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This Alpha’s Pheromones 60

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Chapter 60 – Get the Role

Qiu Jin walked into the audition room with a smile and introduced himself energetically. Before the director told him to start, he asked, “Is there anyone who can act out the scene with me?”

His acting skills are poor, yet he has so many requests, the producer grumbled in his head. His attention was already wandering away.

Director Yi Congqing told a staff member that came along with him: “Help him with the scene.”

A young lady with a ponytail stood up and said nervously, “I, I can’t act. Don’t blame me if it bombs.”

“It’s all right,” Qiu Jin looked into her eyes with a gentle smile, “It’s fine as long as you read the lines. It would be even better if you could take the time to look at me while you’re reading the lines.”

“I will try my best…”

Wu Yan picked up a script and read out the lines one word at a time.

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She recited the lines of Ji Yuan, the emperor of the An Dynasty. According to the character setting, he was an emperor in his forties, majestic and powerful. Wu Yan’s voice was completely different from the character image, and when listening to her reading out his lines, it was weirdly comical.

However, Qiu Jin listened very carefully. His eyes looked at her gently and intently the whole time, and the expression on his face also changed with what she said.

Yi Congqing was a little surprised. Qiu Jin’s performance was not just reciting memorized lines. When it was his turn to speak, he delivered the lines smoothly. He was listening with earnest intent and responding back to the other actor’s words and actions.

Listening respectfully, receiving stimulation from the opposing actor, and then reacting appropriately, this was the kind of rhythm that an actor ought to prepare for.

Of all the people that came to the audition before him, very few were able to show such skills, but this young man in front of him did it.

Yi Congqing was refreshed and his expression became serious.

Wu Yan read the lines according to the script. She only remembered that the other person had asked her to take the time to look at him after she had finished reciting the line. So she immediately raised her head and was caught off guard by Qiu Jin’s gentle gaze.

Those eyes were clear and bright with stars. It contained the introverted restraint of a noble son from an aristocratic family, but also the expectation of a son hopeful for his father’s love. Wu Yan felt herself being brought into the scene. She blushed inexplicably and more emotion entered her voice.

Ji Yuan first played the emotional card, then he said that the country was in a difficult situation, he analyzed the pros and cons of the situation and finally said: “Right now the Dongwu nation’s army is suppressing ours. They’re threatening to destroy our nation if we cannot present a bride for the marriage alliance, and you and Ji Yao are twins, so in my opinion…”

Needless to say, everyone knew what Ji Yuan was hinting at.

At that moment, the light of expectation in Ji He’s eyes dimmed.

He was sent away by his family when he was a baby. Today, he thought he could finally return home, only to be faced with this reality.

It felt as if his heart was being squeezed, but he did not cry, and he did not throw a tantrum. He just quickly hid his emotions. After being a hostage prince for more than ten years, this was what he was best at.

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Wu Yan opened her mouth, but couldn’t get a single word past her lips. She clearly witnessed the young man’s eyes changed from excitement to surprise, and then finally all the light in his eyes dimmed. It was as if something had been shattered inside of him and it could never be restored.

It wasn’t until she tasted something salty at the corner of her mouth that Wu Yan realized that she actually cried.


That was impossible, right?

She immediately started to panic and stammered an apology: “I, I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong with me…”

Qiu Jin was still immersed in Ji He’s emotions.

Yi Congqing interjected in a timely manner, “That’s enough.”

Wu Yan breathed a sigh of relief, her expression was a bit dazed, and she felt guilty for not performing well.

She didn’t understand, but Yi Congqing could see everything clearly. Qiu Jin’s acting seemed to be relaxed and natural, but in fact, he was giving it his all. How could ordinary people resist his acting?

He hadn’t met such a good seedling for a long time. He then asked Qiu Jin to try the so-called blackening* scene. He was just as satisfied with Qiu Jin in the second scene, and he gave the role to Qiu Jin then and there.

[*T/N: blackening – when a good character turns bad]

“Why is Director Yi so excited?” After waiting for the other actors to leave, the judges in the audition room discussed in low voices. “Although his acting was quite smooth, I don’t see how it is that good.”

“It was very good,” Lu Pingyin replied, “much better than the ones that came before.”

“That’s right,” the producer nodded, “the point is that you can’t see that it is acting.”

“Huh?” This made the Huayi Media representative even more puzzled, “Why is it good if you can’t see that it is acting?”

T/N: I’m weirdly invested in the plotline for “The Rise and Fall of the World.” Kind of hoping we’ll find out more when Qiu Jin starts filming for the drama.

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  1. “Why is it good if you can’t see what he’s acting?” Because that’s what acting is all about, little rep!

    Even in the art of music or role-playing, or writing, the art is also to stop being oneself to be someone else and not be noticed. It’s all about a big lie, and whoever can hide it is the real king. Of course, a pretty face does not hurt.

  2. I’m also invested in the plotline of “The Rise and Fall of the World”. It sounds interesring, I wouldn’t mind reading it. Also, Qiu Jin’s role sounds great, the kind of character you can sympathsize with even though it’s the bad guy. I can’t wait to see how well he preforms it.

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