small goal!”

Qiu Yuqin: “…”

Qiu Yuqin thought, It’s over. My younger brother has gone crazy.

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