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This Alpha’s Pheromones 6

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Chapter 6 – AA is Also Fine?

For this reason, Yang Chi had endless regrets, but what could he do? This was a child that he debuted himself. He could only hope that the other person would pull himself together. He didn’t know if Qiu Jin was asking about real fans right now, because he had received some psychological shock.

“Only one million true fans?” Qiu Jin was stunned. “Weibo shows that I have ten million fans!”

“It’s not like you don’t know, you bought all those.”

“What about the interaction? Thousands of people like it every time!”

“That can also be operated…”

After a moment of silence, Qiu Jin said mutely: “…Being my agent, it was really hard for you.”

Such an ironic sentence almost made Yang Chi want to cry on the spot.

Clack clack clack.

With the Bluetooth headset hung around his neck, Qiu Jin’s slender fingers tapped on the keyboard. In but an instant, Qiu Jin immediately cleared a wave of trash fans in the background of Weibo, and the fan count instantly dropped by millions.

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Then he said to Yang Chi: “Let’s stop the follow up defense on Weibo.”

Yang Chi got all wound up in a flash, “What’s wrong with you? You’re not taking things too hard* are you?!”

[*T/N: taking things too hard – usually implies suicidal thoughts.]

“Taking things too hard?” Qiu Jin looked at the comments on his Weibo and smiled faintly. “I never cared for this false prosperity.”

Falling from a high place, but intentionally deceiving himself with a bunch of false data made no sense to him. He wanted fans, yes, but he wanted them to come back willingly.

Three lifetimes spent in the entertainment circle. Qiu Jin naturally knew that the most important thing for fans was for the performer to be outstanding. As long as he became even better in the future, he did not have to worry about not having fans.

Moreover, he remembered that in the novel there was a plotline about the media digging up dirt on the celebrities’ false data. Qiu Jin would be dragged out as the whipping horse. Over ten million Weibo fans reduced to 990,000 fans in a flash. This angered the original host so much that he almost had a heart attack.

He had just hung up on the phone with his agent when he received a call from Qiu Yuqin.

This was the original host’s blood-related older brother. He was the boss of an electronic technology company. He had an irascible temper, but he doted on his younger brother very much. He defended the original host all the way up until the very end.

It was a pity that although the Qiu family could be considered rich and powerful, they still could not compare to Ji Shenxiao’s existence. Not to mention there was that vicious and merciless alpha that was a follower of the protagonist shou, Xiang Xi. As it happened, Qiu Jin insisted on running crazily on the road that courted disaster. No matter how the Qiu family struggled, they would only end up ruined and destitute.

“Qiu Jin!”

There was a lion’s roar as soon as the phone call connected.

“Are you crazy? Even if you’re chasing after Xiang Xi, why must you mess with Ji Shenxiao? What is Ji Shenxiao’s identity? Is it someone we can afford to mess with? If you provoke him again next time, I will not be your brother anymore!”

Qiu Yuqin’s voice was as loud as a loudspeaker. Qiu Jin had to hold the phone far away from his ear. After Qiu Yuqin finished scolding him, he brought the phone back to his ear and said lightly, “I understand.”

“You understand fart!” The Lion Roar Divine Skill activated again. Qiu Jin squinted his left eye and took the phone away again. A tinny voice came from the receiver: “If you understand, then don’t provoke him! And you even wanted to compare… compare that with him…!”

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That’s right, who was Ji Shenxiao?

Out of all the characters in the novel, he was the most illustrious of birth, had the highest social status, had the most outstanding appearance, and was the most, most, most eminent and unapproachable peak of existence.

His ability to pass on his lineage was even more remarkable. The novel said that his ejaculation time was as long as one minute, which was enough to make any omega conceive.

Qiu Jin wanted to compare sizes with him. It was not only moronic, but the more important thing was that wasn’t he seeking his own humiliation? He was simply sending himself to the front door for the protagonist to slap him in the face.

However, Qiu Jin remembered that Xiang Xi and Ji Shenxiao have not yet developed a relationship. Their relationship storyline officially started during the variety show “Four Seasons Food.”

Recalling the variety show, it kindled an interest in Qiu Jin, and he said with a good voice: “Brother, I know I was wrong. I will never provoke them in the future. I’m turning over a new leaf and focusing on work!”

“You still know how to focus on work?” How could Qiu Yuqin not understand his little abacus*? He grumbled, “Speak, what resources do you want now?”

[*T/N: his little abacus – the calculations and plans within his heart]

Qiu Jin: “Brother, can you let me participate in “Four Seasons Food?””

Qiu Yuqin frowned: “Didn’t you say that was a digging earth variety show before?”

Qiu Jin: “…”

“Four Seasons Food” was a slow-living rural variety show. There were usually four to six participating guests. They have to live in the countryside, eat food, and till the land. In an era of increasing urban pressure, this show grabbed the hearts of the audience at once, and after three years it became a trump card variety show.

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